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5 Best Leather Dog Collars

If you’re looking for the best leather collars, you’re in the right place. And good thing, too! It’s important. A collar is a universal signal to others that your pet has an owner and will carry valuable information, such as the most recent rabies vaccination, and your name and address, so your dog can be returned to you if he ever gets lost.

Plus, you’ll need a collar to connect a leash, which is required by law in many areas when you’re out with your dog in public. So, picking a good one is important. We’ve got some tips and a few reviews of some good collars below.

Quick Comparison: Top Leather Collars for Dogs

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Choosing the Right Collar for Your Dog

Not all dog collars are created equally. Knowing the types available can help you make the best choice for your dog.

Traditional collars are best for dogs who don’t have issues on walks or runs. These collars allow your dog to stay balanced by your side and out of harms way. These are best suited for easy-going dogs who do not have any sort of obedience problem.

Harnesses are a wonderful tool for allowing your dog to pull you. The harness is the safest option for dogs that have pushed in faces, leading to breathing restrictions, or dogs with throat or trachea problems, such as bulldogs and pugs. They go on around the dog’s body, rather than around the throat.

These are also especially helpful with small breeds, and breeds with slender necks where the traditional collar or the slip collar will not be effective. If your dog is prone to pulling on the leash, using a front clip harness can help control the pulling and encourage your dog to heel.

If you choose to use a harness with your leash, it is a good idea to keep a collar on your pet’s neck to properly display immunization, registration, and ID tags.

Halters are another traditional collar substitute that can double as a training tool. Halters wrap around the dog’s snout instead of the neck, and much like a front clip harness gently apply pressure that encourages the dog to stop pulling.

If you choose a halter, make sure to have it fitted properly, because these can be too restrictive, too freeing, and completely ineffective if they are not fitted correctly.

A Few Things to Consider

When choosing the right collar, it’s important consider nighttime visibility. Many harnesses available on the market today are reflectorized, but if you want to add the feature yourself, simply use reflective tape.

This makes your dog easier to see in your yard at night, and is a must if the two of you love walking together after dark.

When sizing the collar, make sure it does not fit too tightly, but snugly around the dog’s neck. As a guideline, leave two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.

Make sure the collar is tight enough to prevent the dog from slipping out of it, but not so tight that it causes choking. Leave room for growth if you’re sizing for a puppy.

Why Use a Leather Collar?

Just like with the leather leash, we use a leather collar with Chewie. We love the high quality of the material, and we know it will last a lifetime. It becomes soft with time, but not so soft that it won’t provide the support we need for the leash. The natural give in worn leather makes it more comfortable for Chewie, too.

If it’s a fashion statement you’re after, leather collars are available in a number of colors. Many of them also have patterns and other embellishments, such as spikes, to allow you to make a statement.

Your options are likely restricted compared to collars made from other materials like nylon, but when you compare the quality of those collars to a leather collar, it is usually worth the investment.

Leather collars are a great choice for most dogs, but if you have a small dog who can easily slip out of a collar, a harness may be your better option. Harnesses are also available in leather - so you really can’t go wrong.

Reviews of Some of the Best Leather Collars

best leather dog collars

The Weaver Leather Sundance Dog Collar is 1’’ thick and 21’’ long. It is available in brown. Handmade, this collar features scalloped edges with antique copper berry conchos for a little bit of flair and style.

The hardware on the collar is oil rubbed to provide an antique yet fashionable look. The collar uses a belt style closure that allows for adjustment as your dog’s neck grows, however it is not suited well for small dogs.

It is also available in other sizes, including 19 inches and 23 inches. The collar is riveted at stress points to increase strength and durability. The collars are measured to the middle hole to provide increased flexibility in sizing.

leather dog collar reviews

Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar is a handmade Amish collar that uses top quality leather. You can choose from either brown or black leather, featuring either brass or stainless steel hardware.

The padding on these collars is made from soft lambskin and is available in a number of colors including: blue, black, pink, purple, snakeskin, green, turquoise, and brown.

This collar is available in a number of sizes including: extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

As a sizing guide, the extra-large collar is 1 ¼’’ wide and fits necks that measure anywhere from 23 ½ to 28’’. The belt style closure allows you to adjust as the dog’s neck grows. The extra small is 3/8’’ wide and fits dogs with 8 to 10’’ necks.

kakadu leather dog collar review

The Paw Print Leather Dog Collar by Kakadu Pet is available in three colors: black, red, and tan. It is embellished with paw prints throughout the collar, and is stitched along the edges.

The paw prints are red, regardless of the main collar color you choose. The collar is available in three sizes - medium, large, and extra-large.

Medium is 3/4’’ x 17 1/2’’; Large is 1’’ x 21 1/2’’; extra-large as 1 1/4” x 23 1/2”. There are multiple settings and a belt style closure that allow you to adjust as necessary for your dog’s growth.

This is a great collar for pet owners who want to make a fashion statement without sacrificing quality.

top leather dog collars

This studded leather collar is available in dark brown. The nickel-plated stud spikes on the outside of the collar will not irritate your pet, as they are there for fashion purposes only - to create the “I’m a fierce protector, don’t mess with me or my owner” look.

This collar is best suited for medium breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Boxers, etc. It is available in one size - about 20" length overall.

The collar fits necks from 14’’ to 17’’. It's 1" wide and 3/16” thick. The adjustable belts closure allows for the collar to be adjusted according to your dog’s growth.

buy leather dog collar

Perri’s Leather Dog Collar is a traditional Amish handmade leather collar that uses either brass or stainless steel hardware, depending on the color you choose.

The black collar uses stainless steel hardware, while the brown collar uses brass. It can be personalized with a nameplate.

Available in a number of sizes to accommodate your dog, you can choose the one that works best for you.

The closure for the collar is like a traditional belt so it can be adjusted to grow with your dog until he outgrows the maximum size. There is an additional loop to make clipping a leash or any tags to the collar easier.

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Jane C - February 3, 2017

I like the look the of perri collars, and i like the leather, i looked into many sites and I found a small company that was not just another “made in china” not calling perri that either. the collars I got are made in Canada and are a step above the perri collars they had way more options also and had the ability to really personalize my collars, I have three dogs. I bought one collar to try them out, then when i got the collar I was so impressed with the work. I bought two more for my other dogs. and a leash set. The company makes everything by hand and dyes the leather and i had their names done on the collar too. the website is www.oldcountryleather.com I highly recommend them i wish i found them sooner.

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    Hi Jane
    Thank you for sharing this info with us..We will look into it for further review.


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