Automatic Ball Launcher: Discover the Top-Rated Dog Ball Launcher of 2020

While no one denies that dogs are man’s best friend and that they deserve to be played with regularly, there are times when work or life will get in the way of playing with your adorable four-legged companion. In such scenarios, an automatic ball launcher comes in handy, allowing you to keep your mutt occupied as you focus on other essential things. See, this incredible gadget automatically tosses the ball each time your canine friend puts it back inside, keeping them physically engaged and happy with a delightful game of “chase n fetch.”

That said, finding an automatic ball launcher for dogs can prove to be quite a demanding affair because the market is flooded with tons of gadgets from different manufacturers. So, to help you navigate this tricky scenario, below are detailed reviews of the top-rated launchers available. Go through them to find the perfect automatic ball thrower for dogs that matches your considerations.

Do you want to learn more about mutt ball launchers? Check out the comprehensive buyer’s guide right below. There’s information on the different types of launchers available, tips for selecting the perfect launcher, FAQs, and final verdict.

The #1 product: iFetch Too Ball Launcher

After testing about twenty launchers and conducting research for over 72 hours, the iFetch Too Ball Launcher proved to be the best gadget in commercial circulation. It has an integrated battery that can be recharged, sparing you from having to purchase and replace batteries whenever they are drained. Furthermore, upon buying this launcher, you don’t have to think about purchasing any balls since it has three non-abrasive and regular-sized tennis balls. Nonetheless, if you already have other balls, do not fret yet. This launcher can work well with balls from other manufacturers as long as they’re of standard measurement (approx. 2.5” diameter.)All said this launcher is meant for mid and huge sized mutts.

Types of Mutt Ball Launchers

There are two major categorizations of mutt ball launchers. These are:

Automatic Mutt Ball Launchers

These are gadgets that eliminate the need to throw a ball physically since they take care of that. Nonetheless, there is still the need to put the ball in the chute for it to be tossed at a set distance.

Manual Mutt Ball Launchers

These are gadgets that grab the tennis ball and allow you to throw the ball, albeit with way less effort physically. Dog owners prefer them since they can fling balls to greater distances. Often, these launchers are cheaper than their automatic counterparts.

Comparison Table

iFetch Too Ball Launcher
    PetSafe Launcher
      iFetch Mini Launcher
        iDogmate Smart Pet Launcher
          Nerf Dog Blaster With Tennis Balls
            Hyper Pet K9 Kannon Mini K2 Dog Toy
              Chuckit! Pro Launcher

                Tips on Choosing the Right Perfect Launcher

                Not all launchers are created as equals. As such, it is always best to ensure that the dog ball thrower you want meets most, if not all, of the fundamental requirements. These are:

                • The size of the launcher: You need to think about the portability of the launcher before acquiring one. If you plan on using your launcher within your home and the compound, then you can go for any size. Nonetheless, if you’re going to carry your launcher around to parks and on trips, then acquiring a smaller launcher is a sensible option to pursue. In this case, an item that weighs at most 5 lbs. is ideal.
                • The measurement of the ball: Launchers, especially the auto ones, don’t necessarily work with balls of any size. Some are meant to work with normal tennis balls that are easier to replace and excellent for larger mutt breeds. Other launchers work best with smaller balls that are ideal when playing with smaller breeds of mutts. For this reason, it is smart to choose the launcher that can work with a ball that corresponds to the measurement of your four-legged companion.
                • The power source: All auto launchers need power. However, you have the freedom to pick a device that utilizes batteries or works by connecting to a power socket. On all days, battery-powered launchers offer more portability; hence, it should be considered if that is a priority. But even with that said, you can always enjoy the best of both worlds by acquiring a launcher that can work with batteries and electrical outlets.
                • Launch distance: The ideal range for tossing a ball will depend on the location and size of your mutt. Today, the market offers launchers that can fling balls anywhere between ten and thirty feet.
                • Range setting: You can pick either a launcher that perpetually flings a ball at a single reach or one that enables you to select a range among set distances, case in point, ten, twenty-five, or forty feet.
                • The angle of the throw: Some auto launchers provide the freedom to set the angle at which a ball is tossed. Therefore, you can step up your games since your mutt will not look forward to the ball landing at a single point. With a launcher capable of various angles, you can also exercise with your mutt inside the house.
                •  Cost: Ponder on your budget before acquiring a launcher. However, at all times, always put quality over the cost.

