Owning a dog is an amazing experience. At one point, however, your best friend gets down on their luck and cannot be independent. Whether it is because of injury, old age or they are just from a recent procedure at the vet and some time to heal; your dog will need a dog stroller.  This can be a bummer, now you can’t play fetch anymore, or go for that nice therapeutic walk anymore. What’s the next best thing? Dog strollers! It will be a little odd to adjust to the whole idea, but dog strollers are a nice middle ground that will give you and your best friend the quality time you both deserve.

There is an absolutly best dog stroller. It's lightweight for it's size and all-terrain dog carriage will spoil any sized dog up to 110 pounds.

The change will have its challenges to go with it. The majority of all these challenges can be avoided easily if you make the right choice of pet stroller to use. Pet strollers are similar to baby strollers in many ways, but these are meant for pets that for one reason or the other have become incapacitated. To help you make this crucial decision, this article will explain in detail all the things you should consider when making your decision. The article also includes a recommendation of the best pet stroller as well as other doggie strollers that you can buy.

What to Look For When Buying a Pet Stroller

You may want to give this your best shot, so let me give you some pointers to help you as you go out on your hunt for the best pet strollers. These are only a guide that will form the fundamental must-haves for you to consider buying a stroller. These factors are size and space, safety and weather protection, wheel size, ease of storage and utility.

Size and space

Size does matter. Your pet should not feel caged or claustrophobic when in the stroller. Understand the size of a dog that you own and make sure you get a stroller that will give enough headroom and space for your dog to lie down and relax. It is like buying a car. Some strollers are adequate for two or more dogs, while others can only carry one at a time. If you want more than one dog in a carriage, get one that is made for this. Consider what height of stroller you would be comfortable pushing around too.

Safety and weather protection

The safety of your pet is of utmost importance; the stroller you pick should be safe and offer some degree of protection from the elements for your pet. If you live somewhere that gets too hot, consider getting a stroller with a shade. Get a stroller that offers the necessary kind of support that your pet may require being comfortable and well secured within the carriage.

Where do you intend to use the stroller?

The answer to that question matters because the size of wheels on your stroller determines the degree of difficulty encountered while using the stroller. If you pick one with tiny wheels you will have a tough time going over a rocky surface.

Ease of storage and assembly

Whenever the stroller is not in use, it is convenient to be able to easily take it apart, clean up and put everything away nicely. The easier it is to take the pet stroller apart, the easier it will store it. Make sure to understand the storage options you have for the one you choose.

Utility and reparability

If you require a stroller for a short period, you may want to check out the utility of the stroller you buy. Consider one that can double up as a bike trailer or a kennel. The easier it is to repair or replace parts, the better.

The Top 11 Best Dog Strollers

We have already seen the best dog stroller at the beginning of this article. The next part is a similar objective analysis of the best dog strollers on Amazon, complete with pros and cons following the criteria of things to look for when choosing a stroller. The section is divided according to dog size and the number of dogs a stroller can carry.

DoggyRide Novel
    Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller
      Ibiyaya Double Dog Stroller
        TOGfit Pet Roadster
          HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Pet Stroller
            Gen7 Pet Jogger Stroller for Dogs and Cats
              Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage 3 Wheels Stroller T13
                Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller
                  ibiyaya 4 Wheel Double Pet Stroller
                    Petique All Terrain Jogger-Sailboat Pet Stroller
                      Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller

                        Large Dog Stroller Options

                        You may have a large breed of dog and for that, you may have to consider space and strength of frame a little more than other factors. Here are some of the best picks.

                        Best Overall - DoggyRide Novel

                        At the summit, above all other dog strollers, is this one, the DoggyRide Novel dog stroller. DoggyRide outdoes themselves very often with excellent products and even better customer service. This is a good looking and very spacious large dog stroller. It can comfortably fit a dog that weighs up to 110 pounds. The stroller looks like a 90-degree arc sitting on two rear wheels and one front wheel. The two large rear wheels have aluminium spokes and offer plenty of support for the weight of your dog and will easily cover any terrain. Being a large doggy stroller, it is uncanny just how light and easy to steer it is.

