Best Dog Food Brands: Reviews, Comparisons and Top Picks!

There are hundreds of kinds of dog food out there and even more opinions about what are the best dog foods for your pet. The real answer to the question, “What is the best dog food brand,” is that it depends on your specific breed, but for an owner looking to find the top dog foods for their dog, that’s not enough.

I’ve decided to summarize five lines from five of the top brands to help you get started with some truly reliable products on your journey to find the perfect food for your dog. These products from good dog food brands are top dog foods that will give nutrients, supplements, and support most commonly needed by dogs.

Let’s get started on a peak at the ultimate dog food brands that you should consider feeding your best friend!

Brand Name

Types of Food




20 dry foods


7 dry foods and 3 freeze-dried dog foods


26 dry foods and 9 wet foods

Eagle Pack

9 dry foods and 4 wet foods

The Honest Kitchen

7 dehydrated foods

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Best Dog Food Brands Overviews


acana dog food brand

This amazing brand has four different lines of dry dog food, each of which offers incredibly high-quality ingredients and no filler, all at a relatively reasonable price. Their heritage and classic formulas have impressively balanced blends, while their regional and singles formulas both put more focus on a more focused ingredient line up.

Whether your dog needs a very high level of protein, a single protein diet, or just a traditional, balanced diet, there is food at ACANA for them. They have not had quality issues in the past, and they are a company that prides themselves on making food that is biologically balanced for your pet. Feed your dog ACANA, and you’ll likely see positive change in no time!


orijen dog food brand

Orijen is very similar in makeup to ACANA, but it is a more expensive product. In fact, many people consider this to be the top brand, with ACANA being the cheaper alternative. I, however, believe that ACANA’s larger variety of foods makes them the superior brand.

Still, there is no doubt that Orijen is one of the ultimate dog foods. The offer supreme quality of ingredients, with meat always being at the top of the ingredients list. Their protein to fat ratios come in a few different varieties, so depending on your dog’s life stage and activity level, you can find the right food for them.

For those with puppies, Orijen Puppy is one of the most highly rated puppy foods out there.


fromm dog food brand

Like ACANA, Fromm dog food comes in a few different lines. The formulas that I recommend as top of the line are all in the Four Star and Gold lines, though the other lines have their benefits as well. The Four Star and Gold lines put a higher focus on quality ingredients and nutritional balance, which is why I recommend them.

Fromm has been in the dog food industry for over one-hundred years, and they have really grown with time to put the latest of dog food nutritional research to work in their foods. They also put a huge focus on food safety, which makes me feel very comfortable with their foods.

For a shiny coat and better digestive functionality, try Fromm.

Eagle Pack


Eagle Pack is the next top dog food brands that I’d like to share with you. Eagle Pack is a newer company than some others. They began in 1985, and they have been making great food since then without facing any recalls.

Not all of their foods are completely grain-free, which is why I am only giving them 4.5 stars, but they are still corn- and wheat-free which is really important for dog owners to look for in good food.

One thing I really love about Eagle Pack is how clear they are about the ingredients they use and exactly what those ingredients are. Their website offers a useful index of ingredients, so use that to decide if the ingredients they use would suit your dog’s health.

The Honest Kitchen


The final company I’m including today as a top dog food is The Honest Kitchen. This company has the smallest variety of foods on my list, but I love them so much that this brand still makes it to the top.

These foods are dehydrated, which means that you add water to them and then you’re good to go! You might balk at the idea of paying between eight and nine dollars for a pound of food, but remember that you will be using very little food and rehydrating it, so it’s actually quite affordable.

The ingredients at The Honest Kitchen are all incredibly high-quality and well-balanced. They understand what good food can do for your dog, and I love that.

Final Thoughts​

Even with all of this information, it can be hard to decide which of these brands to try. I know how difficult that can be, so let me recommend a method of making this decision.

First, consider your budget and get rid of any top dog food brands that you cannot afford. It’s okay to do so; not all products from the this list need to be expensive. Check out this video to get a better feel for why cost doesn’t always matter:

Next, consider if you want the convenience of dry food or variety of wet foods. Lastly, decide if you want to have many different formulas to choose from so that you can test them all out, or if you’d prefer to have fewer options. From there, you should have been able to find what is the best brand for you and your dog!

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