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The Best Gifts for Dog Lovers in 2020

Happy Dog In Elk Ears

Are you one of the people who struggle with finding the perfect gifts for dog owners? No need to worry; you are not the only one. Many people find it hard to express their affection through gifts, especially if your friends are dog owners. With a wide range of available options for gifts for dog lovers, below is a comprehensive buyer’s guide and buyer’s that answers all the questions you may have.

susquehanna glass love paw stemless

In case the dog owners love the more beautiful things in life, then they will appreciate the gifts of products for dog lovers with the Susquehanna Glass Love Paw wine glass that comes in a set of four. The gifts are a stemless glass tumbler that features an engraved paw design with artistic carvings with centuries steeped in the American tradition. It is a guarantee that most dog owners would love these gifts.

Comparison Table

Susquehanna Glass Love Paw Stemless Wine Glass
Susquehanna Glass Love Paw Stemless Wine Glass
    Pet Shop by Fringe Studio Tiny Heart Ceramic Tray
    Pet Shop by Fringe Studio Tiny Heart Ceramic Tray
      JJMax Animal Prints Unisex Socks, Pack of 4
      JJMax Animal Prints Unisex Socks, Pack of 4
        Pet Friends Paw Hoop Earrings
        Pet Friends Paw Hoop Earrings
          Primitives By Kathy Zoo in Here
          Primitives By Kathy Zoo in Here
            Dog Mom Coffee Mug
            Dog Mom Coffee Mug
              The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Happy Birthday Pup-PIE Dog Treat
              The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Happy Birthday Pup-PIE Dog Treat
                Entryways Wipe Your Paws
                Entryways Wipe Your Paws
                  Malden International Designs Wag More, Bark Less Wood Box Sign
                  Malden International Designs Wag More, Bark Less Wood Box Sign

                    What Kind of Dog Owners Are Your Friends?

                    There are different categories of dog lover gifts around the world. For each type of dog owner, there are appropriate dog themed gifts. Here are some categories of existing dog lovers and the best gift: 

                    Pocket dog owners

                    Some dog owners like walking with their dogs tucked by their side. This type of dog owners like gifts such as accessories. These gifts are simple to keep with them throughout their adventures. Dog carrier gifts can make a difference in the world of the dog owners.

                    Outdoor type of guy

                    Other dog owner’s enthusiasts prefer performing outdoor activities with their dogs. Hence, the perfect gifts are the ones they can use during their outdoor activities. Treats for dog owners could keep their dogs busy and active throughout the day.

                    World traveler

                    Other dog owners love traveling with their dogs in their crates. For this kind of dog owner, gifts such as mugs act as reminders while on a journey.

                    Indoor type

                    There are dog owners who love spending most of their time indoors with their dogs. For this type of dog owner, a doormat is high-value gifts since it resonates close to home. Dog-infused throw pillow gifts can also do the trick.

                    Tips on Choosing the Right Gifts for a Dog Owner

                    Is your dog owner crazy over their fur babies? Is he the type of dog owner who would go all out to show love? Well, this makes the process of presenting a gift to them a bit more complicated. Follow these steps of dog lovers gifts to ensure you have the best gift that will do down in their memories.

                    Make It Personal for the Dog Owners

                    Dog themed gift shows the thought process you took in thinking of the gift and how it suits your friend. Remember all the struggles they go through with their pet. Dog owners deserve a personalized gift.

                    Go for Engravings with Dog Owner

                    Engravings are a unique way of capturing the real essence of the gift given to dog owners. You can go ahead and buy a gift that has carvings of their love for their furry friend. For example, a mug with markings showing their love of the pet.

                    Understand the Lifestyle of Dog Owner

                    Take time to understand the lifestyle of your friends from waking up to getting to bed. There are an outdoor enthusiast and an indoor dog owner. Understanding the nature of dog owners helps in understanding the perfect gift.

                    Think Safety Gift by Dog Owner

                    You should think carefully about the gift before making a step to purchase it. Dog owners are afraid of putting their pets in danger. Therefore, if you opt for dog treats, ensure the pet is fine with the ingredients constituting the gift.

