Canine Carry Outs Review: Best Brand of 2020 (Or The Worst)?

It’s pretty easy to love a dog and because of that, all of us end up doing just about anything we can to keep her healthy and happy.

You’ve probably gifted her with treats before, which is commendable given the fact that dogs truly appreciate it when their menu is diverse.

And thankfully, nowadays, we’ve got a huge list of dog food brands supplying really delicious and healthy treats. One of them is Canine Carry Outs, an American-based brand committed to making a variety of tasty, meaty treats for your large and small dogs.

Even though they aren’t as popular as their competitors, the unique flavors and different textures these treats come in have endeared Canine Carry Outs to a lot of pet parents.

Are the rumors about their treats being poisonous true? I’ll let you know shortly. Meanwhile, let’s first find out where they are made and what to expect.

Also, later on, we’ll be looking at several Canine Carry Outs reviews.

Where Are Canine Carry Outs Treats Made?

Canine Carry Outs belongs to J.M. Smucker Company, which is one of America’s largest producers, distributors, and marketers of pet foods and snacks. So, as you would guess, the products are made in the US.

In fact, the manufacturer says that they source all their major ingredients, including the meat, right here in the USA. And like most of the other dog food brands, they source a few of the minor ingredients they use from other countries (except China) because most of them aren’t readily available in the US.

What To Expect

Most popular flavors from Canine Carry Outs include beef, chicken, and bacon. On top of that, they have hot dog and pizza flavors, which are attractive to most dogs yet not as easy to come by.

As for the textures, expect soft/chewy treats as well as the hard variety. The difference between them is that the former can be swallowed up quickly, meaning you can give them to your dog more often. Hard treats, on the other hand, are long-lasting and can keep your pup occupied for a longer period of time.

However, just like it is with most treats, you shouldn’t have these ones substitute your dog’s actual diet because they don’t carry all the key nutrients your pup needs to stay healthy.

If you’re not sure how much you should feed your little fellow, talk to your vet.  

You can also learn more about feeding your dog treats by watching the video below by eHowPets:

Are Some Canine Carry Outs Treats Poisonous?

First off, it’s important to clarify that this brand has never been recalled. What tends to confuse a lot of people is the 2015 rumor which began on social media regarding the addition of propylene glycol in the brand’s treats.

In addition to claiming it was a pseudonym for antifreeze, some people added that this ingredient had the potential to cause seizures and even death in dogs.

But as it later turned out, this was simply an exaggeration because the FDA classifies propylene glycol as generally safe for dogs. In fact, they add that the ingredient actually helps in absorbing water and maintaining moisture levels in dog food.

Snopes supports this claim too and they have proof that none of the ailments in dogs had anything to do with Carry Outs treats.  In other words, this was just one of those rumors that spun out of control.

Canine Carry Outs Dog Treats Reviews

As promised earlier, here are Canine Carry Outs reviews of some of their highly-rated treats that I believe would be great for your furry friend:

Canine Carry Outs Beef Flavor Dog Treats

Try to picture your dog smacking his lips in delight. Well, that is what is likely to happen when your pooch sinks his teeth in this beef flavored meaty treat. Don't be surprised if he keeps looking at you hoping for another Carry Outs treat.

You will notice that the ingredients used are farm fresh and include bacon, soy, and wheat flour, just to name a few. This explains why the treats are so tasty. As alluded to earlier, propylene glycol is part of the ingredient list and serves to preserve moisture levels and absorb water in the formulations.

Your dog will not only love the taste but is also likely to appreciate the texture of the treat as they are chewy and chunky.

Also, they are easy to break down and can be fed to pups. Remember, this is just a treat and therefore cannot replace your dog’s regular diet.


Your dog will love you even more just at the sight of these mini hot dog treats. Despite being meaty and chunky, they do not carry many calories.

They are the perfect treat as part of a reward system during training or simply lavishing a little love on your pooch for no reason at all.

Real beef is the main ingredient and as a source of protein, it contributes to lean muscle mass. What’s more, these mini hot dog treats are actually in the form of hot dogs which is pretty cool.

On top of that, the snacks are aromatic and packed in resealable packaging which helps keep the snack fresh and aromatic right down to the last morsel. These are perfect for when you are traveling, out on a walk, or even when in the house.

Although this dog treat is low calorie, it is important to give it in moderation because your little furry fellow will not be saying no to this one any time soon.


The thing with Canine Carry Outs treats is that they are absolutely tasty and ideal for dogs of all life stages and different breeds. Whether you have pups or adult dogs, they will likely be tripping over themselves at the sight or scent of this treat.

That’s because Canine Carry Outs Beef & Bacon Flavor Dog Treats are so aromatic with a rich flavor profile that just about any dog will love. Don't be surprised if you are tempted to nibble on one too!

Other ingredients included in this snack are wheat flour, soy flour, and cornstarch. Remember to read the ingredient list and instructions carefully to make sure they are suitable for your pup or adult pooch.

If your pooch is gluten sensitive, it may not be a good idea to feed her this treat because of the presence of wheat and soy. But other than that, your dog is likely to find this treat irresistible.  


What I love about Canine Carry Out is the diversity of flavors that they come in. My little friend is chicken crazy. He craves anything with chicken flavor so this chicken flavored dog treat is just the thing to send his tail wagging with delight.

All ingredients are natural and farm fresh, which explains why your pooch will love the taste. In fact, a part of the taste comes from the natural smoke flavor. In addition to that, the texture is chewy and chunky but at the same time soft, tasty, and meaty which dogs love.

Even though they are low-calorie treats, they should still be given in moderation as they are not meant to substitute regular real meals for your dog.


Canine Carry Outs Bacon & Cheese Flavor Dog Treats

Admittedly, a good number of pet parents would rather not treat their dogs to snacks because most brands are full of junk that can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Canine Carry Out Bacon & Cheese Flavor sets itself apart because it’s healthy, contains low calories, and is made from known, reliable sources. It’s exactly what you want to reward your pooch with for a job well done or to re-energize her when you are on one of those long walks.

It inspires confidence to know that this treat is made from high-quality cheese and farm fresh bacon, both of which are healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Just like you, your canine pal appreciates a treat every now and then. So, why don't you do him a favor and get this healthy treat so he can try it out?



Nowadays, the pet section in most local stores and even online pet stores carry a sea of pet food brands. Usually, it’s a mixture of popular and less known brands.

Although Canine Carry Outs treats may not be the most known, they are clearly among a few great options to stock up at home as treats for your dog(s).

Grabbing a few pieces for that long walk with your buddy, when traveling, or simply rewarding him with a treat over and above his regular meals, will only serve to strengthen the caring bond between dog and human.

By going on to a leading online store such as, you can choose from a myriad of flavors of Canine Carry Outs products.

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  • Sharlonda Timmons

    My Tilly love love love these Canine Carey Outs Bacon flavor
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  • Deirdre Batie

    I just wanted you to know i have had my baby Princess for 14 years and that entire time she has had no other treat than canine carry out. She js my shelter rescue and i love her more than i can say.Thank you for not only loving my baby as much as i do and making treats she has loved her entire life.