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Best Dog Bike Trailers: Conclusive Reviews and Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

schwinn rascal tow-behind bike pet trailers for small and large dogs

Do you wish to bring your dog along during biking exercises or excursions? Then you need to acquire a bike trailer for dogs. This accessory is sure to come in handy if your loyal animal companion is not particularly disciplined to race on the side as you bike through the streets. Furthermore, it is excellent equipment for ferrying your mutt if they are physically incapable of keeping up due to illness, tiredness, old age, or injury.

That said, there are many bike pet trailers on sale today, making it challenging to decide on a particular product. But lucky for you, this article provides the best dog bike trailer reviews to assist you in figuring out the perfect item among the top-rated ones in use currently. Furthermore, there is a comprehensive buyer’s guide with useful info such as the different types of bike trailers for mutts, tips for choosing the ideal item, FAQs, and usage advice.

Are you looking to purchase a trailer right away? Feel free to check out our number one recommended product right below. We have recommended it after spending over 72 hours assessing different items in the market.

Our #1 Mutt Wagon: Burley Design​​​​ Tail Trailer  

It is the best pet bike trailer available because it gives unrivaled comfortability to your mutt and is quite easy-to-use. This item has comprehensive warranties covering the design material and plastic parts. It is fully collapsible and comes with easy release tires. All its features, considering functionality, specifications, compatibility with other accessories, and warranty, this is the best item to acquire.

Comparison Chart

Burley Design Tail Trailer
Burley Design Tail Trailer
    Rage Powersports Bike/ Motorcycle Dog Trailer
    Rage Powersports Bike/ Motorcycle Dog Trailer
      InStep Foldable Bike Cart
      InStep Foldable Bike Cart
        Schwinn Rascal Trailer for Small and Large Dogs
        Schwinn Rascal Trailer for Small and Large Dogs
          PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout
          PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout
            Aosom Elite Pet Bike Trailer
            Aosom Elite Pet Bike Trailer
              Schwinn Rascal Tow-Behind Trailers
              Schwinn Rascal Tow-Behind Trailers
                Aosom Elite II 2-In-1 Trailer & Stroller
                Aosom Elite II 2-In-1 Trailer & Stroller
                  Sepnine 2-In-1 Bike Trailer
                  Sepnine 2-In-1 Bike Trailer
                    Booyah Medium Dog Stroller & Trailer
                    Booyah Medium Dog Stroller & Trailer

                      Individual Mutt Bike Trailer Reviews

                      We have sampled several dog hauling trailers and created a list of the 10 best products you can purchase. Below are comprehensive reviews of the items that made our final top 10.

                      · Best Pet Bike Trailer Stroller Overall: Burley Design Tail Trailer

                      burley design tail wagon bike trailer

                      If you are looking for a mutt wagon and a stroller at the same time, then this is the ideal item for you. It is entirely easy to use and prioritizes the safety of your mutt. The exterior is made of visible material that can be quick to spot by motorists and other road users.

                      Your pet is sure to love this product since it has a flip-down tailgate that opens halfway, making it possible for easy entry and exit. Note, since the trailer only opens halfway at the front, the probabilities of accidents occurring in case the zipper fails are minimized.

                      If you have to lay your bike on the side to take a break or view a particular scenery, then you can go ahead without having to worry about your dog. Why? This item has a flexible connector that keeps the trailer upright after you have laid your bicycle on its side.  

                      Are you particular about safety? This product provides you with a guarded (it has a high-visibility fabric, reflective material, and safety flag) and convenient way of carrying one large mutt or two medium ones on any day you want to go outdoors with some company. You can move around with your pets on both smooth and bumpy surfaces. There is no need to worry about their comfort on the latter due to the considerable suspension above ground. This characteristic enables it to reduce the undesirable feeling created when moving on bumpy areas.

                      Key features:

                      • Easy-to-remove floor for tidying;
                      • Water-resistant zipper;
                      • Strong mesh on all sides allows free movement of air;
                      • Sixteen-inch quick-release tires;
                      • One-year warranty for apparel and a three-year warranty for plastic peripherals.
                      rage powersports for tables

                      Coming in at the second position, this two-in-one cart presents a ton of useful features. It has mesh on the windows on all sides, allowing free circulation of air around your mutt when you are out biking. Connecting the wagon to your bicycle is quite easy since the hook is all-inclusive and can be attached to all twenty-four- and twenty-eight-inch bicycles.

