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Michelle Reed

Michelle Reed is a regular contributor to HerePup, as well as being a freelance writer for many different animal-related publications. Being a retired animal lover, she was involved in her community life as a Rescue Group Volunteer, then provided boarding services for dog owners. Now her enormous experience ended up as a base for her writing.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs (+ Alternatives You Can Buy!)

Photo by Vereslava from PexelsThe Boo! season is ahead with their treats and tricks and all the rest. The gloomy time of the year shines due to Halloween parties. Even if there’s quarantine you can make a party of your own with your beloved family and pets. Let your canine kids be the guests wearing Halloween outfits. Try […]

New York Law! (You can Take Your Dog Out to Dinner)

Following a new bill signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York restaurant owners are now allowed to have dogs on their outdoor patios. Starting immediately, restaurants are permitted to let customers and their dogs into their outdoor dining areas. This new law only applies to restaurants with alternate entrances to these outdoor areas […]

A Dog Mayor is Running for President (Astounding)

Meet Lucy Lou – a strong leader, she’s been the mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky for the last seven years. While she was the first female mayor of the town, she’s only the third dog to do so. That’s right; Lucy Lou is a border collie, and is the current sitting (and staying) mayor of […]

Reasons on Why Using CBD Oil for Dogs Allergy

As a dog owner, watching your pet scratching its body incessantly to deal with a persistent itch is quite heartbreaking. But do you know the underlying condition behind the discomfort your dog is experiencing? An allergy is one of the most probable causes of the distress that your pet is battling.You have probably already heard […]


Top 10 LED Dog Collar of 2020 Review

There are many LED neckbands that are crowding the scene. It becomes a hassle to distinguish between one from another. The new releases of the dog necklaces are changing how you ensure your pooch is safe. Below is a product list of some of the most recommended LED dog collars. The review includes products that […]

Is it Safe to Give CBD Oil to Dogs?

No one likes having a sick pet on their hand. Every dog owner’s first instinct, when their pet is ill, is to seek help for them. Unfortunately, vets are expensive and even the most doting dog owner isn’t necessarily going to have the cash on hand to make an appointment. If you find yourself scrambling […]