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Two Bulldogs with Amazing Teamwork Can’t Wait to Pull THIS Out of the Pool

If you have a dog, you've probably seen that look in their eyes when they see their favorite toy. And if you own a bulldog, you've probably seen that same look turn into absolute obsession. 

The two little guys in this video harness that energy to pull of (we think) a pretty amazing feat.  

The video below was uploaded by YouTuber MB Sedlita. In it, we see two bulldogs come rushing out of their house and immediately start dancing around a backyard pool. But it doesn't appear to be because they want to take a dip. No...

Something is in there. There's gotta be. All we see, however, is a vague, dark shape at the bottom. ​

What happens next is amazing. The bulldog pair take a page straight out of the Harlem Globetrotter page book and execute what can only  be described as a full-blown tactical operation to get this... thing... whatever it is... out of the pool.

And then... well, just watch the video and see for yourself!​


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