5 Best Dog Blow Dryer Reviews (2018) + Top Grooming Tips

From muddy puddles to piles of leaves, your pup can get messy when she plays outside. Regular baths keep your dog clean and her skin healthy, but after a good washing her fur needs to be dried off.

The best way to dry your pup is by using a good dog dryer (blow dryer designed specifically for dogs). There are plenty available on the market to suit every type of fur. A high quality blow dryer will keep your pup’s coat feeling soft and fluffy for days afterwards. She can look like she just came straight from the groomer after every bath.

Quick Comparison: Top Dog Dryers (Pun Intended)

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What to Look for in a Dog Dryer

Blow-drying is an important part of grooming your dog. Wet hair matts up easier, attracts dirt, and can get pretty smelly. You can always let your dog’s fur air dry, but it’s quicker to use a dryer. You don’t want your dog walking around with chilly wet fur for too long.

Some people use their own hair dryers on their dogs. This is never a good idea, since blow dryers designed for people are usually too weak to reach a fluffy dog’s undercoat. The air stream is often too hot as well.

Dogs have a naturally higher body temperature than we do, so blow-drying your pup with warm air can make her overheat. It can also dry out your dog’s skin and cause painful rashes.

Dog dryers are designed to use air that is cool enough to keep your pup comfortable. They are still able to dry off even the hairiest dog quickly and easily by maintaining a strong airflow.

The strength of a dog dryer is measured by how many cubic feet of air it can push out per minute. A higher cubic feet per minute value, or CFM, means that a dryer will blast more air.

It’s important to buy a blow dryer that is strong enough to dry your pup off quickly. If you have a dog with a thick double coat, like a Collie or a Samoyed, you will need a stronger dryer than if you have a close-cropped Pit Bull. A strong airflow will also help to get rid of loose hairs, which can be especially handy during shedding season.

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Blow dryers for dogs are also designed to be quieter that typical human hair dryers. A loud dryer can make timid dogs feel nervous, and it’s important that your pup is relaxed during grooming time.

It’s hard to dry off a puppy that’s cowering under the bed. No dog dryer can be totally silent, but many muffle the sound using foam padding or polymer casing.

A blow dryer should be well suited to your pup, but also to you. A good blow dryer can be a costly investment, and you want to pick one that’s robust enough to withstand years of use. It’s good to look for dryers that come with a warranty just in case anything breaks or goes wrong.

You should also find a dryer that you can easily clean. Blow dryers for dogs get dirty quickly from hair, grime and dust that is floating around in the air. Try to get a blow dryer that has external air filters, which are easy to remove and replace.

With the right kind of blow dryer, you can make bath time and drying off an enjoyable experience for both you and your pup. Make sure to pick a safe, strong and durable model that will dry your pup off quickly and efficiently.

The Three Types of Dog Dryers

There are three main types of dog dryer available, depending on how you like to blow dry your pup. Many of them include different temperature and speed settings, much like human hairdryers. You can adjust the airflow to your dog’s personal comfort level.

1) Cabinet dryers, or cage dryers, are good for dogs that get a little nervous around blow dryers and those that have trouble sitting still. They allow you dry your pup while she’s sat in a wire or mesh cage.

This keeps your dog still and puts a bit of distance between her and the dryer nozzle. Cage dryers are small and maneuverable but do not always have the strongest airflow. They are best for dogs with short to medium coats.

2) Stand dryers are also known as fluff dryers and allow for hands-free drying. These make it easy for you to brush your dog’s coat as you dry her, which can help prevent tangles. A typical stand dryer comes fixed to its stand, and many have hose attachments that let you direct airflow more accurately.

3) Force dryers, or blaster dryers, are some of the most powerful blow dryers for dogs available on the market. Unlike stand and cage dryers, these typically do not come with a heating element.

The motor warms the air as the dryer runs. Force dryers blow air out at a high speed to dry your pup’s fur in just a matter of minutes.

The type of dryer that you choose depends on you, your dog, and how you like to do your grooming routing. There is a dryer for every dog, from the puppy that just can’t sit still to the sheepdog so fluffy that you can’t see her face.

Reviews of Dryers for Dogs That You Can Use At Home (or Even for a Home Grooming Business)

Oster Hi-Velocity Adjustable Table and Cage Dryer


This is a small cage dryer with three different heat settings including an “air only” option. For safety, it also has a thermal overload switch that will shut the device off if it starts overheating.

This is a quiet dryer, and is not as forceful as larger styles such as force dryers. It is good for small dogs and puppies, as well as dogs that are sensitive to loud blow dryers. Since the airflow is a little weak, this may not be the best cage dryer for dogs with thick fur.

The stand that comes with the dryer is slightly flimsy, and the head loosens easily. This can make the dryer difficult to use with squirming pups. The Oster model may not be the best choice for someone who dries his or her dog outside of a cage.

Challengair 560 Cage Dryer


The Challengair cage drier is easy to use, safe for your dog, and relatively foolproof. It is able to monitor the temperature inside your dog’s cage as you dry her and maintain it at a safe 107.5 degrees. That way, your pup won’t overheat, but also won’t get too chilly from her wet fur.

The Challengair also has a safety timer feature so that you can control how long you blow dry your pup for. Exposing a dog to a blow dryer for too long can cause her skin to dry out.

This dryer is incredibly durable, and promises to be both rust proof and fireproof. It produces a very strong airflow that will dry even the hairiest dog quickly, but which may be too powerful for small dogs.

Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

This is a force style dryer, but unlike many models it has a heating element with two adjustable temperature controls. There are also two adjustable speed controls, both very powerful. The Go Pet dryer can dry any dog off quickly and completely.

For maximum control, this model comes with nozzle attachments that connect to a flexible hose. Some spots are harder to get to than others while drying your pup, like her belly. Hose attachments let you comfortably maneuver around your dog to get to those hard-to-reach areas.

This dryer is a little bit bulky and loud, which means that a skittish dog may be intimidated by it. The Go Pet dryer is better for pups that are experienced with grooming.

XPOWER 2-in-1 Pet Dryer and Vacuum


This is a compact, lightweight force dryer with a lot of power behind it. It has two different speed settings, and stays around the safe temperature of 106 degrees. This dryer uses a motor instead of a heating element to warm the air. Even though it’s powerful, the motor is also quiet.

The XPower has the added benefit of being a vacuum as well. The flexible hose is able to get in small nooks and crannies, so it’s perfect for vacuuming up dog hair from a place like behind your car seat.

This dryer can be almost too powerful for some dogs. It sometimes causes tangles and matting in long hair, and blows fur all around your living room if used indoors. It’s a good idea to take your dogs outside when you dry them with the XPower model.

Metro Air Force Commander 2-Speed Dryer

This Metro dryer model promises to cut drying time by two thirds with innovative airflow control technology. It has two different speeds depending on your dog’s needs, and can produce an airstream powerful enough to blow fur off shedding dogs. The motor is the only thing warming the air, so it doesn’t get too hot.

This dryer is lightweight and portable, but also sturdy. It’s made from steel so that it is strong enough to withstand years of use. You can easily take it anywhere with you, which is especially nice for professional groomers.

The Metro dryer is rather loud and can frighten some dogs. Don’t use this dryer with dogs that are new to grooming and may be startled by the noise.

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