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What Are the Best Toys for Boston Terriers?

Equipped with spunkiness, a distinctive black and white coat, and expressive eyes that can get them off the hook for virtually any shenanigans, the Boston Terrier is a loving dog that is loved by many. Boston Terriers are also energetic breeds that enjoy their playtime. Here’s how to engage them.


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        A Look at the Boston Terrier Breed

        Dogs simply don’t get more American than the Boston Terrier. This isn’t just because they happen to partially share a name with the state capital of Massachusetts. They have earned such lofty bragging rights because they are widely considered to be the first dog breed to be initially developed in the United States.

        The first Bostons were initially bred to be vicious pit fighters back in the day when such activities were legal. Over time, the breed was carefully developed to transform from a fighter to a lover. With that being said, Bostons will occasionally tap into their roots with some posturing if they feel another dog is disrespectfully invading his turf.

        Even though they are small in stature, they make up for it by being very sturdy. But their muscular frame isn’t the thing that makes them stand out in a crowd. That would be their crisp, distinguished tuxedo-like coat; a look that has allowed the breed to carry the nickname American Gentleman.

        The charm of a Boston isn’t limited to his dapper coat. Despite his early breeding intentions, this breed of dog is a total love. They carry a lively, affectionate disposition and loves to be with people, whether they are out and about or cuddled up on the sofa.

        Sometimes, the breed’s high energy leads them to be hyperactive little goobers. They are also known for being intelligent, which combined with their energy can get them into all kinds of mischief. But you won’t be able to stay mad at their hijinks for too long – their expressive face and big eyes will instantly chisel the stone from your heart.

        How Does a Boston Terrier Approach Playtime?

        Boston Terriers are a bit of an anomaly when it comes to physical activity. From a technical standpoint, they don't require a whole lot of exercise. While they enjoy brisk walks, they’re just as happy hanging out indoors curled right up next to you all day long.

        At the same time, Bostons are packed with energy and are always in the mood to play. And while they can engage in playtime themselves, they prefer it when their owner participates in the shenanigans.

        It's wise to engage your little buddy in as much play as possible for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Bostons tend to be little vacuum cleaners when it comes to food, and their gluttonous behavior could leave you with a fat dog prone to health issues if left unchecked. Engaging him in playtime will help keep his waistline in check.

        Secondly, if you don’t keep him playful and active, his boundless energy could lead him into doing some fairly obnoxious behavior. Digging and the destruction of possessions could be two things you’ll have to end up dealing with if his needs for playtime are not met. These negative behaviors will get old quickly – even if he flashes his soulful eyes at you.

        Fortunately for you, Boston’s style of play can be pretty malleable as long as he’s playing with you. For instance, the breed’s athletic, sturdy build makes him a natural to participate in dog sports like flyball and Frisbee catching. It may take a bit of training to get him to flex his muscles, but his reputation for easy trainability makes this task attainable.

        Bostons are also famous for their love of fetch. It’s a great game to play with your Boston, too – you can use virtually any type of small dog toy as the fetching object, and you can keep the action entirely indoors if you so desire. One word of warning, though: Be firm on when you want to stop; otherwise, your Boston might want to play fetch until the end of time.

        What are the Best Toys for Boston Terriers?

        Best Toys for Boston Terriers 2

        Because Boston Terriers love playing fetch so much, it's fairly obvious to state that any dog toy that can easily be retrieved by a pooch this size will totally work. However, don't just rush out and buy any old object. There are a couple of things you should bear in mind.

        Firstly, you should determine where you are going to be doing most of the fetching. This rule may be more for your benefit than your pooch’s. If you are going to restrict your play to indoors, you’ll want to make sure you pick toys that won’t cause inadvertent damage if a throw goes awry.

        If you do plan on playing outdoors, be mindful of the regular weather patterns where you live. Bostons have a very low tolerance for extreme heat and cold, mainly due to the length and color of their coat. If you think that it’s too cold or too hot for him to enjoy himself, you shouldn’t push things.

        Because of the Boston’s athletic nature, toys that will allow him to show off his skills may be a good choice if you have the proper training space. For instance, this breed’s relentless energy arguably makes them the best Frisbee dogs of their size.

        Then again, Bostons' nature and penchant for goofiness mean that they can play with some odd things. If you need proof, blow up a balloon and put it near your Boston so he can play with it. Chances are he'll put on a tremendous show for you.

        What Toys Should be Avoided?

        The types of toys that should be skipped depends on the nature of your Boston. While some Bostons have a reputation for being destructive with toys, others can be quite gentle. If your Boston fits in the former category, you should avoid plush toys or anything that could be ripped apart easily.

        You may want to avoid narrow chew toys with small edges. If your Boston isn’t careful – and he probably won’t be due to his nature – he may unwittingly end up getting the edge of a chew toy lodged in his mouth. This could obviously cause some terrible problems.

        Our Final Recommendations

        FTXJ 6PCS Puppy Dog Toys

        Best Toys for Boston Terriers 3

        It just makes sense to incorporate some fetch-type game into your playtime regiment with your pooch. To that end, a product like the Zanies 6-Pack Latex PrePack Dog Toy is perfectly suited for this kind of interaction.

        These bright, durable balls work well because they allow you to split your time easily between being indoors and outdoors with your Boston. This is particularly ideal if you live in an area where extreme cold and heat can occur. Your little buddy won’t miss a beat if you end up having to take the fun inside while the weather warms up.

        West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Durable

        If you want to try your hand at turning your Boston into a little athletic stud, then the West Paw Design 6.5-inch Chew Toy will work rather well. It’s a great option because its small size makes it easier for Bostons to nab with their teeth. This will help him build up confidence, which in turn can make him even more willing to play.

        Since these discs also double as chew toys, your buddy can use the discs to gnaw on when playtime is over. This is not a bad thing since chew toys are known to be a nice aid in the battle to keep teeth clean. The discs' reputation for sturdiness means that your Boston will be able to chew on the disc for a long time, too.

        It should also be noted that playing with a Frisbee does have social benefits for your Boston. If he gets good enough at catching the discs, he will undoubtedly draw a crowd as he shows off his antics. Given how Bostons have a friendly disposition with pretty much everybody, your little guy will bask in all of the attention.

        Regardless of how you want to end up playing with your Boston, the important thing to do is to play with him. Sure, he'll be content with simply curling up by your side and being a little cuddle bug. But his energetic nature coupled with his tendency to scarf down food makes it wise for you and him to find ways to play.

        Fortunately, there are several options that can help you achieve this goal. And because this pooch has a tendency to be a little goofball at times, you're sure to find yourself cracking up at his whimsical hijinks while you two are playing. And when you think about it, isn’t the joy that a Boston effortlessly brings one of the reasons you welcomed him into your home?


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        Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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        The perfect size ball for a BT is a used handball, used in 4 wall handball. The ball is tough durable and inexpensive. Perfect size for a BT mouth. I have been using this type ball for my last 8 BTs for 40 years.

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        thanks it is true i have gotten a ball that is truely bigger. I am also finding it hard to find chew toys without filling….love my little girl though.


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