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DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs (+ Alternatives You Can Buy!)

Small dog in a Halloween costume of a witch

Photo by Vereslava from Pexels

The Boo! season is ahead with their treats and tricks and all the rest. The gloomy time of the year shines due to Halloween parties. Even if there's quarantine you can make a party of your own with your beloved family and pets. Let your canine kids be the guests wearing Halloween outfits.

Try to design fun or spooky costume for your dog with the things you have around. You can use resources like for ready-made schemes and even take part in their contest.  

In case you're not a DIY-person, hurry up to buy a nice dog costume. Dressing your pup up may be such a fun! Let your furbabies feel the party vibe with you! 

Here are the top ideas of Halloween looks for dogs we have collected across the web. You can also find the alternatives to buy online.

Meet the Ideas of Halloween Outfits for Dogs You Can Do Yourself

1. Dogs Disguised As Other Animals

stegosaurus dog costume

If your dog has sensitive skin or is prone to allergies, you should avoid applying chemicals on her coat. We suggest to turn your pup into some other animal without using dye. Check out funny whole body costumes. 

2. Cowboy Style - Best Costume for Large Dogs

walking cowboy dog costume

You can dress your large breed dog in a Sheriff outfit literally made of your own clothes. Try and find that cowboy hat in your closet.  There are similar costumes for small dogs designed to fit even toy breeds!

3. Four-Legged Politics and Businessmen

walking pawlitician dog costume

Get your puppy dressed for success! Use your own old clothes for a big breed or funny front walking suit costume for any dog or even cat!

4. Celebrate Your Favorite Food

hot dog costume

Dog food-ispired outfit is the evegreen trend for every holiday. DIY versions may be made of different materials including vet cones. 

5. Skeleton Classics

skeleton dog costume

Bones and skulls are the Halloween classics. We've found lots of skeleton looks of dogs painted with white paint on a black coat. If you can draw something like that, try it! Probably, won't be so impressive on a fair-coated dogs. 

6. Ghosts and Pumpkins

pumpkin dog costume

Here's the mascot of the event - the Evil Pumpkin! Use simple materials to create an outfit for treat hunting. No one will overcome this cuteness!

7. Equine Dreams - Best Costume for Small Dogs

unicorn dog costume

Look at your canine friend. Find out his likeness and use several homemade details to transform him into another creature! 

8. Cuteness for Small Breeds

bumblebee dog costume

For multipet households - dress your furbabies in the same style. It's stylish and funny! You can also find such costumes online. 

9. Spooky Look

axe dog headpiece

Make your friendly pup look like real evil on this Halloween Eve! We just love the spooky costumes for small and large dogs. You can find the whole body outfit or buy a headpiece instead.

10. Human Carnival Costume

vampire dog costume

Some dogs like to be dressed while others don't. If you can oblige your pup to wear hat or glasses, you're done. Just dress your dog up in an old carnival costume. For those that can't stand massive accessories - try something less irritating like cape. 

11. Technics and Vehicles

rocket dog costume

Try and make a funny vehicle of your dog for a night. If your have some sewing or constructing skills, it won't be too hard. Meanwhile, take a look at the offers online!

12. Creative Looks for Dogs

monkey dog costume

Don't hide your creativity! Apply maximum fantasy to invent a hilarious look for your pup. Among other variants, this two monkeys costume is our favorite option. Totally funny when moving!

13. Pretty Canine Lady

princess dog costume

Show the doggy lady you've got as a pet. You can dress in the same style dresses to improve the effect. Although, the DIY making of such a costume can cost like a readymade outfit. Check out the available variants!

14. Happy Cow

cow dog costume

One more idea we found in multiple variants. The Happy Cow look is suitable for large pups and extremely funny when small dogs wear it. This dog costume is a hit.

15. Just Be Yourself :)

Sometimes, it's enough to be yourself. Think about an outfit for youself where your puppy can be a part of your look. 


Michelle Reed is a regular contributor to HerePup, as well as being a freelance writer for many different animal-related publications. Being a retired animal lover, she was involved in her community life as a Rescue Group Volunteer, then provided boarding services for dog owners. Now her enormous experience ended up as a base for her writing.

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