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3 Major Things to Consider Before Building a Dog House

dog house

How special is your pet dog for you?

Isn’t it just like your very own baby?

I mean you take care of its food, comfort, and what not!

So, when it comes to its shelter then you would definitely want it to remain protected all the time. Right? Thus, the home that you are supposed to build for your dog should perfect enough. You need to consider some significant things while constructing a home for your little Bruno or Tuffy or whatever you call it with love.

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However, being an owner of 3 cute dogs and a great dog lover, here are my tips on structuring a dog house. Just keep the following things in your mind while making a home for your dog and I am sure later on you would thank me for that.

Have a look!

1. Understand the habits of your doggy.

Who else can know about your dog more than you? If he loves to retain tabs near him then a house for him which is having a flat door rather than the one with an overhang or eaves. It will ensure you a complete visibility. Next, if you think that your dog has the nature of getting over-heated then don’t at all allow the shingles for the roof of its house. This can deteriorate the situation while attracting and holding heat from the sun.

2. Know the weather.

If you want to protect your dog from all the cold then you need to certainly put a door in front of the dog house. This will give your dog the desired warmth. So, don’t forget to do that if you are living in some cold places. However, there is a recent urge from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency that puppies, smaller or larger dogs shouldn’t be left outside when the temperature falls below 40 degrees. But, when it’s the summer going on then you must remove the door of the dog house to spruce up the ventilation.

3. Opt for an ideal location.

Well, when it comes to positioning your dog house then make sure that you are placing it in the coolest and shadiest part of your house-yard. The more your dog house would be in the shade, the more it will remain intact.

Moreover, you should act a little bit smart and situate the house on the opposite side of your house or garage so that it remains protected against the wind. However, if you want to protect your dog house from storms which is having doors in it then just place the doorway facing towards the east.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the very significant tricks that you need to consider while building a dog house. Just follow them before you plan to construct one and I am sure you would end up having a fabulous place for your little pup.


Dennis has written over 100 articles on health, health care and pet care for HerePup and other websites. In addition to his writing and photography, he also conducts pet health and wellness seminars as a member of a non-profit organization.

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