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The 10 Best Dog Camera of 2020 Review

Is the constant worry of how your dog is doing affecting your performance at work? Are you looking for a way to observe your pup’s wellbeing even when you are away from home? Peace of mind is priceless, not having to worry about your dog’s condition, and this is only possible when you have a dedicated dog camera installed. A pup camera enables you to interact with your pet remotely, whether you are in the next block or miles away from home. There are primary attributes and markers of a good quality camera, and we’ll be looking at these exhaustively. We’ll also look at the leading cameras on the market you can choose from. 

WOpet Smart Pet Camera Dog Treat Dispenser

WOpet Smart Pet Camera

Looking at an example, WOpet is a market leader in the pet accessories market space. Their smart pup camera is one of the superior quality models on the market, given its wide angle of view and exceptional performance. The best dog camera is fitted with a high-quality camera that facilitates HD streaming and night vision.

The monitoring cam also has a treat dispenser that comes in handy in fostering interactions with your pup. It is possible to communicate with your pet even when you are away from home, thanks to the two-way audio functionality. The camera has a high-quality mic and speakers that foster clarity during conversations. For its price range, it is a great deal worth the investment.

The Benefits of Having a Dog Monitor Camera

If you are a dog owner who is often away from home, a dedicated pup camera is essential as it offers numerous benefits the primary ones being:

  • Remote surveillance
  • Keep track of your pup’s health
  • Consistent interactions and engagement
  • Fosters peace of mind

Comparison Table

WOpet Smart Pet Camera
WOpet Smart Pet Camera
    PetChatz HDX and PawCall HDX Bundle
    PetChatz HDX and PawCall HDX Bundle
      Wyze 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Cam
      Wyze 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Cam
        Furbo Pup Camera
        Furbo Pup Camera
          Security Camera 1080P WiFi Dog
          Security Camera 1080P WiFi Dog

            It is not possible to always be with your dog given the day-to-day errands that need to be addressed, and therefore a pup camera enables you always to monitor your pet even when you are away from home. You’ll be able also to see other people’s interactions with your pet in case you’ve hired a pet sitter or if you have kids in the house.

            If your dog has some health challenges, a dedicated dog video camera enables you to observe their health round the clock without worries closely. You’ll be able to see your dog’s behavior throughout the day, and therefore you’ll be able to respond on time in the event of an emergency. Also, a good pup camera, more so one that has the bite dispensing mechanism, comes in handy in promoting consistent engagement with your pup. You can treat your pup to their favorite chunks by tossing a bite by simply launching a button on the remote app.

            Important Features to Look for – Buyer’s Guide

            Let’s have a look at the essential attributes to look for in a good performance pup surveillance camera:

            Dog With The Camera Isolated on White

            2-Way Functionality Cameras

            2-way cameras facilitate efficient communication as you can see your dog, and your dog can see you on display. With this design, you can see your dog, and your pup can see you. Moreover, you can hear each other. Getting an interactive dog camera fosters bonding with your pup. 

            Indoor and Outdoor Usage

            Depending on the location of your pet, the design of a camera for use in any indoor or outdoor setting is important. There are “dog camera for home” models that have been built for use in indoor settings only while there are others that can be used in either of the environments. Considering the exposure to harsh conditions, indoor monitoring cameras are susceptible to becoming faulty and even being destroyed. If your pet often stays indoors and seldom is left outside, then an indoor camera will be efficient. However, getting a camera that can be used in either setting is a better deal as you may leave your pup in the backyard in the future.

            Remote Control Operation

            Being able to monitor your pup’s movements remotely is essential for ensuring the wellbeing of your pet. Remote access facilitates convenient and efficient interactions with the pup when you are away from home. Cameras that support remote access often have two-way audio functionality that allows communication. Also, for cameras with the dispensing capability, one can conveniently toss a treat to the pup at the touch of a button.

            Dog near Laptop in Glasses

            Supports Night Vision

            The night vision functionality is a vital feature that makes it possible to monitor your pet during the night. In case you have traveled to a different time zone, the feature makes it possible to monitor your pet’s movements even both during the day and night. Much happens during the night while we’re sound asleep, and it might be challenging to monitor your pet in real-time. A dog camera for home with the night vision functionality facilitates recording clear videos of your pup’s situation in low lighting settings.