                    Top Rated Gifts for Dog Owners

                    Dog owners have a number of gifts that can put a smile on the face of your friend. The options are endless and depend on the nature of the relation between your friend and the furry friend. Below is a list of preferred stuff for dog lovers:

                    susquehanna glass love paw stemless

                    Product Information

                    Brand Name - Susquehanna Glass

                    Material - Glass

                    Capacity - 21 Oz

                    Price - $$$

                    This wine glass is the perfect addition for cold beverages ranging from water, coffee, wine, or juice. It also has a simple clean-up process, which only involves placing them in a dishwasher. It is a go-to multipurpose glass that makes for an excellent gift for dog lovers.

                    Imagine having a different set of glasses for each function? It can be frustrating. However, the Susquehanna wine glass makes for various purposes for parties and home. The make captures through the edged design in the glass.

                    Most dog owners are conscious of the elements of glass, which could be detrimental to the environment and even the health of their dogs. However, with this set of a wine glass, it has been perfectly sandblasted by skilled artisans to ensure there is no exhibition of dye or lead particles.

                    As a conscious homeowner, stains makes for a whole lot of cleaning. Staining your utensils makes for harder cleaning experience. The wine glass craft can sustain any spills or stains when pouring cold beverages. Hence, you can pour your cocktail, juice, or coffee without the worry of creating stains with these gifts.

                    After every use, cleaning glass utensils can be a hassle. Some people worry whether the glass is too brittle to withstand a dishwasher. The product has a dishwasher safe design, which is also stemless to avoid cases of breakages. The product makes for an easy cleaning procedure.

                    • Dishwasher safe;
                    • Sandblasted by artisans;
                    • Stain and spill-free;
                    • Made in USA;
                    • Perfect fo cold beaverage.
                    • Slightly expensive.
                    pet shop by fringe studio fur mama tray

                    Product Information

                    Brand Name - Pet Shop by Fringe Studio

                    Material - Ceramic

                    Size - 2.13 x 2.25 inches

                    Price - $$

                    Any homeowners value the aesthetic value added to their home by relics and souvenirs, which represent the love of other dogs. There is no better way to capture this moment with gifts than through the use of a ceramic tray for home uses.

                    The gifts come with heart-shaped designs that capture the artwork design typeface and cute paw display. The gifts also are covered around with a gold metallic foil. This makes for the perfect home addition décor that adds to the general style of your home.

                    The ceramic tray makes its use next to your light nightstand, coffee table, work desk, or a bookcase. You can also take advantage of the wrapped nature of the gifts, which makes for the perfect gifts for a dog owner.

                    The tray is also highly durable and sturdy. The sturdiness and durability of the gifts come from the use of the ceramic material. The ceramic addition makes for a complete tray with the engravings of the cute paw addition.

                    There are a variety of uses that you can use the tray for. For ladies, the tray can convert to a storage place for rings and other small fashion items. It can also perform the role of a pin holder in your office.

                    • Original artwork
                    • Metallic gold foil addition
                    • Added gift-wrapping box
                    • The only specific disadvantage can be that there is no specific purpose it holds
                    jjmax animal prints unisex socks

                    Product Information

                    Brand Name - JJMax

                    Material - Cotton

                    Size- 5-10

                    Price - $

                    Cat prints have been making waves in the fashion industry. With print dresses making their way to red carpets and fashion runways. It could only take a matter of time before the incorporation into socks for a gift for the dog lover.

                    JJMax has managed to pull off this ergonomic design, which enables you to embrace the inner cat lady. The best part about these gifts is the multipurpose use of the socks, either for a fun, casual, or professional outfit.

                    You can pair off these gifts with a pair of boots while maintaining the same level of comfort and sense of style. The gifts are highly durable with the breathing mashes to ensure your feet protect from foul smell. The materials forming the composition of the socks include 78% cotton, 15% polyester, and 7% nylon.

                    The socks come in a four-pack with four different color settings ranging from Calicos, Russian Blue, Tabby, and Grey Stripped prints. You can pair off the four different prints of gifts with any outfit and maintain a high sense of style.

                    The designing of the gifts have been woven and not only printed with the cat strips. The socks come in vibrant colors to express your love for the cat stripes in part of your outfit. The four packs range from mild to highly dynamic.

