Four Natural Ways to Keep Fleas off Your Dog Effectively

Fleas are tiny insects that live and feed on mammal’s blood. They do not have wing thus, cannot fly.

They, however, move from host to host and lay a lot of eggs while doing so. They are a parasite and spread diseases like myxomatosis (in rabbits and rodents) and plagues.

Generally, they have seen a dangerous threat to humans and families. While many chemical products have been developed to help reduce flea invasion, there are also natural treatment plans and options one could take to get rid of fleas and stop them from attacking one’s home and livestock.

Keep Your Dog protected

A flea comb and a lemon mixture are applicable.

One of the best and most effective ways to exterminate fleas and prevent sand flea bites on dogs is by using a flea comb. It will help keep your dog happy and in good health. It is essential to get a quality comb that removes the entire flea, irrespective of the size, their eggs, and larvae inclusive.

While most larva and eggs do not stay on the pet's body, it is essential to scrub the body vigorously to get them out. If you will use a narrow teeth flea comb, it is essential to prevent the dog’s fur from getting entangled to prevent pain.

It contains lemon and lemon consists of something called limonene – a chemical that exterminates and keeps fleas away, which is actually harmful to pets.

All you need:

Lemon, just one that is freshly sliced

Freshwater, just one pot

Brush or sponge and a comb

How to go about it

Add the cut out a fresh lemon to a pot of boiling water. ON adding the lemon, stop the heat and cover the pot, allow the mixture to steep overnight. The following day, dip your pet's comb or brush into the cold liquid and brush it through their hair. If your pet is short haired, a sponge will work.

If you are pressed for time, you can boil the water and add the sliced lemon. After this, insert the comb and allow to cool.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Inside And Out

Fleas do not find a dog with a balanced pH attractive

Apple cider vinegar in its undiluted form makes the outside environment more acidic and also creates a balanced alkaline environment inside. As a result, it is essential to get rid of fleas.

The dog should take half teaspoon of the undiluted apple cider vinegar – 25 lbs per day. It should be pointed out that Apple cider vinegar has many useful minerals, vitamins, nutrients, potassium, and acids.

Tip: You can analyze your dog’s urine via pH strips before adding the Apple cider vinegar to their meal or drink. Ideally, the pH of dogs should be between 6.2 and 6.5.

Recipe for Apple Cider Vinegar

For fleas to stay away from your dog, her coat and skin need to be a little acidic. This is possible, all you have to do is spray your dog with the following every week.

What you need

  • 6 oz of organic Apple cider vinegar in its raw form
  • One-quarter teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt
  • Warm water – 4 oz.

Method of preparation

  • In a small spray bottle, mix the ingredient and spray the dog’s coat weekly. Make sure to apply to the underbelly as well while you avoid open wounds and the eyes.

Essential Oils

It is recommended you use essential oils only if you want to mix them with a carrier. There are reports, blogs and advice from people to tackle fleas with water-suspended essential oils. This is rather dangerous because water cannot dissolve essential oils as they are not soluble in water.

This is basic chemistry.

However, there are a number of natural substances that dissolve essential oils. If you, however, want to do it yourself, I will recommend thin carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or grapeseed oil, One milliliter of carrier oil should be added to a drop of essential oil.

Listed below are few substances that repel essential oils:

  • Peppermint
  • Palmarosa
  • Eucalyptus (Radiata)
  • Lemon
  • Clary sage
  • Lavender
  • Cedar (Atlantica)

We will advise you not to buy or make flea repellant that has essential oils of clove, wintergreen, and pennyroyal. These oils should not be used at all as they are dangerous for the dog.

Please note this about collars or bandanas missed with essential oils: It is essential to dilute this if you want to use it to protect your dog while outside. You do need to remove the bandana once the dog gets in.

Enhance the shampoo your dog uses

In the market, you will have access to a lot of shampoos that targets fleas. Asides, you can transform an ordinary dog shampoo into a flea shampoo. All you have got to do is add half a cup of fresh lemon juice, two cups of water and half a cup of any dog shampoo.

You should pour this mixture in a bottle and bathe your pet with it weekly. After bathing your net with it, prevent it from running around an area infected with fleas. You should keep combing the pet’s fur and collect the entire flea.

Use heat and Wash bedding

Wash all bed materials used by your pet as well as other clothing material your pet might lie upon. With this, you will easily exterminate fleas alongside their larvae and eggs. 

You can also get rid of the eggs, larva and adult fleas via drying. If you want to use a dryer for the clothing material, use an electric dryer with setting at maximum heat for optimum results.

Vacuum your floor occasionally

Moist and warm areas are conducive for fleas. Thus, if cleaning and vacuum stress you out, you should have a rethink. 

Pets generally are restless, moving about all nooks and corners of the house. As a result, it is important to vacuum it occasionally to prevent fleas from breeding and infesting the entire house.

Have a Flea Collar

With just 2 drops of tree oil of lavender oil in a tsp of water, you can apply and rob all over the dog’s collar.

The solution can also be sprinkled on a kerchief and tied around the dog’s neck. This repels fleas.


There are many essential oils that make it easy to exterminate fleas, eggs, and larvae naturally. However, too much quantity is dangerous for your dog.

Your vet could give you recommendations on the most appropriate quantity to use that will not be dangerous to your pet. It is a factor of the oil’s concentration in use, as well as your dog’s health!

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  • Ben

    Thanks for sharing these natural ways to rid fleas. Most people prefer natural ways for flea removal and prevention. We always want what’s best for our dogs and trying natural methods should always be the first choice.

    I will definitely be trying your first method with Apple Cider Vinegar.