            Movement Detection Mechanism

            The capability to detect movement is essential for efficiency when monitoring your pet. With this functionality, surveillance is automatically launched, and recording starts. It makes it possible to keep track of your pet’s movements throughout the day, even when you were offline. Also, this doubles as a security mechanism as the camera record any movements in case an intruder approaches your pup.

            Angle of Field of Vision

            The span of the angle of view is a vital aspect as it determines the area coverage you’ll be able to monitor your pet. There are a variety of cameras that feature a varying field of vision capabilities. Some offer a panoramic view, and this is an advantage as one can monitor their pet in a large area.

            10 Best-Selling Dog Camera Reviews

            Let’s take an exhaustive look into each camera, breaking down the features, advantages, and disadvantages:

            WOpet Smart Pet Camera Dog Treat Dispenser

            Product Info

            Brand Name - WOPET
            Resolution - 720p
            Size - 11.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches
            Price - $$

            WOpet is a leading brand in the pet accessories market space as their products are known for superior quality and dependable efficiency. Their smart pup camera offers a wide angle of view and exceptional performance. It features a high-quality camera that facilitates HD streaming. To reward your pup and keep them engaged, this best dog camera has a treat dispenser. You can throw your pup a bite at the touch of a button on the app. It is possible to communicate with your pet even when you are away from home, thanks to the two-way audio functionality. The dog video camera has a high-quality mic and speakers that foster clarity during conversations. Also, it supports night vision; therefore, it makes monitoring your pup round the clock possible. Great usability is an attribute consistent with this camera as it is easy to install and to configure with the mobile application.

            • Features a food toss functionality
            • Offers two-way audio functionality to facilitate convenient communication
            • Supports night vision usage
            • Offers a wide-angle span of view for comprehensive monitoring
            • It is conveniently easy to use as a guide is also provided
            • It is slightly costly
            PetChatz HDX Dog Camera

            Product Info

            Brand Name - PetChatz
            Resolution - 1080p
            Size - 16.2 x 12.3 x 7.7 inches
            Price - $$$

            PetChatz is another market leader in the pet accessories space as they are the manufacturers of some of the best-selling products. It is considered one of the best dog camera units. Their pet monitoring camera bundle features a bite dispenser functionality that is activated using the mobile application. It also supports both ways of video streaming and audio, and these features facilitate remote interactions with your pet. Streaming and recording are automatically activated whenever the sensors detect any movement or sound. Also, this camera offers a wide-angle view, and this makes it possible to monitor your pup in a wide area. Fitted with a high-quality camera, this pet monitoring unit is designed for clear and quality streaming even in low light conditions.

            • It is fitted with a treat dispenser functionality
            • Supports a both-ways video streaming to facilitate remote interactions with your pet
            • Features sound/motion streaming launch
            • Offers a wide-angle of monitoring
            • Features high quality streaming capability
            • It is somewhat high priced
            Wyze Cam 1080p HD Pet Camera With Live Stream

            Product Info

            Brand Name - WYZE
            Resolution - 1080p
            Size - 2.2 x 2 x 2 inches
            Price - $

            Wyze pet cameras are some of the most reliable but affordable cameras on the market. Besides facilitating video streaming, this camera also allows audio communication as it has a cleat mic and good speakers. For efficiency and usability, this wireless dog camera is compatible with several applications and devices such as Alexa for voice control. Fitted with a good quality camera, this unit is characterized by quality images. A peculiar factor about this camera is that all these high-quality features are offered at a bargain-basement price range. The most relevant downside to this camera is that it does not have the treat dispensing functionality.

            • Supports night vision
            • Features a both-ways audio functionality
            • It is compatible with other devices for voice control
            • Features high integrity images
            • It is affordable and easy to use
            • It lacks a treat-dispensing functionality
            Furbo Dog Camera Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera

            Product Info

            Brand Name - Furbo
            Resolution - 
            Size - 5.91 x 4.72 x 8.86 inches
            Price - 1080p

            Furbo pet cameras are leading dog monitoring tools characterized by good performance. The camera offers a high streaming resolution that makes for clear videos even during night recording. Also, it has a bite dispensing mechanism that enables you to interact with your pup by tossing them a bite of their favorite treat. Looking at usability, this camera is easy to set up and is intuitive to configure with the mobile application. Its automated sound alert notifies you in real-time when your dog is barking. Its sound sensor triggers an alert on your device. Despite having a somewhat high price range, this camera is worth the investment considering its first-rate features.

