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Emily Blanchette

Dr. Blanchette lives in the northeast working at emergency clinics for pets. Although Dr. Emily Blanchette has experience with many kinds of pets, she is particularly fond of cats. In her work, however, she deals with both dogs and cat patients with equal care and attention. Dr. Emily does basic fact-checking for our blog and writes articles of her own.

5 Pests that Are Harmful to Pets

As a vet, you already know how to deal with everything from diseases to colds in the pets you see. You’ve even learned how to deal with customers who haven’t paid their bills. Of course, you give advice and treatment to every pet you can. You’ve probably had your vets office, clinic, and kennels treated by […]

Italian Sailors Rescue Puppy (Lost at Sea!)

This Friday in Italy’s Gulf of Naples, a little puppy ended up getting lost at sea before being rescued by an intrepid group of sailors, according to a Youtube video posted by the RYCC Savoia sailing club. In the aforementioned Youtube video, the puppy (named Noodle), who had fallen from a ferry on its way […]

3 Ways a Dog Can Improve Your Life

As any dog owner will tell you, having a canine friend of your own can greatly improve your life. The companionship of a dog provides many of the same emotional benefits that any traditional, human friendship would include. Man’s best friend is called so for a reason, after all. But while any dog person can say […]

Dog Mask: Protect from Air Pollution, Bacteria, and Virus?

Human beings get exposed to various harmful substances, whether in the air, water, or even the land. Now, do animals face such challenges as well? Do they get exposed to harmful substances that can interfere with their lives? Is there a need to be cautious and offer protection to such animals?Remember, every animal will get […]