                      When using the item as a wagon, you can comfortably tow a mutt of up to one hundred and thirty pounds. And whenever you utilize it as a stroller, the average adult can manage to cruise an eighty-five-pound mutt.

                      Key features:

                      • Universal hitch;
                      • Double doors- at the front and back;
                      • Transparent plastic roll-down window covers;
                      • Meshed windows;
                      • Chariot style design.

                      · Best Cheap Dog Bike Trailer: InStep Foldable Bike Cart

                      instep single seat and double seat foldable tow behind bike trailers

                      If you need to cut costs and still acquire a functional wagon, then you need to take a closer look at this item. It is availed in different colors, allowing you to pick a shade that complements your bicycle and, more essentially, your pet’s personality. From the moment you start using it, you can be sure that your loyal companion will be snug since this item has pneumatic wheels.

                      This product can be attached to many bikes and has a bug screen for protecting your mutt from disease-causing insects. Best of all, this wagon is foldable, allowing for straightforward storage.

                      Key features:

                      • Max capacity of forty pounds;
                      • Two-in-one covering- insect and weather protector;
                      • Primary material- rubber and steel;
                      • Air-filled wheels;
                      • Different colors are available.
                      schwinn rascal tow-behind bike trailer

                      Are you seeking an item that boosts the safety of your mutt on the tracks? The Schwinn wagon is an excellent option as it has a visible protruding flag at the back. No matter where you go riding, you can be sure that other track users are seeing your dog’s wagon, and therefore, cannot ram into it. It is entirely foldable into a minimalist item that can then be stored comfortably.

                      The product is particularly impressive since it has leash hooks that keep your dog from jumping out right after opening the door.

                      Key features:

                      • Collapsible frame;
                      • Pneumatic wheels;
                      • Universal coupler;
                      • Bug cover that can be adjusted;
                      • Flag.

                      · Best Dog Bike Trailer for Two Dogs: PetSafe Solvit HoundAbout

                      petsafe solvit houndabout pet bicycle trailer for dogs

                      If you have two mutts that you would love to take as you go out and about, then this is the ideal item for you. It has a very broad wheelbase and a low COG to offer more stability when riding around in your area. You are bound to find this wagon quite useful, given its extra exterior pockets that allow you to store leashes, beverage bottles, and so forth.

                      The craftsmanship exhibited by this product is fantastic, with the excellent fitting of zippers, mesh, and vinyl covers to keep the wind at bay. Best of all, this item cannot rust as its frame is made out of aluminum.

                      Key features:

                      • Broad wheelbase;
                      • Sunroof;
                      • Ideal for elderly mutts with joint issues;
                      • Water-resistant floor;
                      • Hitch included.

                      · Best Small Dog Bicycle Trailers: Aosom Elite Pet Bike Trailer

                      aosom elite pet dog bike trailer

                      This red-colored small dog bike trailer is as cute as they come. Ideal for smaller to medium dogs and other pets, you can either attach it to your bike when you go out cycling or push it while walking, jogging, or running. Aside from the attractive design, this trailer is also built with safety in mind. Inside, you will find a sling seat and a safety harness that secures your pet in place.

                      Aosom’s pets trailer also includes a canopy that protects your mutt from wet weather or scorching sun. You can remove it if the weather is nice, and you want your furry friend to enjoy it too. Though this small pet bike trailer is built for little mutts, it’s still quite spacious. So, it can also come in handy in carrying shopping when you cycle from the store.

                      Plenty of space is left behind the seat too. So, you can carry your pet’s swimming gear when going to the beach, toys, camera, among other things.

                      Key features:

                      • Carries 44 pounds;
                      • Includes a safety harness and canopy for protection;
                      • Double functionality (pushing when jogging or pulling with a bike);
                      • Big wheels and wear-resistant tires;
                      • Can be folded.

                      · Best Big Dog Trailers: Schwinn Rascal Tow-Behind Trailers

                      schwinn rascal tow-behind bike pet trailers for dogs

                      If you own a huge mutt- weighing upwards of 100 pounds- and are on the market for a sturdy cart that’s a great buy, this big dog bike trailer, sold by Schwinn Rascal, might just be what you’ve searching for. It’s an awesome trailer for traveling. That’s because it can be folded up to take as little room as possible in your trunk.

                      The air tires on this big dog trailer help make rides comfy for your mutt, especially when you’ve ventured onto rougher roads. Inside, it’s lined with a slip-resistant material that makes it comfy for your furry pal. You can detach this liner for washing once it gets dirty.

