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This Vending Machine Feeds Stray Dogs When You Deposit Empty Water Bottles

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There are novel ideas, and there are novel ideas.

This idea is one of those that come along once in a blue moon, and you can't imagine why no one's thought of it before.

Here's the concept: passersby can put used water bottles into this machine to be recycled. In exchange, the vending machine spits out dog food for stray dogs.

Kind of cool, right?

The concept actually isn't that new. A startup called Recyclebank has been doing something similar, using gamification techniques to implement reward systems for recycling. In other words, you put something in and get something back.

Only here, you put something in and give something back. ‚ÄčIf that doesn't pull on the ol' heart strings, probably nothing will. Anyway, give it a watch and spread the word!


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