                    The best part is that the socks are also machine washer friendly. The cotton addition increases the comfort level for the gifts. You can try out different designs of these gifts while pairing off the four different colors with your preferred feline.

                    • Comes in a four-pack
                    • Attractive design
                    • Comfortable and soft cotton blend
                    • Less durable cotton blend
                    pet friends paw hoop earrings silver

                    Product Information

                    Brand Name - Pet Friends

                    Material - Silver

                    Closure - Click-top

                    Price - $$

                    What’s the perfect way of showing your love for pets than incorporating it into your fashion? With the paw hoop rings, you can precisely perform this. The silver crystal accessory showcases the love for your pets while making a fashion statement in the process.

                    The hoop rings lines with the current trends taking place in the fashion industry. Its craft has a superior design that can stand out when wearing them.

                    The materials used in the manufacture of the gifts include polished Silverstone, which can easily complement any outfit. It is also effortless, and you can wear it when added to the click-top closure.

                    The hoop rings go well in hand with a busy day at the office, strolling down the streets, a weekend out, or even during your dog walks. The sparkle from the polished gifts is enough to capture the attention of other people.

                    The gifts also have a simple cleaning procedure. This involves the use of a dry and clean cloth and wiping the rings gently. Remember to apply less pressure when unhooking to prevent messing the hook-up closure.

                    • Manufactured from polished Silverstone
                    • Highly complimentary with different dressing codes
                    • Highly durable
                    • Less durable click-top closure
                    primitives by kathy pillow

                    Product Information

                    Brand Name - Primitives By Kathy

                    Size - 15 x 4 x 10 inches

                    Material - Cotton, Polyester

                    Price - $$$

                    Imagine laying your head as you head into slumberland with the last thought of your four-legged friend in your mind? This is precisely what the Kathy pillow put in mind during the designing of the home pillow for a dog owner.

                    The pillow is manufactured from cotton and polyester to make it additionally soft when laying your head for a rest. The gifts also have a design feature of plaid stripes, which imprints with the engravings “It’s a Zoo in Here” with big letters.

                    The measurement for the gifts includes 15x10 inches. The pillow has also been vacuum-sealed during shipping to allow for secure storage and added protection. The engravings for the gifts seek to ensure coverage with all the love throughout your night.

                    Apart from the design features, the gifts are also the benefits harnessed from using the pillow. First off, it leads to the enhancement of any room. It also acts as a constant reminder of the importance of the pet in your life.

                    The creativity used in incorporating the aspects of your love for the pet into the throw pillow makes for a perfect gift. The cotton addition makes for a soft companion for handling any resting posture for a dog owner.

                    • Highly durable cotton and polyester material
                    • Added protection with the vacuum-sealed pillow
                    • Creating engraving with the pillow
                    • Not very durable
                    our name is mud dog mom coffee mug

                    Product Information

                    Brand Name - Our Name is Mud

                    Material - Ceramic

                    Size - 16 Ounces

                    Price - $$

                    The thought of sipping your coffee while showing the love of your furry friend can be the best moment captured. Thus, when sending compliments to a dog owner, you should consider the fact that they love a reminder of their love for their dog every morning.

                    The design of the mug is by Lorrie Veasey. It has been engraved with the names “Dog Mom” across the front of the mug. The back of the mug has the engravings “ My Child Had Four Legs and Fur.”

                    In addition, the complete look of the mug features small printed paws of a dog that covers all outside. It also has a ring consisting of black paws prints that nearly cover the outside of the highly-rated mug. With simplicity, it manages to push through the message of love to the furry friend of yours.

                    Moreover, to make for a complete household utensil, the mug is additionally dishwasher safe for the dog owner. It does not stain easily with cold beverages and, therefore, the perfect companion for a dog owner. In case you want to warm up your morning cup of coffee, the mug is also microwave safe.

                    Apart from the adorable purple color design, the mug also has a sturdy and firm look. This is in addition to the perfect shape and size that makes up the mug. Every dog owner can feel the quality of the material once it is in your hands.