                Some other aspects of having in mind are a motion sensor (to avoid launching a ball when your mutt is in front of the device), remote control, and the capability to hold multiple balls.

                Reviews of the Top 7 Best Launchers Available

                It is a given that there’re tons of launchers in commercial circulation today. But to make things easier for you, we have narrowed down to seven of the best to help you make faster and more reliable decisions. Read these comprehensive reviews.

                Product Information

                Brand Name - iFetch

                Materials - Plastic

                Weight - 12,35 Pounds

                Size - 14 x 13 x 12 Inches

                Dog Size - Medium, Large

                If you’re looking for an excellent launcher for a medium or large mutt, then this is the item you have to acquire. With it, you can play “catch and fetch’ with your animal easily while enjoying the liberty to switch from any of the 3 possible launch distances (ten, twenty-five, and forty feet). At all times, you don’t have to fret about the battery running out or having to replace them at some point. See, thanks to the rechargeable battery, you can plug in your launcher for some time and get your mutt playing again.

                Standout features:

                • Automatic;
                • The battery can be recharged;
                • Three launch distances - ten, twenty-five, and forty feet.
                • Great design;
                • Rubber feet for stability.
                • 3 normal-size tennis balls included;
                • Almost silent during usage;
                • Straightforward operation;
                • Rechargeable battery;
                • Portable.
                • Suitable for mid and large mutts only.

                Product Information

                Brand Name - PetSafe

                Materials - Plastic

                Weight - 8 Pounds

                Size - 12 x 12 x 12 Inches

                Dog Size - Medium, Large

                Are you looking for a launcher with tons of safety features? Then you have to get this device for your mutt. It has 3 motion sensors to guarantee that your mutt is safeguarded at all times. Furthermore, this automatic dog ball thrower functions in fifteen-minute intervals, allowing your mutt to exercise for fifteen minutes and rest for the other fifteen minutes. And if nothing else, this launcher can toss balls in six different angles, ensuring that your dog is really entertained during their playtime.

                Standout features:

                • Nine distance settings;
                • Six different throw angles;
                • Three motion sensors;
                • Auto-sleep mode for allowing canine friends to rest;
                • Handle-grip.
                • Many safety functions;
                •  Water-resistant;
                • Lab-tested and approved;
                • Interactive features to offer better training.
                • It accumulates dirt on the inside with time.

                Product Information

                Brand Name - iFetch

                Materials - Plastic

                Weight - 3 Pounds

                Size - 10.5 x 8 x 7 Inches

                Dog Size - Small

                This dog ball launcher is the ideal purchase for anyone who wants to provide their mid and small-sized mutts with great playtime. Included in the packaging are three tiny tennis balls that make it very easy for tiny mutt breeds to carry and put them in the chute. When it comes to noise, this tennis ball launcher has proven to work while providing the slightest sound. As such, you can utilize it either indoors or outdoors without having to fret about disturbing the people around you.

                Standout features:

                • 3 range adjustments;
                • AC Adapter for 110 and 220 volts;
                • Plastic and rubber material;
                • Plug-in power and battery-powered.
                • Lightweight, thus very portable;
                • Easy push-adjustments;
                • Great design;
                • Little noise.
                • Suitable for tiny breeds of mutts;

                Product Information

                Brand Name - IDOGMATE

                Materials - Plastic

                Weight - 3,53 Pounds

                Size - 7.5 x 7.9 x 6.3 Inches

                Dog Size - Small

                It is also a great choice of dog tennis ball launcher for people who own tiny mutts. With a superb design and four launch distances, you can count on the durability and quality playtime delivered by this gadget. Of all the features, perhaps the highlight is the arced wheel, intended to keep wet balls from getting stuck in the device. Moreover, thanks to this capability, the shooting range is kept at a maximum at all times.

                Standout features:

                • Li-ion batteries or AC power;
                • Arced wheel;
                • Four throw distances - ten, twenty, thirty, and thirty-five feet in the air.
                • Internal storage.
                • Remote control;
                • Minimal noise;
                • No-stick motor;
                • Two handles for easy mobility.
                • It works with smaller balls only.

