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9 Best Dog Balls in 2020

Dog Chewing a Ball

Dogs love to play, and there are so many toys they can play with. However, if you were to give your dog a rope toy, interactive gadgets, chew toys or dog balls, they would definitely choose a dog ball toy over the other toys.

Dog balls make a big part of dogs’ playtime. They can be used to play fetch to keep your dog active and entertained. Some types of dog balls promote chewing behavior while others are essential in improving dental hygiene.

However, not all balls are good for your dog. Some are can break down easily in a matter of minutes, some are too small for your big dog and therefore a choking hazard while others may be too big for your small pup.

Knowing how to select the right ball for your dog can go a long way in saving money, time as well as ensuring your dog gets the most benefits. So below I’ll show you what to consider when selecting a dog ball, benefits of dog balls and a review of some of the best dog balls of 2020.

Quick Choice

Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Floating-Bouncing Dog Toy

Jolly Pets Soccer Ball 

This ball won't deflate! It made from the special material - Jolly Flex, what means that it can be punctured without losing its form. For different sizes of dogs 2 sizes of balls and 3 color option are available. This is universal ball, which can be used on the ground and on the water because it floating.

Comparison Table

Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Floating-Bouncing Dog Toy
Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Floating-Bouncing Dog Toy
    Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball
    Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball
      Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy
      Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy
        Indestructible Dog Ball
        Indestructible Dog Ball
          Chuckit! Ultra Ball
          Chuckit! Ultra Ball

            Important Features to Consider


            Durability will depend on the material used to make the ball. These materials include rubber, foam, rope, and fabric. The material to choose will depend on your dog’s chewing habit. If your dog is an aggressive chewer then you should buy a virtually indestructible ball made from rubber. If you have a moderate chewer, the best dog balls are the ones made from rope. Balls made from fabric and form, on the other hand, are the best for small, calmer dogs with less chewing force.


            Dog balls come in different sizes. Select a size that can comfortably fit in your dog’s mouth. Smaller dogs require small balls that can fit in their jaws when playing fetch. Larger dogs on their part require large dog balls toys to prevent a choking risk.


            Different types of dog balls are available depending on what you want to use them for. If you want to play outside with your dog, then a high bouncing ball with whistlers can be a great option. You can consider treat dispensing balls if you are looking to mentally engage your furry friend. For dogs that are chewers, selecting a tough ball is the sure way to make it last.


            While most pet owners disregard the color of a ball, it is an essential consideration especially if you plan to use the toy outside. Your dog may not care about the color of its dog, but you will need color with high-visibility to ensure you won’t have a hard time looking for it through the bushes.


            There are many dog balls available in the market some that don’t meet the required safety specifications. To be sure you are buying a safe ball, check that it’s made from non-toxic materials. You should also go for dog balls that are approved by the FDA.


            You must consider that when playing with your best friend, you’ll throw the ball and your pet will grab it with the jaws and carry it to you. Therefore weight is an important consideration when choosing a dog ball. If the ball is too heavy for your pet, they may not manage to carry it. Similarly if it’s too light you may not throw it as far as you’d prefer.

            The 5 Best Dog Balls

            Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Floating-Bouncing Dog Toy

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Jolly Pets

            Weight - 1.39 Pounds

            Size - 8 Inch

            Price - $$$

            A complete rubber ball that is designed in the shape of a soccer ball. This highly bouncing ball is ideal for playing and can withstand canine of aggressive chewers.

            The ball is almost the regulation size so you can play it alongside your pooch.


            1. Available In Different Sizes

            Most dog ball toys come in one size, but the Jolly Pets Ball is available in two sizes. The larger soccer ball has an 8-inch diameter which is ideal for large dogs weighing more than 40 lbs.

            There’s also a 6 inches diameter dog ball that’s made for the small and medium dogs weighing no more than 40lbs.

            Therefore, this ball dog is ideal for all dogs regardless of the size.

            2. Cannot Be Deflated

            This ball is designed in such a way that it remains deflated no matter what happens thanks to its high-quality Jolly Flex Material. This material ensures the ball maintains its shape when the dog squeezes it or when it gets punctured. Consequently, it reduces the risk of chocking your dog.

            The material used to make this ball is strong and non-toxic which makes the ball a good choice for chewers. Also, given that the shape of the ball will remain the same no matter how hard a dog chew means you can give it to an aggressive chewer.