                    • Sturdy
                    • Microwave and dishwasher safe
                    • Attractive design
                    • Does not come as a set
                    lazy dog cookie co pup pie dog treat

                    Product Information

                    Brand Name - The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.

                    Weight - 5 ounces

                    Size - 6 x 6 x 1 inches

                    Price - $$

                    Dog years pass by fast, and therefore you need to celebrate each birthday. The best part about treats is that they are highly nutritious. The treats are additionally free of any added additives such as extra sugar, artificial flavors, and sodium.

                    The lazy dog owner cookie treat resembles in the form of a pie from pure ingredients, which, apart from being tasty, are also nutritious. Due to the love for dogs, the products constituting the pie are purely vegan and vegetarian. The treat provides a wholesome, engaging treat to keep your dog engaged.

                    The treats are additionally bite-sized with straw chips with a sturdy texture, thus making for a good option for dogs who like to chew. The small size nature of the treats also makes it easier for treating the dogs. It can also be broken down into small sizes when needed.

                    Since most dog owners are conscious of the diet of their dogs, the treats’ manufacturing does not feature additions of wheat, corn, GMOs, and dairy. The gifts are also tasty, with a whole lot of goodness for celebrating your dog’s big day.

                    The dog owner treats additionally do no feature any added salts. Dog nutritionists advise that sodium leads to increased water intake, thus leading to increased urination based on the amounts fed. The less sodium addition ensures your dog maintains a healthy state even after devouring the treats.

                    • Tasty and nutritious ingredients
                    • Hand-made vegetarian and vegan recipe
                    • Topping of dairy-free coating and multi-colored sesame seeds
                    • The disadvantages can be that it features peanut butter with some dogs highly allergic to it
                    entryways wipe your paws bone shape doormat

                    Product Information

                    Brand Name - Entryways

                    Size - 30 x 18 x 0.5 inches

                    Weight - 4.0 pounds

                    Price - $$$

                    There are many ways of welcoming guests in your home, and a doormat is the best means. A doormat is the first thing that a visitor will notice before entering your home. That is why you need to make a statement with the Entryways’ “Wipe Your Paws” bone-shaped doormat. The mat’s craft suits the taste of dog owners.

                    The mat is slip-resistant to avoid cases of accidents on your porch. There is a small paw imprint design that covers the mat for a pet-friendly showcase. The materials used in the manufacture of the doormat are purely coconut fiber. It has a coat with an anti-slip and PVC backing.

                    Through the long strands of coconut fiber, it makes for a perfect trap for dirt and dust. Your guests can easily wipe clean their shoes before entering your home. It is also soft to ensure you’re the paws of your dog are protected. The mat lastly has been stenciled together with a fade-resistant dye to ensure it serves a lifetime.

                    The design of the gifts features a bone shape that every dog owner would love. The design is also a message to your guests that they are entering a home with a dog. The overall design fits for the perfect gift for a dog owner.

                    • Fade-resistant dye
                    • Long strands of coconut fiber to trap dirt
                    • Anti-slip with PVC barking
                    • Unfortunately, the product is not suitable for wet and cold areas
                    malden international designs wood box sign

                    Product Information

                    Brand Name - Malden International Designs

                    SIze - 6 x 6 x 1.5 inches

                    Material - Engineered Wood

                    Price - $$

                    Accent pieces are gaining popular demand for gifts, especially for elevating the home décor of dog lovers. The work is enhanced, especially with the addition of the “Wag More, Bark Less” wood box sign. The gifts feature a sleek black design with the engraving with the laser dug-out “BARK,” which shows the underneath galvanized material.

                    For adding to the modern design, the wood box is the perfect addition to a dog owner's office or home. The gifts box sign can be a combination of other additional frames for creating a unique décor that showcases your style. Dog owners can choose to hang out the frames on your office wall or even on the office table with the gift

                    Dog owners can use the box design as a storage facility for a preferred product as Christmas gifts for dog lovers. The range of gifts features a sensory appeal in addition to the sleek wood design. The gifts can complement any home décor design, either in your office or home.

                    The gifts feature a modern design to the general outlay of the box sign. The engravings display the galvanized artistic designing of the box design for dog owners. The etching makes for a legitimate showcasing of the appealing nature of the design to dog owners.

