Best Dog Houses (Top 5 Incredible Options of 2020)

Best Dog Houses (Top 11 Incredible Options of 2019)

What do you do when your dog loves going outside more than anything, but you worry about them being exposed to the elements?

You buy a dog house!

A need to keep your dog safe and comfy is of utmost importance for pet lovers. The many choices available for purchase, however, makes it hard for many to come up with a decent buy. Items differ in quality and cost. Genuine reviews aim at providing you with detailed information on the best product you need to consider for a successful purchase.

Unlike other dog houses, outdoor kennels need to protect your pet from extreme weather conditions. They need to be roofed for protection against rain and scorching sunlight. Outdoor dog houses should be well-ventilated for sufficient airflow. They ought to be well-raised from the ground to ensure the cage doesn’t flood due to a heavy downpour.

That said, the best item overall is the Suncast dog house. It is perfectly built to withstand wild outdoor conditions. It is stylish, sturdy, easy to assemble, and insulated. The item’s cost is unbeatable. It is ventilated and weatherproof; thus, a perfect choice many can easily afford.

Dog houses are a great way to give your dog their own special home in your outdoor space where they can relax, sleep, and find shelter from the rain, sun, or wind. While some dogs are indoor only dogs, other dogs spend just as much time outdoors as indoors, so having a dog house is key to keeping them safe.

Choose a dog house that is big enough that your dog can go inside, turn around, and lie down. Don’t choose anything too big for their size or they may start to go to the bathroom inside! 

Here are some of the best dog houses from the market; find your perfect match!

Suncast Outdoor Dog House
      Firstrax Petnation Port-A-Crate E Series Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home
        Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Furnace
          ASL Solutions Dog Palace
            Giantex Plastic Dog House
              Tang Kula Dog House
                Trixie Dog Club House
                  Precision Pet Products Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House
                    Pet Zone Cozy Cottage Dog House
                      Suncast DH350 Deluxe Dog House

                        Factors to Consider When Buying Outdoor Dog Houses

                        Below is a list of features to consider when making a dog house purchase. When you put these factors into consideration, you are assured of making a purchase that lives beyond expectations.

                        • Cost

                        Budget restrictions make many people miss on high quality products as those retailing at low prices at times do not meet expectations. This, however, doesn’t mean that all expensive products are of high quality. All it means is you should consider buying the best item at a reasonable price so as to get a great value for money.

                        • Sturdiness

                        Kennel's strength affects its durability. Ensure you buy a cage that doesn’t get destroyed easily by wind or restless pets.

                        • Ventilation

                        Good dog houses for sale need to be perfectly ventilated for sufficient airflow. Vents help in keeping the cage cool during the summer. They also ensure the cage is free of bad odor resulting from dump conditions. The vents need to be ideally made in such a way they won’t allow water in when it rains.

                        • Insulation

                        This is an important factor to consider, especially when you need the cage for winter protection. Insulated dog houses retain enough warmth to keep your pet comfortable at no extra costs.

                        • Ease of assembly

                        Most of the items under review do not require tools to put together. This eases your cage set up, and you can use it immediately after purchase. For those cages that require extra assembly, make sure the seller sends a manual and all hardware needed for the setup. Otherwise, you may end up buying a kennel of limited or no importance after assembling it wrongly.

                        • Elevation

                        Ensure the dog house for sale is perfectly raised off the ground. Elevation is essential as the space between the cage and floor acts as an insulation and keeps the kennel warm. The raised surface ensures the floor doesn’t get into contact with the ground and thus prevents rotting. It likewise keeps the floor dry as water runoff won’t find its way into the house.

                        Other factors to consider include size, comfort, and entry point presence. Ensure the cage size and doors are ample for your pet’s access.

                        Top 7 Dog Houses Reviews from an Expert’s Point of View

                        Most people depend on reviews to get a glimpse of how a given item is poised to meet their expectations. However, not all reviews are genuinely or comprehensively thought of, and this makes purchasing harder. It is, therefore, crucial to have a site you can always count on in matters item depictions.

                        But having actively and personally interacted with the products under review, I can assure you of getting nothing but the best here. All items are categorized, including; best item, our pick, and the best value for money. So read them and pick the item to match your demands.

