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Our Mission: 

HerePup aims to be one of the only dedicated dog news sources (news about dogs - not necessarily for dogs). This includes dogs in the media, news-worthy events, product recalls, celebrity dogs, and anything else in the news that involves dogs.

The History:

Originally founded in 2015 as a personal blog by Perrin Carrel, HerePup then was purchased by the Wired Investors global company. Their professionals engaged dedicated pet experts to create helpful content for the dog owners. Due to those efforts, HerePup have become an authority source of information about dogs and advice on how to care for them.

Now, we deploy a team of contributors with a wide array of backgrounds to provide expert insight (and a dose of fun) on current, in-depth content. Their backgrounds include veterinary science, dog training, pop culture journalism, journalistic research, essay writing, and biology. 

We take great pride in the quality of the product reviews that we post on our website. Our writers work their level best to deliver unique, truthful, engaging content that is utterly free of ethical conflicts.

Our interactive contact platform offers an ideal chance for any inquiries, requests, or comments that you may find in our articles. Feel free to contact us if there is something you would like us to change in our articles.

Before recommending you to purchase our review products, writers conduct rigorous research, interviews, and tests. The process of sorting and tabling everything that you need to know about a specific product eases your shopping process, thereby helping you get the best product for your budget.

We take pride in our writing canons and ethics by upholding editorial impartiality from the commercial operations. The editorial team is tasked with the role of indorsing merchandises devoid of assistance from the revenue team. Besides, the authors, as well as editors, remain unaware of our commercial dealings.

Editorial Policies  

Here find the principles that our team follows to achieve the highest content quality during the writing and editing process. Below we have gathered the most useful and to-the-point info.


HerePup is frequently updated with credible content to ensure that readers get the right information to make sound purchasing decisions. If the readers point out incorrect data in any article, the editing team always ensure that their concerns are addressed immediately.


Readers remain aware of our advertising policies, through frequently informing them of any existing or upcoming partnerships with third parties. Be sure – customer data is equally kept safe!


It is tough to get a trustworthy opinion on the internet, especially given the presence of misinformation online and individual perspectives masquerading as facts. However, through, hard work, editors ensure our site remains a trusted source of information for pet enthusiasts as well as owners.

The site has instigated multiple measures to bolster our reliability through policy implementation and setting appropriate procedures for content providers.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Having learned the importance of inclusivity and diversity, we celebrate these practices through our publishing and employment policies. The writing and editing team honor the diversity of our readers by providing content that meets their needs.

Our platform also offers equal employment opportunities for all, and we do not discriminate against our employees based on color, race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, sex, religion, nationality, age, disability, or any other non-merit factor.

Ethical Guidelines  

Our platform upholds journalistic ethical standards by following and abiding by the guidelines that lay the foundations for ethical journalism:

  • Our searching, reporting, and interpretation of information are accurate and fair.
  • We treat our sources, colleagues, and subjects with the respect they deserve.
  • We serve the public interests by being independent.
  • We take responsibility for our work, thereby expressing accountability and transparency in our deeds.

Quality Criteria

The main aim is delivering high-quality content that adheres to the set principles and ethical rules. Our contributors must follow these standards, and the application of the team approach criterion ensures that every contributor follows the editorial guidelines well.

Our editors are tasked with the obligation of ensuring that the content is of the desired value and help to the readers. The editors also keep the site up to date with relevant, error-free information and remove content that fails to meet our quality demands.

All in all, we understand that the process of pointing out errors can be challenging. In such cases, we encourage our readers to notify us in instances of inaccurate data publishing. As a reader, you are encouraged to contact us through our email in case you come across any errors in our content.

Content Review Rules

The objective is to equip readers with highly informative and engaging data during publication. We keep our relationship with third parties known to readers. To ensure the utmost transparency, we link every content to credible and highly reliable sources.

Some of HerePup articles contain affiliate links, and we include a disclaimer at the top of the page to disclose this. Besides, we offer more insight into our advertising policies for readers who might want to learn more about the same.

Our writers and editors always work their best to ensure the information they provide is an ideal balance of facts and professional opinions. Besides, every attribute has to be acknowledged as a fact, and an opinion is also stated as one.

Anytime during research, the goal is to disclose accurate and specific data. The team works hard to avoid generalizations and reveal if the research is complete or conclusive. Our articles may comprise aggregated third party reviews by consumers from 3rd party sites, for instance, Amazon.com. 

We receive compensation on some products that we recommend if you decide to click through to the seller site and purchase. However, we do not engage in paid or favoritism reviews.

Reimbursement Revelation

Our product recommendations only encompass merchandise that we can utilize, and the opinion expressed here is our own. You should, however, conduct due diligence before buying any product online.

Adherence with FTC Rules

The team utterly complies with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) legal parameters for advertisers. The FTC parameters aim at ensuring that the endorsements are a true reflection of the endorser’s view. An endorsement is an advertising message of any sort that buyers can easily identify as a representation of other people’s opinions other than the sponsoring advertiser.

