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The Apple Head Chihuahua (Little Dog! Big Love!)

We all know that Chihuahuas are tiny dogs with a not-so-tiny cult following within the world of canine ownership. What you may not know is there is a classification of Chihuahuas called Apple Head Chihuahuas. It’s a classification that shines a spotlight on the breed’s most endearing feature.Stare Into the Depths of CutenessLet’s just get […]

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The Blue Nose Pitbull (The Truth)

It’s no secret pitbulls have a bad rap. Yet those that choose to look beyond the hype know this breed can be a devoted pooch with a gentle soul. The blue nose pitbull has particularly captured the imagination of knowledgeable owners, and there are plenty of reasons why. Does a Blue Nose Pitbull Have a […]

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