                Product Information

                Brand Name - Nerf Dog

                Materials - Plastic

                Weight - 2,9 Pounds

                Size - 21 x 4.5 x 9 Inches

                Dog Size - All Sizes

                Looking for a way to keep your playful dog busy and active for hours? This Nerf dog blaster has everything you will need to create lots of fun activities with your favorite animal buddy. The set itself is 20 inches and comes equipped with four tennis balls.

                This blaster has the capability of sending a ball up to 50 feet. Of course, you can always adjust the power used to blast the balls to fit the environment you are playing in and the distance you want your pet to fetch. With that much functionality, Nerf Dog still manages to make this playing cannon pretty lightweight. It weighs just about three pounds at the time of shipping. And, the handle is ergonomic. So, you can carry it and play catch for hours without straining or hurting your hand back.

                This blaster is created not just to be fun to play with, but also safe. The manufacturer runs an assessment of each kit before it heads to the market to ensure it is in good condition to be used anywhere, from a small garden to parks.

                The balls, which come together with the launching kit when bought, are also the perfect size for different kinds of dogs. That means you don’t have to worry about this launcher not being the right fit for your mutt. It works well as a ball launcher for big dogs as well as small ones.

                This toy is also straightforward. That’s because it features a simple operating mechanism. To shoot a ball, you just pull back the handle, load a ball, and blast it. It’s that straightforward. Overall, Nerf dog is an excellent toy to buy for your mutt.

                Standout features:

                • 20-inch long blasting cannon;
                • It comes with four differently-colored nerf balls;
                • Shoots to a distance of 50 ft;
                • Blaster made of plastic.
                • Affordable;
                • Incredibly lightweight;
                • Comes with distinctly colored tennis balls for easy tracking;
                • Adjustable shooting distance.
                • Makes a noise when launching.

                Product Information

                Brand Name - Hyper Pet

                Materials - Plastic

                Weight - 1,65 pounds

                Size - 22.8 x 2.5 x 7.5 Inches

                Dog Size - Small

                For a mini-ball launcher, this toy from Hyper Pet is a lot of fun while allowing your dog to do some work-out too. What’s not to love about this launcher? It has a fast blasting mechanism that allows for continuous play. So, your mutt will be running and fetching throughout the game. You can play more fetch in just a short time.

                If you are tired of picking up dirty balls and loading them into your current launcher, this mini toy is a great replacement. To load a ball for re-shooting, you just need to point the front end of the cannon and then pull the lever on the other end. The ball is sucked in and ready for blasting again.

                Another feature that makes this toy the best dog ball launcher is its ability to change the shooting distance easily. Distance is determined by how much force you put when pulling the handle. The further back you take it, the greater the feet your ball will be blasted to. Once you have used the launcher two or three times, you will know how much force to use to achieve the right throw.

                When you buy it, this launcher comes with one small tennis ball from the brand. However, the cannon features two storage spaces, which means that you can always add another ball of the same size if you like. This launcher is especially ideal for small to medium pooches.

                Standout features:

                • 16-inch long;

                • Lever at the back for picking up balls and shooting;

                • Blasts balls up to 75 feet;

                • Innovative shooting mechanism;
                • Comes with a specially-designed ball;
                • Picks up balls without the need to touch them;
                • Has two ball holding places.
                • Can only be used with fairly small balls.

                Product Information

                Brand Name - Chuckit!

                Materials - Plastic

                Weight - 6,4 Ounces

                Size - 2.5 x 2.8 x 18 Inches

                Dog Size - Medium

                For a durable, simple, and long-throw launcher, Chuckit! offers one of the best deals out there. This really long-lasting automatic ball launcher for large dogs allows you to play with your mutt without getting dirty from all the mud and slob that gets onto the balls. The cupped design gets hold of balls quickly and easily, even when a ball is slippery.

                It’s the best dog ball thrower for its price and is also quite portable. So, how do you blast a ball with this launcher? By holding on to the handle, press down the cup onto the ball to pick it up. This 18-inch variant is ideal for use with medium tennis balls. But there are other sizes of the Chuckit! launchers.

                This launcher is made to extend how far your hand can reach, which minimizes bending when picking up balls for launching. And, it can throw quite a distance. Therefore, it is best suited for parks and expansive spaces. It is also a great buy if your dog has outgrown your current launcher, and you are, therefore, looking for something to make them run further. Finally, this launcher is pretty compact. As such, you can easily carry it along with the balls in your bag, even when traveling.

                Standout features:

                • One ball included;

                • Created from a flexible material (plastic);

                • 18 inches in length;

                • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip.