            • Features high streaming resolution
            • It is fitted with a dispenser functionality
            • It is easy to use and comes with a charging device
            • It has an automated alert to notify you when your pet is barking
            • It has a wide field of view
            • It is slight costly
            Security Camera 1080P WiFi Dog Pet Camera

            Product Info

            Brand Name - KAMTRON
            Resolution - 1080p
            Size - 3.34 x 3.34 x 4.72 inches
            Price - $

            If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable pet monitoring tool, then this camera is a great option. The pet camera has a wide panoramic field of view, which makes for a wide monitoring area. You can conveniently monitor your pet’s movement in a large area, such as in your yard. It also has great functionality as this dog camera is easy to set up and configure. Also, it has a 128GB storage capacity, which comes in handy for storing recorded videos. In terms of usability, this camera is easy to install and link with the mobile application. It has an automated motion detection system that automatically activates streaming whenever there’s some movement. In matters of pricing, this camera is a good deal, given its quality features and affordable price range.

            • It offers a wide panoramic range of view
            • It is effortless to set up and configure
            • It has a generous storage capacity
            • It is conveniently low priced for pet owners on a budget
            • It features an automated movement detection system
            • It lacks the food tossing functionality
            Iseebiz Smart Pet Camera, Dog Camera Treat

            Product Info

            Brand Name - Iseebiz
            Resolution - 720p
            Size - 5.1 x 5.1 x 10.1 inches
            Price - $$

            Iseebiz is another top brand that manufactures quality pet products. One of its peculiarities is its great stability fostered by the base sanction pads. It also has a dispensing functionality which enables you to treat your pup to chunks of their favorite bites. Looking at performance, the camera offers high quality streaming with clear video. It also has a wide-angle of view, which enables you to monitor your dog in a wide area. This camera to watch dog is also easy to set up and use. With the night vision capability, this camera is ideal for monitoring your pet in low lighting settings.

            • It features a dispensing functionality
            • It has suction base pads for extra stability
            • It has a wide field of view with high-quality streaming performance
            • It is effortless to configure and also to uninstall whenever it is needed
            • It has the night vision capability
            • It is slightly costly
            Pet Camera, Security Camera Conico

            Product Info

            Brand Name - Conico
            Resolution - 1080p
            Size - 3.35 x 3.35 x 4.72 inches
            Price - $

            The Conico camera is a dependable quality monitoring device that facilitates keeping an eye on your pet in real-time, even when away from home. Its lens can be manipulated in regards to zooming and adjusting the angle of view to achieve the desired view. Also, it is fitted with sensors that detect motion and sound, and this triggers alerts on your device. The camera facilitates two-way communication as it has a mic and speakers over which your pet can hear your voice remotely. It also has great usability giving its ease of setting up and linking. The camera is conveniently fair as regards pricing and is therefore ideal for individuals on a budget.

            • It features a camera that can be manipulated for efficiency during surveillance
            • It automatically launches surveillance by detecting movement and sound
            • It facilitates remote 2-way communication
            • It is effortless to set up and configure
            • It is conveniently affordable and supports cloud storage
            • It lacks the food dispensing functionality
            SKYMEE Owl Robot Mobile Full HD Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

            Product Info

            Brand Name - SKYMEE
            Resolution - 1080p
            Size - 6.7*6.7*4.9 in
            Price - $$

            SKYMEE Owl camera is a unique pet surveillance tool that also has a maneuvering capability. Given its shape and wheels, this camera can follow your pet when being controlled manually or using the remote app. The dog camera is characterized by high resolution streaming and also supports night vision. In terms of efficiency, this camera is a big deal as it has a long battery life. Also, it is fitted with a quality mic and speakers that facilitate remote communication. Its bite dispensing system fosters interactions with your pet by tossing treats to them upon the touching of a button on the app.

            • It features superior quality resolution and supports night vision
            • It has the food dispensing functionality
            • It is power efficient as it has a long battery life
            • It can maneuver around the home manually or when controlled remotely
            • It facilitates efficient remote communication given the quality mic and speakers
            • It is somewhat costly
            Pet Camera - Dog Camera with Phone App

            Product Info

            Brand Name - NETVUE
            Resolution - 1080p
            Size - 4.7 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
            Price - $

            The NETVUE pup camera is a high-performance surveillance device that features a panoramic field of view that makes for a large surveillance area. Its lens has a night vision capability for surveillance with minimal light settings. The camera is also easy to use as it has an intuitive setup process and is easy to link with the phone. Also, it supports two-way communication as it has good mic and speakers. Though it does not have a tossing mechanism, this camera has good quality features that make its retail price range a fair deal.