The guidelines aim to help and enable you to make an informed and impartial purchase decision. The compensation disclosure, as presented on the Affiliate Disclosure page, is written in full compliance with the new FTC guidelines. The Privacy Policies are also revealed to readers and their data is kept safe as per the FTC compliance.


HerePup.com does not intend to provide veterinary advice. We go to great lengths to help users better understand their dogs; however, all Content on this site:

(i) is provided for informational purposes only,
(ii) is not a substitute for professional veterinary advice, care, diagnosis or treatment, and
(iii) is not designed to promote or endorse any veterinary practice, program or agenda or any veterinary tests, products or procedures.

You should not use any Content for diagnosing or treating a condition that requires veterinary attention. You should carefully read all information provided by the manufacturers of any products advertised or promoted on or through the Site and displayed on or in the associated product packaging and labels before purchasing and/or using such products. If you have or suspect that your dog needs medical assistance, you should contact your veterinarian through appropriate means.

You agree that you will not under any circumstances disregard any professional veterinary advice or delay in seeking such advice in reliance on any Content provided on or through the Site. Reliance on any such Content is solely at your own risk.


Whereas the information on the site and in the published articles is extensively researched and analyzed for precision and credibility, the writing and editing team doesn’t make any assurance concerning the content on this site. As such, we will not be answerable for any harm or loss ensuing from the use of any info found on the website.

Meet Our Team:

Paul is an entrepreneur and marketer for the pet industry who works out of Chicago. He teaches people how to break free of the 9-to-5 grind by blogging for a living. He founded his first website to help his clients get the best deal on pet care. Currently, Paul runs the HerePup along with the team of dedicated experts – so you know he has the knowledge to help you make the right choice.

“Over a decade of experience writing about pet care and pet welfare, I would like to share my tips and knowledge with you. I've had a good time trying to figure out the best ways for pet owners to reduce the stress and anxiety they may be experiencing around their pets.

You might have heard me refer to myself as a "dog whisperer" or "dog lover." I'm also a "behavior expert" and I am a trained obedience trainer. I have spent years practicing all forms of positive reinforcement with dogs and I've been featured in a variety of publications.

In the past, I have had the opportunity to work with many different breed dogs, but I have found it to be a very difficult business to be in. I have learned many valuable lessons and I am thankful that I have had the chance to work with some very special people.”

Tyler J. Fordham is a Florida native, born and raised in Miami. She’s never met a dog she didn't like and her dream pooch is a full-sized Poodle. Her hobbies include treasure hunting at thrift stores, visiting arcades, and going for long walks without any particular destination. 

Clint Worthington has a bunch of writing jobs across the web for more than 10 years. He is involved in writing and hosting podcasts as well. His focus is popular culture in general, and film criticism in particular. Although, the brilliant personal approach to any topic he writes about and his own pet parenting gave him the ability to create high quality content for pet blogs too. You can recognize his articles by the witty style form the very start. 

Clint writes as freelancer for a range of sites dedicated to pop culture; StarTrek.com, Syfy Wire, The Takeout, UPROXX, Crooked Marquee to name a few. He also runs several podcasts. Apart from those activities, this super productive person is a Chicago Film Critics Association member, and a Senior Writer and Editor In Chief for reputable web resources of the same vertical. 

His deep knowledge of SEO and incredible talent to get things done on time made him a very valuable asset in HerePup blogging process. 

As a long-time pet owner and advocate, Alexandra Seagal has created Animalso.com to share her own unique experience of living with pets. After volunteering at various animal shelters and local rescue centers, she has a lot to tell about raising pets as true friends and being responsible parents to them. Alexandra and her human family members enjoy company of two dogs, a cat, and a hamster.

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Cory Eckert grew up working at a family dog kennel and training facility in South Dakota. Looking after the dogs and watching them develop in their training forged a love for animals that's still alive 35 years later. Cory is now a co-owner and writer at GoldenRetrieverLove.com and enjoys being a dog enthusiast who gets to share that passion with others every day.

Rob is the co-founder and chief pet protector of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance. Rob and Co-Founder Steve Siadek met through a local, no-kill animal shelter. As pet parents they envisioned a business that respected pets as family, as well as the development of a foundation to help homeless dogs and cats. Over his 30-year career, Rob has been an entrepreneur, insurance executive, and non-profit devotee.

Mike is a creative content marketer at Sirjasonwinters.com.

Passionate about life, he not only studies and writes about quality of life, environmental changes, healthy living, but also loves writing just about everything that's challenging people to aspire towards continuous improvement and building their own success.

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Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She received her DVM from Louisiana State University, then completed an animal internship at the Virginia Tech Veterinary Teaching Hospital. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine. Dr. Harris, now a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, lives in Chicago and works as a veterinarian in the private clinic. 

As a pet doctor, she focuses on listening to pets and their families. She spends enough time with each furry patient and knows how to “listen” to his or her concerns and requests. Her practice provides a ton of invaluable professional experience, which greatly influence our content.

We’d like to mention that Dr. Laura Harris is a proud mom of four - two pups, a cat, and a human girl of her own. Her big family gives her endless inspiration and support, as well as her own view on owning pets and caring for them in the best possible way. She is our source of a balanced approach to every question of parenthood we all face.