            3. Buoyant

            This is a standout feature that makes this our top pick. The ball can be used both on land and in the water. Swimming has many benefits for your dog. This ball floats on water and can, therefore, add more fun to your pet’s swimming experience as the dog try to retrieve it in the water.

            4. Textured Design

            Catching a wet ball or very bouncy dog play balls can be a challenge for most dogs. However, this is not the case for this Jolly Pets Soccer Ball as it has a textured design for easy gripping.

            5. Scented

            Dogs with bad breath will find this toy very helpful since it has a subtle vanilla or green apple scent that should help keep their breath fresh.

            • Ideal for dogs of all sizes
            • Textured for a fantastic grip
            • Scented
            • Usable in water
            • Recommended for chewers
            • Require supervision when in use
            Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Pet Zone

            Weight - 2.4 Ounces

            Size - 3 Inch

            Price - $$

            A transparent ball made from hard plastic that you fill with treats. Your furry friend will then remove the treats slowly. This helps to stimulate the brain as the dog tries to figure out how to remove the treats.

            This treat ball can also be used as a slow feeder which brings benefits to your dog.


            1. Customizable

            The treat ball is customizable by adjusting the internal ring. This makes it easier for a beginner pup to get the treats out. As the dog becomes adept at removing the treats, you should add it back to make it harder to remove treats.

            Making it hard to remove the treats prolongs the playing time and keeps your dog active while figuring out how to remove the treats. It also delays feeding and therefore allowing for slower healthy digestion and reduced bloating.

            2. Simple to Clean and Use

            Hygiene is an essential part of a treat dispenser to keep diseases at bay. This treat ball is made using two pieces of plastic that you can easily disassemble and assemble. You can then clean these pieces using warm water and soap.

            It is also easy to add and remove treats without any hassle once you are done cleaning.

            3. Made of Hard Plastic

            The hard plastic material of this treat ball makes it a great choice for light and moderate chewers. You should avoid giving this treat to aggressive chewers as they can easily chew it into small pieces.

            • Cleaning is straightforward
            • Slows eating to allow for proper digestion
            • Adjustable difficulty level
            • Not ideal for powerful chewers
            Chuckit Indoor Ball Dog Toy

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Chuckit

            Weight - 2.4 ounces

            Size - 4.7 Inches

            Price - $

            A large bright colored dog ball that you can play indoors with your best friend. The ball is lightweight, soft and comes in bright colors making it an engaging and fun way to exercise. This is one of the cheap dog balls on the list.


            1. Lightweight

            This ball dog is extremely lightweight making it ideal for playing indoors. With its design, this ball cannot destroy surfaces or any equipment indoors. Besides, it has a shaggy fabric exterior so be sure its silent enough when it bounces thereby causing no disturbances indoors.

            A heavy ball can be tiring for your dog, but this ball’s lightweight design will make it easier for your pup to pick and play with.

            2. Big Size

            With a diameter of 4.7 inches, the ball is best suited for big dogs. The size also ensures the ball does not get fit under furniture such as sofa when playing indoors. Balls getting lost under furniture is a problem with most dog balls toys out there that have been effectively addressed by the Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy.

            3. Bright Color

            Chuckit! comes in bright colors that will keep your pup engaged. The ball is also soft which most dogs will love to grab and play with. You can add more fun by playing with your furry friend thereby improve bonding with your dog.

            • Big size for big dogs
            • Lightweight
            • Can be used indoors
            • Gets damaged very easily
            Indestructible Dog Ball

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Monster K9 Dog Toys

            Weight - No Info

            Size - 7 Cm

            Price - $$$

            If you have an aggressive dog that destroys almost every toy, then this indestructible dog ball will give you relief from buying dog balls every time. This dog ball is ideal for every day play. It bounces perfectly on different surfaces which means your pup can enjoy playing with it almost everywhere.


            1. Virtually Indestructible

            This dog ball comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee which shows just how strong the ball is. It’s made using the unique, tough industrial strength rubber that even the most aggressive chewers cannot destroy. The ball is simply indestructible by dogs.

            2. Baseball Size

            Monster K9 ball comes in a perfect baseball size that makes it easy to throw and pick for medium-sized and large dogs. This makes it one of the best dog fetch balls to play with your canine friend.

            3. Approved for Aggressive Chewers

            The rubber used to make this ball has been thoroughly tested by the strongest dogs and approved for aggressive chewers.