                        The stroller offers a variety of wonderful features. The best one is the ease of removing the wheels on them. It is a simple mechanism that allows you to easily take them off to clean or to store the stroller when it is not in use. The front wheel is reliable for its size; you can get an all-metal front wheel to replace the original one so that it lasts even longer than it already can. It has a nicely padded handle so you can push it for a while with ease. The best part is that the stroller allows you to either have your dog fully zipped on or they can stick their head out with it open. The back has a pocket for you to carry your water on your stroll. I find it most useful for carrying keys when wearing something that does not have adequate pockets of space. This stroller will give you the best bang for your buck.

                        • Very spacious
                        • Lightweight aluminium alloy
                        • Large all-terrain wheels
                        • Easy storage and assembly
                        • Weather protection
                        • Easy to repair in case of damage
                        • The front-wheel can get damaged after some use

                        The Pet Gear No-zip stroller is a zipper-free design that is intended to make ingress and exit from the stroller as easy as possible. The frame is made from strong metal alloy and it can carry large dogs weighing up to 170 pounds with ease. It offers clear side netting to allow a panoramic view from inside of the carriage as well as allowing enough light in. The carriage itself opens with a button from the front or back and is just as easily packed with a single fold. The handle is a great design complete with a cup holder. On the bottom of the stroller is a little compartment where you can carry your stuff for the walk.

                        It has very large 12-inch wheels which will get you anywhere. Wheel versatility allows you to go jogging pretty comfortably with this stroller. The front and back openings on the stroller mean you do not have to supervise awkward turns in the stroller. A feature that outlines the ingenuity of Pet Gear is the thought they put into how easy it should be to clean this up. Clean up is super easy.

                        • Easy to clean up after use
                        • Simple storage
                        • Excellent design
                        • Huge wheels
                        • Might be a tight fit for some large dogs

                        The ibiyaya double dog stroller is a brilliant invention that can double up as a large pet stroller. It can support up to 77 pounds. The stroller has a fantastic removable basket that lines the inside of it for the best cleaning experience. You simply slide it off, wash and put it back in and you are all set again. The wheels are a little smaller than those of the first two dog strollers on our list but they can get the job done. If you want to go outside somewhere rocky or with snow then this might be a problem. The stroller opens up at both the front and back and this allows you to play with your pet as you take in the sights and sounds around you. If you want to fully cover them up you can and the inside has plenty of space for one pet to nap or two to sit.

                        You can take this apart and throw it in the back of your sedan pretty easily, carrying it around will not be a hustle. The best safety feature is the brakes on the rear wheels that will enable you to stop the carriage in place, you know, in case you have to go into a story where they are not allowed in or you want to load something else in the carriage space underneath it. A bonus is the detachable cup holders you get with the stroller.

                        • Large interior
                        • Sturdy frame
                        • Easy storage
                        • Great safety features
                        • Small wheels

                        The Best Dog Strollers for Medium Dogs

                        The next size of dog strollers I will show you consists of the best of the medium size range. These are for dogs that weigh less than 70 pounds or much younger pups for large dogs. 

                        Your dog carriage does not need to be the exact size as your dog, it should never be smaller than it either. The handle height is also just as important for your back. This is the best dog strollers for medium dogs because it offers an adjustable handle height. The carriage itself is a canopy that can open up fully with zippers to allow your pet take in the surrounding. The same can also shield your pets from the elements when they are asleep.

                        This also makes a brilliant stroller for most terrains with the large 12-inch rear wheels and the single front wheel which has a diameter only an inch smaller. These are EVA wheels are will last a sufficient amount of time. The fold does not help a whole lot with storage but the safety of the steel frame and shielded canopy make up for it.