Rob Evans lives in the NY area with his dogs, Petey and Mikey. When he's not petting or playing games with them, he spends his day writing science and experience-based how-to articles and recommending the best products for dogs over at his website, Doggypedia.

Michelle Reed is a regular contributor to HerePup, as well as being a freelance writer for many different animal-related publications. A former member of the Ontario Provincial Police for over 10 years, Michelle began writing professionally in 2016. Earlier, being a retired animal lover, she was involved in her community life as a Rescue Group Volunteer, then provided boarding services for dog owners. Now her enormous experience ended up as a base for her writing. 

Michelle enjoys collecting amazing facts about animals and transforming them into stories for the readers. She sees her mission in bringing the love to pets to every home. Her background in psychology and police service ensured her that interacting with pets on a regular basis plays an important role in mental stability.    

Michelle lives in the Toronto outskirts with her husband, husband's sister, a rescued Shepherd mix, and two cats. Although she is missing the beautiful wild nature of Ontario, she tries to spend outside as much time as she can. Her interests include hiking, birdwatching, and occasionally fishing. 

Gloria is a blogger and usually, she writes about animals and related topics. This is her great passion. She also works as a professional writer.
When Gloria is not working, she's reading, shopping for hours in bookstores, playing volleyball, or spending time with her family.

Featured Contributor:

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Throughout his long career, Eric Richard had been working with veterinarians and pet businesses to improve their marketing and increase profits. He is a Certified DVM since 1971 when he had graduated from Michigan State University. During his early career, Dr. Richard served as a resident veterinarian at a local horse farm in Illinois. Then, he worked for a company, where he oversaw the pet health products. He also worked with the International Society for Canine Nutrition for six years as a consultant. 

Eric Richard has a love for animals that borders on obsession, especially when it comes to horses and Jack Russell Terriers (he owns a number of them on his family farm). Currently, he is running a small riding school and training facility at his private land. Eric Richards particularly enjoys writing about canine care and behavior and he hopes to inspire dog owners to care for their pets by sharing his own experience with them. After years of studying, practicing, teaching, and volunteering, he is now able to do it on a regular basis.  

"All of the pet products I've worked with have a responsibility to consumers to provide a safe and high-quality product for their animals."

Cynthia is the editor and content creator at Pet Fashion Week. She’s a passionate pet rescue supporter and in her free time, she's always looking for ways to help the community.

Dr. Blanchette is a Ross University graduate of 1998, and then she completed her clinical training at Oklahoma State University for one more year. Nowadays, Dr. Emily lives in the northeast working at emergency clinics for pets. As a USDA-certified veterinarian, she is proficient in health checks for travel certificates.

Although Dr. Emily Blanchette has experience with many kinds of pets, she is particularly fond of cats. She likes to give them attention as well as exercise and care. Her professional interests are around dermatology, as well as feline medicine, which is supported by her membership in AAFP. In her work, however, she deals with both dogs and cat patients with equal care and attention.

When not working in the hospital, she enjoys playing with her cat or hiking with her dog and exploring the world around her. She is an avid reader of fiction and poetry and loves to sing along to music, especially old-time jazz and folk. Dr. Emily does basic fact-checking for our blog and writes articles of her own willing to express her literature thirst and improve her writing skills. She doesn’t do it very often due to her busy schedule at the pet hospital.

James Shore is a part-time dog-trainer and dog behavior consultant. He is a professional freelancer with years of experience in dog training. He is interested in finding out fun ways to handle dog behaviors, specifically, Labradors to help dog-owners enjoy their companions at all times. Currently, James has been training dogs for over 15 years and lives in New York with his black lab, Max. 

​Alexander is a successful content creator on tech, agility, travel, and pets verticals. A number of websites hosted his writing where his passion for using words and images to capture the spirit of life was greatly appreciated. Alexander grew up with plenty of pets around him at his parents’ house in the country. At the start of his adulthood, he had a strong intention to continue the family occupation on the farm. Backed by education, his expertise lies mostly in pet wellness and animal behavior but he also has a keen interest in trips. Over the time, Alexander found himself interested in delivering useful content more than doing anything else. He writes professionally for over 7 years by now.
"In recent years I have been involved in many tours to other countries and started sharing my views on traveling with animals. My writing experience was greatly enhanced as I began to write on every device I used – laptops, smartphones, tablets, desktop – and no matter where I was, where I was going or what my mood was I was able to focus on my writing. Now, I am a digital nomad roaming across Europe and Asia while describing my impressions in articles."

Dennis Surles has written over 100 articles on health, health care and pet care for HerePup and other websites. In addition to his writing and photography, he also conducts pet health and wellness seminars as a member of a non-profit organization. Apart from his basic career in journalism, for four years, Dennis had been running a forum about raising healthy, happy dogs and the nutritional value of dog food. He started to share the stories of his own two beloved dogs and then continued by covering how to provide your pet with the best health care, which products to buy, and how to care for them.

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