3 PetSafe Wireless Fence Reviews You Need To Read

Petsafe wireless fence reviews can offer a better understanding of just how capable these products are. Used around the house to help train pets to stay in a certain area, Petsafe wireless fences are growing in popularity. PetSafe is one of the respected brands in the industry, offering a different approach to many other manufacturers. Used properly, PetSafe wireless fences can be practical and they can show results in short periods of time.

This set is one of the perfect PetSafe wireless fences. It is suitable for many homes, but by the manufacturer’s standards, it does not cover the largest area. However, with its circular ½ acre or 180 feet wide coverage, the wireless fence represents a stable platform to suit many types of pets.

Inside the pack, you will find the pet containment system together with an adjustable nylon collar and other accessories. They cover the home’s area in a spherical shape and they can be fully assembled in an hour or two.

Most importantly, using the wireless fence system is quite easy. Since it comes with a spherical wireless fence, it actually sits in the middle of the protected area. Signals will start to become weaker as the pet starts to get closer to the limits of the contained area and closer to the wireless fence. Audible alerts of different intensities are then sent out to the collar as the pet is approaching the wireless fence. The intensity of these audible corrections can also be changed according to the personality of the pet.

You can install the entire wireless fence system yourself. Once in place, it creates the invisible fence around the house your pet needs not to wander off. It is believed that pets get used to the limits of the system in about two weeks.

With five levels of correction, an audible mode, and a large ¾ acre coverage, this wireless fence is an interesting choice for any type of pet. In fact, you can connect an unlimited number of pets to the system. Of course, additional PetSafe collars would need to be purchased as the set only comes with one collar for one pet.

In order for the collar to fit, the pet needs to have a minimum neck size of six inches and a maximum of 28 inches. As all PetSafe products, the wireless fence is actually installed in any location, creating a circular area, perfect for any type of home.

There are five correction levels you can choose from. They can be rotated, depending on the size of the pet or even on its personality. However, you must also know these corrections are not actually endless. They are programmed to automatically stop after 15 seconds.

For those with more pets around the house, there is the possibility of adding multiple collars, just as with other PetSafe products. Practically, regardless of the number of pets, the wireless system will create an invisible perimeter around the house.

For the days when the weather is far from sunny, the wireless system can still work just as good as in perfect weather. For this purpose, all PetSafe collars are made with waterproofing. Therefore, it is suitable for pet training regardless of weather conditions.

This PetSafe wireless fence system is known for its two modes of operation. It can work with the audio and static correction or with a tone mode only. There are five tone modes which come with the wireless system.

For those seeking a more attractive wireless pet fence, the system can easily be a good choice with its aesthetic design. There are no cables to worry about as it only needs to be plugged into a wall outlet. There are a few flags which are shipped with the wireless fence system as well. They are mainly used as visual markers to make pets understand the limits and the location of the wireless fence.

Training the pet might not be as easy as allowing total freedom around the yard with the collar on. This is why PetSafe also includes a simple training manual. You can use it to train your pet with a simple step-by-step process. Guiding the pet around the yard with a leash is recommended at first.

The collar on the pet is made to be comfortable but durable. Since it comes with an electronic receiver, it needs to be charged from time to time. The good news is that a full charge should last for at least two weeks.

What PetSafe Wireless Fences Should Include

Not all wireless fences are the same. In fact, they can be quite controversial. But judging by the reviews, if properly used, they can help with dog training. In other cases, they can even help keep dogs safer. For example, those living close to busy roads might need to ensure their puppies stay within safe limits without wandering off into traffic.

Types Of Corrections

There are different types of corrections to consider with PetSafe. But the three products above have only two types of correction: Static and audible. They can work separately or together. At the same time, they don’t have a linear performance. For example, there are six tones to consider for the products with audible corrections. The closer the pet gets to the wireless fence, the louder the audible correction can become.

Area Of Coverage

The area of coverage is not the same for all PetSafe products. It generally varies from ½ acre to ¾ acre. In general, it should not be an element of separation for some types of pets. However, the more pets you have, the more space they will need for play time. This is why if you plan to purchase additional collars for extra pets, it might be worth going for the wireless fence with the largest coverage.

Final Considerations

All PetSafe wireless fence reviews for the above products mention their quality and reliability. This can be seen in details such as long battery life or even in the corrections adjustability levels. The setup time for PetSafe products is among the shortest at one to two hours, even if you haven’t used a wireless fence before. Most importantly, PetSafe products are actually safe for pets, as their name suggests. In the end, this is the most important aspect for most pet owners as it allows their pets to still enjoy all the tips and tricks they need to learn while having plenty of fun.

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