            • Made from safe and non-toxic material
            • High quality and durable
            • Lifetime replacement guarantee
            • Heavy for small dogs
            ChuckIt! Ultra Ball

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Chuckit!

            Weight - 3.52 Ounces

            Size - 3.5 Inch

            Price - $

            This ultra-ball with bright colors with a great design makes a great toy for the game of fetch. The colors improve visibility and its high bounce allows your dog to jump very high trying to catch. The result is an effective practice session with your pup.


            1. Ultra Bounces

            The bounce rate of this dog ball is unmatched. The high bounces encourage the dog to jump and catch it with the mouth. The bounce together with its buoyancy makes it one of the best dog fetching balls for pools and land.

            Besides, it is compatible with the ball launcher so you can throw it as far as possible during the fetch game.

            2. Tough Surface

            The tough surface made of thick rubber makes this suitable for moderate chewers. This thick surface makes it a durable toy that your canine friend will chew for a long time.

            3. Soft on Pooch’s Mouth

            Despite having a tough textured surface, the dog ball is still soft enough for the pooch’s mouth. So be sure there will be no injuries to your best friend’s mouth while playing with the ball.

            • Ideal for human-animal bonding
            • Can be used to play fetch in water
            • Has bright colors to make it engaging
            • Not ideal for aggressive chewers

            Another 4 Great Options

            Everlasting Bento Ball

            Product Information

            Brand Name - StarMark

            Weight - 5.6 ounces

            Size - 3 x 3 x 2 Inches

            Price - $

            Dogs love treats, especially when they have to get them out of their favorite dog toy balls. The Everlasting Bento Ball is an exciting and fun way to give treats to your canine friend.


            1. Durable

            Everlasting Bento Ball is made using tough materials that can make it last longer than most dog balls. The mistake most people make with this ball is not following the manufacturer’s instructions.

            It is required that you put the flavor disc upside down. This way your dog treat will last longer and you’ll extend your pups playing time.

            2. Treat Dispenser

            If you are looking for a way to feed your dog while having fun then this dog ball is a good treat dispenser to have. It can fit treats or kibbles of varying shapes and sizes to give your dog an enjoyable moment.

            3. Cleanable

            The ball is dishwasher safe so you can easily clean after each use to prevent the accumulation of dirt and germs. This will ensure your dog remains healthy.

            • Dishwasher safe
            • Tough ball
            • Texture bumps for extra stimulation
            • Not large enough for big dogs
            Gnawsome Medium Squeaker Ball Dog Toy

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Gnawsome

            Weight - 2.4 Ounces

            Size - 3.5 Inches

            Price - $

            This dog toy kills two birds with one stone. It has a spiky feature that massages your pet’s gums while exercising. The ball is a good choice for dogs that love to play fetch as well as puppies who are teething.


            1. Spiky Texture

            Proper oral hygiene is essential for dogs. This unique spiky feature massages the dog’s gums as they play with the ball. This toy makes a great choice for teething puppies.

            The rubber spikes also allow the ball to bounce erratically which makes it a good toy to keep your dog active.

            2. Internal Speaker

            Gnawsome Ball Dog Toy is a highly interactive toy thanks to its loud squeaker. Your furry friend will love the squeaky noise produced when they bite the toy. Such small squeaky dog balls keep your dog engaged for longer hours.

            3. Safe Material

            The material used to make this dog toy is of the highest quality. It is BPA-free and food-grape which makes it safe for your dog. There should be no concerns even when your dog ingests some of the rubber.

            The ball is designed in a distinctive design to make sure it does not pose any choking risk to your furry friend.

            • Made from non-toxic rubber
            • Ideal for oral health
            • Bright colored for extra engagement
            •  Poor durability
            Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Pet Qwerks

            Weight - 4 ounces

            Size - 3.1 Inches

            Price - $

            This highly interactive produces different wisecracks triggered by the dog’s movement that will keep your dog engaged for long periods. This ball is a good choice for dog owners who want their dog to exercise while still having unending fun.


            1. Motion-activated

            This talking babble ball can detect when your dog comes near. This includes detecting the dog’s motion and even the breath. The toy then produces sounds and teases your dog, encouraging them to play. This makes the dog think that the ball is alive and will start jumping and chasing the ball.

            When the dog becomes tired, the Babble game turns off until it detects another motion. The major concern with the motion-activated feature is that it can start producing sounds in the presence of motion that is not caused by the dog.