                        1. Suncast Outdoor Dog House – Ideal for Backyards

                        Top of my selections is the Suncast dog cage. It is perfectly built to withstand wild outdoor conditions. This large dog house measures 35 by 27 by 29.5 inches. To be specific, consider the cage if your dog weighs not more than 70 pounds.

                        When it comes to item’s assembly, a great deal of this has been done by the manufacturer. You only need to put a few items together and have the cage ready for use in less than 5 minutes. The removable roof available is poised at easing the kennel cleaning process. It likewise protects the pet from rain and scorching sunlight.

                        The product is elegantly made for use in the backyard or any other place in the compound. It adds the glitter that’s missing in the compound. The strong material making the cage happens to be the main reason you need to buy the item. I can hardly think of any other strongly built kennel.

                        Your pet’s access necessity is eased thorough the fitted 11.75 by the 20.5-inch door. A need to keep the cage aerated is crucial, and the perfectly made vents have all your concerns met. The item’s cost is unbeatable and worth every penny used. I highly recommend you buy it.

                        2. INDIGO W/MICROBAN – Extra Large Dog Houses

                        Here’s my top pick! The kennel is uniquely designed, affordable, and extra-large. A look at the item relieves all your pet’s comfort concerns, and the only issue left to check on is durability and quality. The worries, however, are relieved once you learn that you are buying from Petmate manufacturers. A leading producer with over 50 years of experience in delivering unique and high quality pet products.

                        That said, let’s look at the unique features making the item. To start with, the cage keeps your pet insulated irrespective of the season. It is a unique model that’s cool in the summer and warm in winter. It is extra-large measuring 43.8 by 34 by 25.8 inches, and space is more than enough for large breeds weighing about 90 to 120 pounds.

                        There’s an extended offset door that keeps the pet shielded from rain and wind. The perfectly made vents on the cage roof enable sufficient airflow in the kennel. The vents are made in a way that water from the rain won’t reach your pet. But that’s not all, as the dog house is raised from the ground to keep it dry and free of floods.

                        It is protected from bad odor and stain. The seller is giving loads of gifts, including a carrier for your conveyance ease. The kennel is eco-friendly, and there’s a chance to customize it to optimal coziness as per your wish. I have to be honest and say that the cage is for those willing to spend big.

                        The cost is a bit high, though it is a true reflection of the item’s quality and coziness. With the cage, cost befits quality. I profoundly recommend you purchase it as it is worth every penny spent. A choice on the kennel is non-regrettable. That’s why I have confidently selected it as Our Top Pick.

                        The cage is perfectly suited for indoor use. It is lightweight and provides ample accommodation for medium-sized dogs weighing about 70 pounds. The kennel measures 36 by 25 by 25 inches. Your storage and conveyance needs have been met beyond expectations as the enclosure folds for easy storage.

                        Besides indoor use, you can easily have the cage in your vehicle as it is stylish for the occasion. The cost makes you doubt the quality and item’s sturdiness. However, that shouldn’t worry you as the fabric cover provides for a shield against wind and rain. There’s a tough and high quality wireframe making the cage.

                        Assembly is in a whiz as you require no tools for the same. Cleaning the Petnation indoor dog house takes the least of your time as it is made of waterproof cover. The cover is removable, and this presents you with a chance to clean it the same way as your laundry. 

                        You can easily customize the cage through the use of Petmate's recommended beds or other items fitting your budget. The product has over 5000 reviews, which reflects the extent to which buyers are satisfied upon purchase.

                        The only con in the item is the way you can only use it for crate trained dogs. All in all, the reasonable cost, unique design, ease of use, and comfort makes me highly recommend the item for purchase. You can rest assured of zero regrets upon purchasing the product.

                        4. Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Furnace – For a Heated Dog House

                        The product is essential in keeping your dog house warm during the cold seasons. It retails at an affordable cost and effective for medium-size house use. You can comfortably and effectively apply it on large dog houses up to 75 cubic feet.

                        The Akoma dog house heater is highly reliable. However, a need to insulate your cage to perfection is vital so that the generated heat doesn’t get lost to the surroundings. Likewise, ensure the cage has a closing door or window before considering to use the heater. The device is 300 watts, and this makes it have a lasting effect.

                        The dog house heater automatically shuts down upon reaching 210F. It is made of coated steel to prevent burning the pet when they get in contact. The coating, however, doesn’t seem enough for complete protection from burns. It is advisable to make a wooden barrier that keeps the lower half of the device out of dog reach.

