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Beagles — How to Find the Appropriate Toys


The Beagle is a breed of small hound which, in the past, was used primarily for hunting small animals such as hares and foxes. Since the modern breed was first developed in England at the beginning of the 19th century, the Beagle has slowly made the transition from hunting to being employed for bomb detection and rescue efforts.

Their curious, gentle, friendly nature and high amounts of energy have made the Beagle one of the most famous dog breeds in the world. They are almost ubiquitous in pop culture and domestic households. However, their temperament also comes with a big drawback: due to their independent nature, in conjunction with their strong hunting instincts, they can be very hard to control. This fact is even more evident when it comes to toys, which will be dutifully ignored if they do not find them interesting. If you want to expand your list of choices, you can check ToyPetReviews, a specialized blog dedicated to everything concerning this subject, including posts that discuss the best dog toys for beagles.

Chewing Toys

As many other dog breeds, Beagles have an instinctual urge to chew everything that they see, especially in the early stages of their lives, either because they are teething (which is a painful thing to deal with for them), or out of sheer boredom (there is nothing more ominous than a bored Beagle). If not properly managed, this natural instinct of theirs can become extremely destructive once they reach adulthood.

Due to their singlemindedness and deeply ingrained hunting instincts, Beagles can be a little too stubborn for their own good – just ask any owner who has ever struggled to convince to get off the couch.

Scolding or getting angry at your Beagles puppies will not solve the issue – in fact, you will do nothing but aggravate it and incentivize the dog to continue. The best approach is to find the middle ground – teaching the puppy that chewing is totally fine, but only on certain dedicated items.

This is why providing your dog with chewing toys from an early stage can be a good way to teach him both healthy chewing habits in particular, as well as obedience and discipline in general.

Since every Beagle is special in his own way, you will have to go through the old method of trial and error before finding the toys that he will actually like. But generally speaking, it is good idea to pick toys that are shaped in the form of things that Beagles are accustomed to. Toys shaped like animals (ducks, foxes, rabbits, etc) will trigger the Beagles hunting instinct and keep him away from your precious objects.

Toys to Keep Beagles Busy

Beagles have tons of energy – a fact which makes them so endearing in the first place. On the other hand, dog owners (especially those with little experience) might feel a tad overwhelmed by their incessant running and willingness to play and stay active. Beagles, by nature, are hard-wired to be constantly on the chase, so their toys should obviously be designed to control their urges.

Apart from the daily walks (the recommended number is two), you will have to spend 30 to 45 minutes per day engaging in various activities with your Beagles. While the old game of fetch is certainly a good way to keep the Beagle happy and active, sometimes it is not enough to keep his energy reserves at normal levels. To do that, you will have to be a little creative. We have specified earlier that Beagles are used by task forces for bomb sniffing and rescue missions. You could do something similar, at home, by hiding his toys in different locations and encouraging the Beagle to seek them.

For example, you could hide his rubber bone behind the couch, or even better, a spot where he usually does not snoop around very often. By doing this, you will satisfy his hunting instincts and help him establish a link between good behavior and reward.

Toys for Companionship

Their high energy levels and willingness to please their owners come with a huge drawback: they get bored and depressed when left alone. This is what experts call ‘’separation anxiety’’, an issue which most dogs suffer whenever the owner is not around to entertain them. Short of buying another Beagle or hiring a ‘’dog sitter’’, the easiest way to soothe their feelings of loneliness and fear of abandonment is to get toys specifically made to offer the dog a sense of companionship.

Thankfully, there are a lot of good options to choose from. Snuggle Pet has an entire line of products designed to manage the Beagle’s separation anxiety – the Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy, the Smart Pet Love Snuggle Blanket for Pets and other products that will keep the dog busy while your handling day to day activities.


Beagles are smart, curious dogs who love to play and stay active, but can also be a tad too high maintenance for some owners who either had low-energy breeds before or do not have much experience with raising dogs at all. Current or potential Beagle owners should strive to find toys appropriate for the dog’s temperament and natural urges – basically, anything that will keep the dog company and satisfy its urge to go on chases and chew. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some insight about what exactly you should buy for your beloved pet. And remember, every Beagle is special – if a toy does not seem to work, do not give up, be persistent, and try another one.  


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