            2. Replaceable Batteries

            After several uses, the battery in the ball can die. You will need to replace these batteries to keep the Babble Ball working. The batteries are easily replaceable to keep the fun going.

            3. Different Wisecracking Options

            The Babble Ball produces not less than 20 sounds. The sounds vary from talking sounds to animal sounds that your pooch will enjoy.

            • Entertains your pet for longer periods
            • Highly interactive that the dog feels it’s alive
            • Has a durable construction
            • Has no ON/OFF button
            KONG Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toy
            • A nice treat dispenser
            • Cleans teeth
            • Available in varying sizes
            • Too soft for aggressive chewers

            Importance of Ball Toys and Exercise

            Ball toys are essential in the growth and development of puppies and dogs. By playing with toys your furry friend will always stay active and as they say, an active dog is a healthy dog. This may be a cliché but the health benefits of staying active for your dog cannot be overstated enough.

            Improves Cardiovascular Health

             golden retriever dog playing with rubber ball on green lawn

            When dogs play with toys, they exercise which is important for their cardiovascular health. Exercise helps to increase heart rate which in turn improves the strength of their heart muscles. This gives stronger contractions and better endurance. The heart can, therefore, improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body which is important for life.

            Helps to Maintain a Healthy Weight

            If all your pooch does is stay indoors and sleep on the couch, then it’s likely to add weight and become obese. Obesity in dogs can have serious health problems. You can avoid these problems by engaging your dog in vigorous activities. Playing with toy balls is an effective way to make your dog shed those extra pounds and live a healthy lifestyle. Scheduling an active time every day will enable your dog to maintain a healthy weight.

            Reduces Canine Behavioral Issues

            If your best friend has behavioral problems such as aggression, barking, chewing or digging, you can use dog balls to eliminate, or at least minimize these canine behavioral problems. Most of these problems are caused by boredom. Dog toys balls are the best way to keep your dog engaged and constructively use their energy.

            Improved Obedience

            When teaching obedience commands, you can use dog balls toys as a reward whenever the dog follows the given command correctly. By giving your dog a toy and praising them when they follow instructions, they learn to be more obedient.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Best Dog Balls

            Are Normal Tennis Balls Safe for Dogs?

            Regular balls are made of a rubber core and covered by nylon shell. Rubber is strong enough and should be okay for moderate chewers. It is however not recommended for powerful chewers as they can shred the ball easily. Besides, it can pose a choking risk for big dogs so make sure to monitor your pup when playing with a tennis ball for extra safety.

            Are Rubber Balls Safe for Dogs?

            Rubber is extremely strong and ideal for making dog balls for all types of chewers. However, be sure to check the ball you purchase because the durability of the rubber can vary from one ball to another. Some manufacturers make rubber balls that can withstand aggressive chewing while others make rubber dog balls for moderate chewers. Rubber dog balls for moderate chewers can easily be crushed by aggressive chewers and choke them.

            Is Ball Throwing Bad for Dogs?

            Ball throwing, when done in moderation, is a great way for your dog to exercise. It engages your furry friend both mentally and physically. Too much ball throwing can, however, lead to muscle strain.

            What Should Dog Ball Toys for Heavy Chewers Be Made Of?

            Dog balls toys for heavy chewers should be made of tough material that can withstand powerful bite forces. Rubber and nylon are the strongest and most durable materials that can withstand powerful chewing. In fact, most of the indestructible toys available are made of nylon and rubber.

            How Can I Get My Dog to Play with Toy Balls?

            The best way to make your furry friend get the most benefits that toys can provide is by teaching them how to play with these dog balls.

            One way to teach your dog is by using dog fetching balls. You should encourage your pup to fetch the ball. Once the dog grabs the ball with its mouth and brings it to you, you reward it with a treat and praising it by hugging. You should repeat this as many times as possible rewarding your dog every time the pooch brings the ball to you.

            Choosing The Right Ball for Your Dog

            Dog beagle purebred running with a green ball on grass

            There are very many balls dog toys available for pet lovers to choose from. Choosing the best ball can, therefore, be a challenge for most people. To ensure you make the right pick, identify what kind of a chewer your dog is as well as the size of your dog. This way you can order a ball of the right size and one that will last longer.

            You may also want to consider where you will be playing with your dog. Some balls can be played indoors, outdoors while others are a nice choice for playing in the water. Whatever the ball you choose, you ought to consider your needs first.


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