                        That said, the tool is easy to put in place. You only need to drill a hole through the cage’s wall. Feed the cord through the opening. Mount the device using the given mounting plate. Set the heater and plugin. That’s all!

                        With the heater, there are no cord entanglement problems. The seller is giving a 1-year limited warranty. It is a great choice that’s completely worth the value.

                        5. ASL Solutions Dog Palace – Insulated Dog House

                        The cage is perfectly insulated for optimal coziness. It contains up to 4 inches of real foam insulation, making it ideal for your pet’s habitation. Besides that, the kennel is 4 inches off the ground to keep it dry and flood-free. Raising the cage also provides warmer beddings for your pet.

                        Doors are ideally made for your pet’s ease of access. They are well insulated, and they are self-closing. The fitted windows are also made in such a way they open for ample ventilation during the summer and seal during the winter for protection against cold. Windows repositioning happens without a need to use any tool.

                        The cage is slanted for easy cleaning. There’s a hole on the slant edge that will drain the running water in a whiz. The cost is moderate, and this makes the cage ideal for purchase. It is warm, made of high quality material, but less sturdy. All in all, it is a perfect choice if for small and medium-sized dogs.

                        6. ​Giantex Plastic Dog House - Extra Large Dog House

                        The cage is spacious for optimal comfort. It measures 41.3 by 38 by 38.8 inches, weighing about 30.9 pounds. It has ample entry space that measures 12 by 24.4 inches. The entry is open, with no closing or flapping door.

                        The item’s trading point is its large space. I have used it once to accommodate two of my dogs, and they perfectly fit in the kennel. It is also available at an affordable price, unlike other extra large dog cages.

                        It is lightweight and made of plastic. Assembly issues should not concern you at all as the cage is super easy to put together. The large door and the cage’s height are all to your pet’s advantage. However, the kennel disappoints in several ways.

                        The material making the cage is of low quality, and it can easily break during shipping. The pen lacks insulation for shielding against extreme night conditions. There are likewise so many cracks in the plastic joining points that make the cage a bit cold during the night.

                        The floor is made of light plastics that may, at times, fail to support your pet’s weight. This results in frequent breakages and destruction. I would recommend the item for purchase, but there are many better products at the cost. I recommend the manufacturer to improve on the item’s quality and sturdiness, and upon the next test, it might pass the approval test.

                        Defined by simplicity and stylish design, the Tangkula large and small dog house is a beauty in everyone’s compound. It is made of natural wood with red paint. It is sturdy and warm, making it a perfect sanctuary for your pet. The cage is raised from the ground to ensure it stays dry. The heels raising the kennel can be easily adjusted to fit in unlevelled grounds.

                        It is ideal for small and medium dogs, which comes as a blow to those with large dog breeds. The item retails at an affordable cost, and this adds to the reasons you should consider purchasing it. It is secure for your pet as it offers a complete shield from wind and rain.

                        The cage requires assembly, and the manufacturer has done the best to see that you do not get stuck in the process. All you need for construction has been readily provided. Besides that, a manual is in provision for swift assembly. Shipping is fast and efficient, with the item conveyed as described.

                        When it comes to cleaning, your worries are solved to your satisfaction. The cage is made in such a way that the floor is removable, thus solving all you’re cleaning concerns. There’s likewise an option to customize the pen as per your wish.

                        The product cuts in as a top choice to purchase. The item’s main selling point is its high quality, sturdiness, and durability. It is made to withstand the extreme outdoor conditions while keeping your pet warm and cool as per the season’s demands.

                        The final dog house I’d like to introduce today is the Trixie Dog Club House, which is one of the best dog houses for large dogs thanks to the huge sizes available in this style.

                        The design of this large house is great for dealing with elements. The off-center door prevents wind and rain from getting inside, and gives your dog a dry area to lay in at all times. The weatherproof finish does a great job of keeping out wind, rain, and drafts as well.

                        The roof is also very unique. It’s made in two sections which can be propped up for ventilation in hot summer months. This feature also makes it super easy to clean the dog house!

                        A paradise for large dogs who like spending time outside, the Trixie Dog Club House is a fantastic option for many pet owners.

                        This can easily be considered the best outdoor dog house for its great design, good-looking exterior, and durability. 