                • Comes in bright, fun colors;
                • Minimizes bending;
                • Long throwing range for maximum exercise in a short period.
                • Not ideal for short distance throws.

                FAQs: Answers to the Most Asked Questions on Ball Launchers

                You now know how much fun ball launchers can be for playing with your pooch. However, if you still have some questions or concerns, these answers to the most asked question on this topic might just be helpful:

                Are Ball Throwers Unsuitable for Mutts?

                No. Ball throwers are actually safe and great fun if you train your mutt on how to fetch properly. If you are using a dog launcher, you’ve just bought for the first time, start with shorter throws and give your dog a moment after launching to send them to pick it up.

                How Does a Ball Launcher Function?

                Most launchers in the market use a rod or spring mechanism to thrust the ball in a particular distance. A blaster may also include a lever that is used to adjust the power of the throw for longer distance throws. The user only needs to load a ball into the cannon/ nuzzle and shot.

                How Can I Train My Pooch to Use iFetch?

                How much time it will take you to teach them will depend on whether your pooch already plays fetch. To begin training your dog, ensure it is on a leash. Then, take a ball, roll it around while encouraging your mutt to pick it up. Once they pick it up, bring your treat close to their mouth and give your drop command. Don’t give the treat if he/she drops the ball before you give the command. You may need a few sessions to get it right.

                But once he/she gets it, roll the ball for your dog to pick up and then point to the funnel of the iFetch while giving your drop command. Now, you can start launching the ball for them to fetch.

                How Does the iFetch Work?

                The iFetch is an automatic launcher that dogs can play fetch with on their own. A ball is dropped into the funnel, and the launch system is activated. Once the set speed is achieved, the ball drops into the chute and is thrown out.

                How Much Time Should You Play Fetch With Your Mutt?

                Dogs need regular exercise. However, you should not overdo it if there are other exercises involved, playing fetch for 30 mins or so is enough.

                What Tennis Ball Launching Machine Is Best?

                The iFetch Too Auto Ball Launcher is the best dog fetch machine for medium to larger mutt breeds. However, if your pooch is small, the iFetch Mini is ideal.

                How Long Do Tennis Balls Last?

                Anywhere from weeks to months. The quality of your balls, their size, the size and breed of your mutt, and how often you use it will all determine how long you can use them.

                How Do I Show My Dog to Drop?

                You can use commands and treats to teach your pooch when and where to drop the ball. They will catch on with a couple of tries.

                How Do You Make Your Dog Drop a Ball in the iFetch?

                Rewards, in the form of treats, can be effective in teaching your pooch to drop balls into the iFetch funnel. Just start with rolling the ball on the floor for them to pick up and command them to drop it in exchange for treats before introducing the machine.

                Extra Info on Using Ball Launchers

                While you may have the best automatic dog ball launcher, it won’t mean much if your dog doesn’t get excited to play. So, break down your training sessions into a couple of minutes each to get your pet’s attention and interest. Also, remember that it might take several attempts to get your pooch to learn, especially if it is their first-time playing fetch.

                Final Words & Recommendations

                These products are definitely the best quality there is today. If you need the best ball launcher for dogs, the iFetch Too Automatic launcher stands out. Have you made your choice yet? What’s your experience with ball launchers for mutts? Share your thoughts below.

                More Dog Ball Launchers

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                • Dog Size - Extra Small & Toy Breeds
                • Size - 13.25 x 13.25 x 9.75 inches
                • Weight - 8.81 pounds
                • Brand Name - OxGord
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                • Weight - No Info
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                • Dog Size - All SIzes
                • Size - 18.5 x 3 x 2.5 inches
                • Weight - 6.4 ounces
                • Brand Name - Chuckit!
                • Dog Size - All Sizes
                • Size - 22.4 x 7.7 x 1.5 inches
                • Weight - 5.6 ounces
                • Brand Name - Hyper Pet
                • Dog Size - All Sizes
                • Size - 12.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches
                • Weight - No Info
                • Brand Name - Ethical Pet
                • Dog Size - Medium Breeds
                • Size - 3.5 x 7.7 x 24 inches
                • Weight - 7.52 ounces
                • Brand Name - Nerf Dog
                • Dog Size - All Sizes
                • Size - 3.75 x 7 x 6 inches
                • Weight - 4.4 pounds

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