                        • Easy assembly
                        • Sturdy frame
                        • Weather protection
                        • Quality materials
                        • Bulky storage

                        Small Dog Strollers and Puppy Stroller

                        A puppy stroller should be smaller than a stroller for the adult of the same breed. These are our picks for the best puppy stroller you can buy.

                        The HPZ Pet Rover is like a mini-cruiser for your pet, yes, it is that good. The incredible suspension system more than makes up for the small wheels on this thing. It boasts a sturdy frame that will easily support the weight of your dog. These are meant for varying sizes and they have some of the best small dog strollers. The zipperless design allows longer lifetime. The canopy of the carriage allows easy view of the terrain ahead from a laid down position or when your dog sits up. Your pet is well protected with the canopy from the elements and the handle can be extended up to whatever height you need.

                        Storage is an easy fold for this and will not be a big deal a lot of the time. It is also a pretty straight forward assembly. A stunningly different design for a stroller, the suspension system sets it apart from all its competitors. This can be a very nice puppies stroller or for cats too.

                        • Easy and quick assembly
                        • Small form factor storage
                        • Spacious interior
                        • Great weather protection
                        • Canopy sides tear easily

                        Gen7 Pet strollers are meant to make your life of fitness a lot easier. You can go out for your daily run with a stroller in tow. They are great for runs because of the large wheels that can go over any terrain easily. You will also have a breeze with the lightweight frame holding it all in place. The carriage of it has a red and black design which has a wide net opening at the front for your pets to take it the view. There is a cup holder and the handle height is adjustable, easy folding form for storage, checks all the boxes. The only downside you can expect is if your pet decides to scratch the red parts which are a lot more fragile than they look.

                        It is spacious and can fit more than one small dog inside. The pets can be dropped in from the front or back with a zipped tray at the bottom for you to carry everything else you may need on your walk.

                        • Lightweight frame
                        • Spacious interior
                        • Great weather protection
                        • Fragile material on parts of the canopy

                        This stroller is the best budget option stroller on our list. It has a nice tent-like design. The amazing protection from the elements with a waterproof mesh design allows you to easily walk through light showers knowing well your pet is safe. It also offers a nice view while also shielding from the elements. It is easy for your pet to fall over if you are in an uneven environment and this should be a good reason to put in a safety belt for your dog. It has nice wheels that will last you a while and will not get punctures or require repairs. Given how high this goes, it is understandable that the centre of gravity is high as well so this will be very imbalanced if you use it with a larger pet.

                        • Easy foldable storage
                        • Sturdy frame
                        • Spacious interior
                        • Imbalanced over uneven surfaces

                        Top Picks for Your Next Double Dog Stroller

                        Another category of strollers is a double dog stroller. Now there are multiple strollers in the list above that will do for this function, but the next two were meant to be double-dog strollers.

                        Best Double Dog Stroller - Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller

                        Pet Gear is back on our list again, this time with a nice and rugged design for a very strong double dog stroller. This has four wheels, two at the back and two more at the front. The front wheels are closer together. It is easy to see why it is for two dogs by the size, it is very spacious with all wheels coming in at 12 inches diameter. Zipperless design means a longer lifetime for the stroller without any broken zip headaches to deal with. It is a nice canopy design that allows your fur friends to enjoy the front view. It has a nice carriage underneath for anything you might want to carry. It can be collapsed into a more compact form for easy storage or transportation. All parts can easily be replaced by Pet Gear in case of any damages.