                        The house features a raised floor which keeps your pet dry and cool, and the roof of the house is made of asphalt. Additionally, there’s a durable weather-resistant liner inside the roof as well, which will prevent inclement weather from affecting your dog while they’re inside.

                        One of the most loved features of this house is its self-leveling, water-resistant plastic feet. These feet self-adjust to keep the house level, so you can even put the house on slightly uneven ground without any problems.

                        The Pet Zone Cozy Cottage Dog House is the best-insulated dog house we could find on the market today. While it isn’t as insulated as a human house, this house will do a great job of keeping your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

                        Additionally, the house is made to look good and last for many years. The vents and roof can be adjusted for ventilation and cleaning purposes. The color on the outside is UV resistant so that it won’t fade too quickly.

                        If you want an insulated dog house that will look cute in the yard for years to come, try the Cozy Cottage!

                        The Suncast DH350 Deluxe Dog House is an incredibly detailed and effective dog house made for areas where there isn’t a lot of snow or wind. The plastic isn’t thick enough to withstand very strong winds, but it can be great for sheltering dogs from rain and sun.

                        This particular dog house is very lightweight and easy to assemble, making it a good option for those who are looking for a temporary or easy-to-use dog house for their lovely pet.

                        A nice touch on this dog house is the inner channel that will collect any liquid your pet brings in for easy cleanup purposes. Your pet won't get wet inside of this dog house!

                        Frequently Asked Questions

                        Having reviewed the best house dogs can comfortably live in, I find it essential to run through some of the questions many buyers have concerning the products.

                        • How do you keep outside dogs warm in the winter?

                        There are several ways of ensuring your dog isn’t severely affected by the extreme winter conditions. First, you need to understand your breed. This will enable you to learn to an extent the pet can shield themselves from the cold. You should likewise provide insulated shelter for your pet.

                        In case the conditions worsen, and the shelter isn’t warm enough, you can use a kennel heater. Also, ensure the dog house is perfectly raised off the ground, and use thick beddings for optimal heat retention.

                        • Should a dog house be off the ground?

                        Yes, a dog house ought to be raised a few inches off the ground. This results in the creation of a space that insulates the kennel and prevents water from getting in, thus keeping it dry. Likewise, this helps prevent the floor from rotting.


                        Your doghouse doesn’t have to be a place where your dog can live 24/7, but it should somewhere that they can safely take shelter while outside. This type of shelter is important for a dog’s bodily and mental well being, so take this need seriously.

                        If you want something more luxurious, try one of these:

                        Remember that while many dog houses do not have insulation, the best dog houses offer enough removal from elements like wind, rain, and sun to be a significant improvement over having no dog house at all.

                        As I conclude my comprehensive outdoor dog house reviews, I hope you are now in a better position to pick the right item for your budget. Remember the inevitability of considering the item’s ease of assembly, ventilation, insulation, and elevation before making a purchase. A kennel’s durability and sturdiness should also be a consideration.

                        After detailed reviews, the Suncast dog house has emerged top of my selection, and it is the best item overall. It is perfectly built to withstand the wild outdoor conditions while keeping your pet warm or cool as per the weather requirements.

                        It is stylish, sturdy, easy to assemble, and insulated. The item’s cost is unbeatable. It is ventilated and weatherproof, making it the ideal choice for anyone’s budget. I highly recommend you buy the item. All the other items are likewise the best each category they feature. Depending on your needs, they are the ideal choice for you.

                        All I can assure you is you won’t regret it if you pick from the products under review. I now leave you to select the best outdoor dog house of your choice. In case you have any queries on the item’s quality, durability, or efficiency, kindly comment and get the required assistance in no time.

                        More Dog Houses

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                        • Quick assembly takes only seconds
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                        • Material - Recycled Materials
                        • No tools required for assembly
                        • Brand Name - MidWest
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                        • Built-in drainage system 
                        • Brand Name - DP Hunter
                        • Size - L
                        • Material - Plastic
                        • Raised flooring with drainage system
                        • Brand Name - Dog Palace
                        • Size - L
                        • Material - Plastic
                        • Fully-insulated construction
                        • Brand Name - CRB Palace
                        • Size - XL
                        • Material - 
                        • Fully-insulated construction includes 2 to 4 inches of insulation in sides, roof, floor and door

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