                    • Silk lettering system with the galvanized metal underneath
                    • Can be hung on walls or displayed on shelves
                    • Modern design outlook
                    • The product needs frame attachments for hanging, and that the only disadvantage

                    Answers to Common Queries About Dog Lover Gifts

                    Looking for the best gifts for dog lovers is hard enough without answers to all the questions you may have. Here are a few pointers:

                    • What are the best gifts for a dog owner?

                    The gift is mainly dependent on the nature of the dog. Many dog owners would prefer a hand pack carrier, dog crate, pet bed, orthopedic bed elevated food, and water bowls as a gift. The breed of the dog is also significant when considering the gift.

                    • What are unique gifts for dog lovers?

                    Many first-time dog owners might not realize all the little things they need to ensure their dogs are safe and healthy. Therefore, it is not a recommendation to go all out for dog owners with gifts. A simple first aid kit, dog leash, fur remover, or food bowl can do the trick.

                    • How can I spoil my dog?

                    Dog treats are the perfect gifts to spoil your dog for most dog owners. However, you should look into the ingredients of the gifts in case you go for the commercial options in stores.

                    • What can I make my dog for his birthday

                    Try out a meat pie or meatloaf on the day as gifts. There is no need to focus on flour and eggs. For a simple treat, dog owners can bake a simple puppy cake or a nutritious fruit salad.

                    How to Better Understand Your Friend

                    The gifts giving process is much easier when you have an in-depth knowledge of your friend. Understanding the relationship between your friend and their dog makes it easier to craft the best gifts.

                    You should take the time to observe your friends in their homes and how they behave. Lastly, before purchasing the gifts, ask yourself, will these gifts make a difference in the life of my friend or not?

                    Final Verdict on Perfect Gifts                                      

                    The Susquehanna glass love paw stemless wine glasses is one of the best gifts for the dog lover. Apart from the attached price tag, it has a sturdy design, and every dog owner loves a glass of wine at the end of a hard day. Other gifts ideas in this review are also practical; however, you should always consider the dog owner’s temperament and hobbies before making a purchase.

                    More Gifts for Dog Lovers

                    Gateway Lane Love Paw Print Garden Flag
                    • Brand Name - Gateway Lane
                    • Size - 18 x 12.5 x 0.025 inches
                    • Material - Cotton, Polyester
                    • Printed with vibrant colors on both sides
                    Imagine This Company Magnet
                    • Brand Name - Imagine This Company
                    • Size - 5.5 x 5.5 inches
                    • Great alternative to bumper stickers
                    • Designed and manufactured in the USA
                    Primitives By Kathy Box Sign
                    • Brand Name - Primitives By Kathy
                    • Size - 6 x 3 x 1.75 inches
                    • Material - 
                    • Wood
                    Imagine This Company Magnet
                    • Brand Name - Imagine This Company
                    • Size - 7 x 2 inches
                    • Great alternative to bumper stickers
                    • Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA
                    Pet Friends Heart Paw Pendant Necklace
                    • Brand Name - Pet Friends
                    • Size - No info
                    • Adorable silver-tone plated paw charm
                    • Easy to put
                    Imagine This Company Magnet
                    • Brand Name - Imagine This Company
                    • Size - 6 x 4 inches
                    • Great alternative to bumper stickers
                    • Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA
                    PetRageous Designs Mug
                    • Brand Name - PetRageous Designs
                    • Size - 28-oz
                    • Material - Ceramic
                    • Hand-crafted and oven-fired design
                    Magnetic Pedigrees Mini Paw Magnet
                    • Brand Name - Magnetic Pedigrees
                    • Size - 5.5 x 5.5 inches
                    • Printed with UV and water-resistant ink
                    • Great alternative to bumper stickers
                    Dog Training 101
                    • Brand Name - Kyra Sundance
                    • Size - 7 x 1 x 9 inches
                    • Author - Kyra Sundance
                    • Format - Paperback
                    Best Friend Services Classic Paws Series
                    • Brand Name - Best Friend Services
                    • Size - 6 x 4 inches
                    • Material - brass
                    • Tasteful design fits discreetly into any décor

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