                        • Spacious interior
                        • Strong aluminium frame
                        • All-weather protection
                        • Easy assembly and storage
                        • Wobbly front wheels when not locked straight

                        Ibiyaya makes this list yet again as well, this time with a very stylish entry. Their double pet stroller is a sight to behold. It has two separate carriage spaces, one on top of the other. The lower one is a lot larger and can accommodate a larger dog and a smaller one at the top. The whole design is meant for function, not comfort and will allow a pet some degree of movement, just not a full turn. The stroller has six wheels, two on either side at the front and two at the back. This is meant to support all the weight of two pets. The two spaces are safe for all weather conditions as your pet can be closed in or out in the open. Storage is simple with an easy fold mechanism that just as easily unfolds. You can use the upper compartment as a trolley for your stuff if you do not have two pets.

                        • Easy storage
                        • Utilitarian design
                        • Long-lasting wheels
                        • Issues with front wheels proper jamming after frequent use

                        Choosing a Pet Jogging Stroller

                        If you are a fitness enthusiast or you want to start working out and do not want to leave your dog in the house. You can always go for your run with it. Here is how.

                        The defining characteristic for a pet jogging stroller is the wheels. The wheels should be able to handle wherever you go running. That is exactly stainless steel spoke wheels do. They are large and very strong. The three, two at the back and a front swiveling wheel, support a large canopy carriage that has a 180-degree view of the surrounding facing forward. It is zipped for increased safety. The zipper is an issue for many people as zippers tend to break easily. Storage and assembly are simple and is well explained in the manual it ships with. As much as the wheels are great and you have to remember the health of your pet before you go jogging with them. Keep this in mind when you go for your next run with the stroller.

                        • Easy storage
                        • All-terrain wheels
                        • Spacious weather-protected interior
                        • Rigid suspension makes ride bumpy while jogging

                        BONUS! Best 2-in-1 Pet Stroller

                        This stroller can be adapted to serve many functions; it can be a stroller or a trailer for your bike for example.

                        This stroller has great wheels that go over rough terrain with ease. You can fold it up and leave in a moment's notice while still being strong and lightweight. The roll-up cover on the front will allow you to let your dog get as much fresh air as you do on the run or keep it shielded from all the elements. It has a spacious canopy for the comfort of your furry friend.

                        • Utilitarian design
                        • Spacious interior
                        • Easy storage
                        • Large wheels
                        • The support bar is ill-fitting in some shipping instances

                        Reasons to Get a Pet Stroller

                        There are several very valid reasons for your pet to be incapacitated. In case of an injury, your pet may need some time to recuperate and heal. A pet stroller is a perfect workaround for this situation. It is also a great help for aging dogs to still move around and get out of the house for some sightseeing even when they can no longer keep up with you. Your pet may be too small to take for a walk or a run and a stroller is the best fit for this situation.

                        Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Strollers

                        Are dog strollers allowed in stores?

                        This is entirely dependent on the store you are going to and the owners of the place. Be sure to check online or for a sign at the store that deters you from the same, if there is none you are all good.

                        Why do dogs need strollers?

                        Dogs may need strollers for several reasons, they may be sick, aging or are simply too small to walk with. It is also required when they are healing after an operation for medical reasons or otherwise.

                        How do I get my dog used to a stroller?

                        Start by finding a comfortable stroller that will not make your dog nervous to be in. The bigger the better and then simply put him in there when they are relaxed.

                        Final Take on the Best Dog Stroller

                        The ends define the means. You have to understand what you are trying to achieve with the stroller before you know what to look for or the criteria to use to pick the stroller you want. Before you buy any stroller, be sure to check out the reviews it has received. Focus especially on the negative reviews so that you know what to expect in the worst-case scenarios for the various products you want to buy. If you have any new or additional information about the reviews made above, please tell us about it in the comments below.

                        More Dog Strollers

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                        • Brand Name - ibiyaya
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                        • Features - Canopy can be positioned various ways to maximize shelter, shade and visibility
                        • Brand Name - Pet Gear
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                        • Features - Fixed front while allows for 360-degree swivel
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                        • Brand Name - Gen7Pets
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                        • Material - Rubber, Aluminum, Mesh, Polyester
                        • Features - Top Load, Rolling, Interior Tether

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