                      It also features a leash for keeping your animal in place. You can adjust it as needed to prevent him/her from jumping out of the cart when moving. The cart can be installed on any kind of bike with no problems. Overall, it’s very easy to install, tastefully made, and among the most suitable bike trailers for large dogs when traveling.

                      Key features:

                      • Holds dogs weighing up to 100 pounds;
                      • Compact storage- contractable with quick-release wheels;
                      • One-size-fits-all bike coupler;
                      • Very spacious and can accommodate other items;
                      • Comes with sunroof and a zipped front.

                      · Best Dog Bike Trailer with Suspension: Aosom Elite II 2-In-1 Trailer & Stroller

                      aosom elite ii bike trailer

                      Whether it’s taking your pooch out when you go for a run or biking, this dog bike stroller (plus trailer) does the job right. It features two zipped parts for easy entry and exit, one at the back and another at the front. The top has a sunroof, ideal for those times you want your mutt also to enjoy the cool air.

                      The frame of this bicycle trailer for dogs is created from steel, thus making it quite durable. The rest of the material is Oxford fabric that is impervious to both water and the sun. Inside, you will find a leash and a D-shaped ring. For extra stability and mobility, this bicycle dog trailer is fitted with three wheels instead of two. One is at the front and can rotate 360 degrees. So, the trailer can quickly change direction without tilting, which is handy when you are using it as a stroller. The other two wheels are large and steady.

                      It also has a hand brake system that allows you to lock it in place and a brightly-colored flag at the back for visibility when you are riding in the dark or on busy roads. And since it has pretty excellent suspension, your pet won’t feel too uncomfortable on bumps and rough terrain.

                      Key features:

                      • One front and two back wheels;
                      • Orange flag for visibility;
                      • Leash & attachment ring;
                      • Two zippered doors;
                      • Sun & waterproof material.

                      · Medium Dog Bicycle Trailer: Sepnine 2-In-1 Bike Trailer

                      sepnine 2 in 1 medium sized bike trailer

                      Can’t find anything that fits your pet well? Is every trailer you come across, either small or too large? Well, one of the best options around for medium pets is this 2-in-1 trailer from Sepnine. It’s built for dogs as heavy as 66 pounds.

                      However, it works only as a trailer and not a stroller. So, what is the two in one feature mean then? If you are not using it as a trailer, you can convert it to a part-time dog cage. There’s a short leash that you can adjust on the inside of this bike pet trailer. Setting it up is super easy, and you can also collapse it quickly for storage by removing one bar and the legs. The red or orange color adds a nice touch to the simple design of this trailer.

                      Key features:

                      • Made for medium dogs of not more than 66 pounds;
                      • No equipment required for installation and breaking apart;
                      • Can be utilized as a cart or cage;
                      • Includes suspension;
                      • Pole for installing a flag included.

                      · Mini Dog Bike Trailer with Good Suspension: Booyah Medium Dog Stroller & Trailer

                      booyah medium dog stroller and bike trailer

                      You can try this dog bike trailer stroller made by Booyah Strollers if you need something with good suspension. It fits small and medium dogs and is extremely comfortable. For smaller strollers like this one, it’s always best to check the measurements of the interior space. This one is 26 by 18 by 18 inches.

                      It has three tires- a rotation wheel at the front and two quick-release 16-inch wheels on either rear side. They are made of aluminum to avoid rusting, and the tires are thick to withstand wear and tear. The front has a window so that your mutt can stick his/her head outside. Lastly, it has good suspension to ensure that your pet is comfortable as you are out and about.

                      Key features:

                      • Front screen with protective mesh;
                      • 3-layered sunroof;
                      • Thick and large quick-release wheels;
                      • Removable front wheel when pulling;
                      • Adjustable handle.

                      Types of Dog Bike Carts

                      Dog bike trailers are classed depending on their use. As a result, we have these three categories.

                      · Dog strollers

                      These are products for carrying your pet when you are taking a walk. They are pretty similar to baby pushers.

                      · Dog trailers

                      These items can be attached to a bicycle and used to ferry your mutt around whenever you go out biking. They are connected to a bike just as trailers are attached to trucks or SUVs.

                      · 2-in-1 trailers

                      These are products that function as both strollers and dog bike trailers. Most manufacturers are now producing items with this dual functionality.