            • It offers a panoramic field of view
            • It supports night vision
            • It is effortless to set up and configure with compatible mobile applications
            • It supports two-way communication
            • It is conveniently low-priced
            • It does not have the food tossing functionality
            NPET Smart Pet Camera Dog Treat Dispenser

            Product Info

            Brand Name - NPET
            Resolution - 720p
            Size - 11.69 x 6.89 x 6.77 inches
            Price - $$

            NPET pup cameras are good quality gadgets that demonstrate reliable performance. The camera has a treat tossing functionality that enables you to reward your pup with their favorite chunks. Also, the camera supports night vision, and this makes for round the clock surveillance. The camera is designed to facilitate two-way communication as it is fitted with a mic and speakers. To execute any desired function, you can activate commands remotely using the app. Configuring it with Alexa enables you to use voice control to execute commands.

            • It is easy to install and configure
            • It supports night vision
            • It is designed for two-way communication
            • It is conveniently controlled with a remote device
            • It is slightly costly

            Dog Surveillance Camera FAQ

            Let’s look at the frequently asked questions regarding pup cameras and their answers:

            Why Should You Have a Dedicated Pup Cam?

            A dedicated pet cam will enable you to monitor your pup’s health and behavior closely and see how other people are interacting with your pup when you are away. It also helps you to consistently interact and bond with your dog, especially when using cameras that have a treat-dispensing functionality.

            What’s the Difference Between Pup and Cat Monitoring Cam?

            Dog cameras are custom-designed for dogs, and cat cams are specifically built for cats. There are peculiarities in the design, such as the tossing functionality and size of the cameras.

            Photo of the Dog on the Phone

            Where Should I Place the Pup Camera?

            A pet camera should be put in a place where you’ll have the best view of your pup all the time. It can be in your living room or any other place in the house, where your dog often stays. Also, ensure that it’s an accessible place the dog can effortlessly reach.

            How Do I Train My Pet to Come to the Pet Camera Remotely?

            Most pet cameras have a treat tossing mechanism with which you can train your dog to come to the camera. You can dispense a treat chunk each time the dog comes to the camera.

            Can I Place the Camera Outside the House?

            Yes, though, it is essential to note that there are cameras designed for indoor use only. On that note, if you intend to use the camera in an outdoor setting, go for a camera specifically designed for outside use or one that can be used in either setting.

            The Bottom Line

            Pet cameras are not only important for ensuring the safety of your pet but also in fostering interactions at any time you are not around. If your pup has health issues, you won’t have to worry while at your workplace wondering what might happen, as you can check their progress remotely on your device.

            Considering there are hundreds of models manufactured by different brands available on the market, it is vital to ensure that you get value for your money by getting a reliable camera that matches your investment. Go for a camera that can be remotely operated, and that has a wide-angle of view, one that supports two-way communication, and having a tossing functionality is a great advantage. Which is your favorite dog camera? How has a pup camera helped you in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

            Mora Dog Cameras

            DOGNESS Wi-Fi Smart Camera Pet Treat Dispenser
            • Brand Name - DOGNESS
            • Size - 5 x 5 x 10 inches
            • Video Quality - HD
            • Weight - 2.6 pounds
            Wyze Cam Pan 1080p HD Pet Camera
            • Brand Name - Wyze
            • Size - 5.5 x 3.5 x 3 inches
            • Video Quality - FullHD
            • Weight - 1.0 pounds
            Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera
            • Brand Name - Pawbo
            • Size - 10.62 x 4.92 x 4.92 inches
            • Video Quality - HD
            • Weight - 1.76 pounds
            Petcube Play 2 Play Wi-Fi Pet Camera
            • Brand Name - Petcube
            • Size - 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.2 inches
            • Video Quality - FullHD
            • Weight - 1.04 pounds
            Eyenimal Vision Live HD Pet Monitor
            • Brand Name - Eyenimal
            • Size - No Info
            • Video Quality - HD
            • Weight - No Info
            YI Technologies Kami Pet Monitor Camera
            • Brand Name - YI Technologies
            • Size - 3.66 x 3.66 x 6.37 inches
            • Video Quality - FullHD
            • Weight - 1.05 pounds

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