                      Tips on Choosing the Right Product

                      Mutt bike wagons are sure to provide you and your mutt with the best service if they have several of the essential provisions. So, if you’re in the market for one, here are some important characteristics you should prioritize:

                      ·         Connecting hatch: You must go for a dog wagon for bike that can be hooked to your bicycle without hassle. Moreover, acquiring a product with an auxiliary attachment fastener is essential since it will keep the wagon from tipping over in case the primary belt gets damaged.

                      ·         Supported weight: Finding an item that matches the mass of your mutt is vital in ensuring that you gain the most out of your purchase.

                      ·         Suspension mechanism: A bike cart for dog with an excellent suspension mechanism will ensure that your mutt enjoys a snug ride, especially on rough surfaces. 

                      ·         Air-filled tires: You want to acquire an item with air-filled (pneumatic) tires and not hardened plastic wheelers if you’re going to provide you mutt with extra comfort. Air-filled tires offer a cushioning while treading on rough surfaces.

                      ·         Storage: Your mutt bicycle wagon will be stored for longer than it will be used. So, you want to settle on an item that can fit into the space that is available at home. Note, some products can be stored as they are while others are collapsible.

                      ·         Entry spots: Some products enable your mutt to board from the upper area. Nonetheless, you want an item that enables your domestic animal to get in from all walls, especially if they are big. Most importantly, you want a wagon with several side-entry points to offer more flexibility.

                      ·         Floor design: You want an item with a sturdy floor and not a fabric floor. Solid floors are sure to offer fitting support for a mutt of any size, big or small.

                      ·         Convertibility: A wagon that can be detached from your bicycle and turned into a stroller is ideal as it enables you to push your mutt whenever you go to places where bikes are not allowed.

                      ·         Kick-stands: While on the go, it’ll be necessary to detach the wagon for some time. Therefore, you want to settle on an item with a kick-stand to hold it when detached from the bike.

                      ·         Leash hooks: These features are useful for barring your mutt from dashing out of the cart immediately after a door is opened.

                      ·         Exterior pockets: If you want some extra storage for holding keys, dog treats, etc., acquiring an item with zipped exterior pockets will prove invaluable.

                      FAQs about Pet Trailers

                      Do you have questions on pet trailers for bikes? We’ve answered some them below:

                      • What Is the Distinction Between a Dog Bike Trailer and Child Bike Trailer?

                      The one for dogs will be different from one built for children in many ways. One, trailers for pooches are usually made with more mesh around for circulation. However, a baby trailer is a little more enclosed for warmth. Another difference is that child trailers specialized harnesses for securing a baby, which are not the same as the safety harnesses on dog trailers. 

                      • What Is the Top Bike Trailer Brand?

                      Lots of brands sell great quality trailers for mutts. The most popular are Burley, Schwinn, Aosom, and Rage Powersports.

                      • What Questions Should I Ask When Purchasing a Trailer for My Dog?

                      The most important aspect when making your purchase decision is the dimensions and weight supported. The size of the cart you purchase should be comfortable for your dog. Then you can ask other questions such as whether it can be quickly converted to a stroller and the warranty offered.

                      • What Things Are Important for a Dog Bike Trailer?

                      The most crucial attributes to look for in a good stroller include mesh screen, suspension, folding framing, canopy/sunroof, door, and comfortable surface.

                      • Does a Mutt Bike Trailer Need a Suspension?

                      It depends. A trailer with no suspension will do fine on smooth roads. However, if you often go biking on rough terrains, suspension will ensure your furry friend is still comfortable.

                      • Are Trailers for Bicycles Safe?

                      Yes, they are generally safe as they don’t tip over easily, even when the bike falls. Plus, if it were to tip over, the distance is relatively shorter than falling from a bike seat.

                      • How Much Weight Can a Bike Trailer Carry?

                      Different trailers accommodate different weights. Usually, this information is given in the product’s description.

                      Our Verdict and Final Recommendations

                      While trailers are safe, it’s essential that you take additional measures for your animal and yourself. To ensure high safety for your furry pal, especially when you’re cycling for long or high-volume roads, get yourself a pet helmet go along with your cart. Also, go the extra mile by installing a visible flag on your trailer (if it’s not sold with one) so that motorists and other cyclists can see it from a distance. 

                      Now, these ten top dog trailers offer the best selection you can purchase today. Burley Design’s tail wagon is our number one pick because it provides everything you’ll ever require in a cart/stroller. These include a long-lasting mesh on all four sides for ventilation, spacious and comfortable interior, contractible design, and all-weather coverage. Rage Powersports carrier is another alternative and our second pick. You may also choose from eight other options reviewed here. Go on and buy the perfect cart/stroller for your dog. 


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