Best Dog for Kids – Best Family Dogs

Have you been around different neighborhoods? It is hard to sight kids playing on the open fields like the old days. Most kids prefer being cooped up in the house and become couch potatoes. However, there is a secret to change this. Do you want your kids to stay outdoors and even get a real bruise from playing? The secret ingredient is the best dogs for kids.

Top Selection of Best Dogs for Kids

What are the best dogs for kids? We go ahead to highlight the best dogs for kids at home. The list comprises of expert breeds recommendations for kids.

Graceful and Gentle Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel

Start our selection of best dogs for kids is the Spaniel legend. The breeds are quite a mouthful title for royal and majestic dogs. The overall stature of the dogs is long but moderate. The dogs adopt the body shape of a working spaniel hence the name.

Why do we recommend this dog breed for kids? The Spaniel breeds are gentle and sweet, making it the perfect companion for kids. The dogs do not have a history of aggressiveness in case kids get on their nerves.

What about the energy levels? The breeds have a moderate energy level requirement. Hence, the breeds can keep up with the pace of kids. The dogs won’t mind a quick run and walk around the park. The breeds are recommended to take a walk to keep it in tip-top condition occasionally.

The Spaniel breeds are suckers for attention and love. Constant hugs and treats will make your kids love them. The dogs love belly rubs from time to time just to remind them who is a good boy. The breeds take time to get attached, especially when coming from a dog shelter. But with time, the dogs will gain your trust.

In terms of the breed’s lifespan, the best breed of dogs for kids can live between 9 to 14 years. Some major health complications common with the dog breeds is the constant CHD and syringomyelia. This is nothing a trip to the vet cannot fix.

The Good Natured Bernese Mountain Dog – Best Dogs for Kids

You need to adopt the Bern dogs in case you are the live-large type of family. These dog breeds grow up to 27 inches tall. Their coats present a blend of colors from rust, black and white.

The best breed of dogs for kids is sufficient for cold weather. The breed is a mixture of strength and intelligence to withstand the way of life in the mountains. The breeds have dark eyes to complete the majestic aura.

Alaskan Malamute –Sled Dog Pack

The best medium dogs for kids weigh between 75 to 82 pounds. In case you have seen the film Togo, then you know what we are talking about. The dog breeds are infamous for being sled dogs for racing.

Apart from winning races on the snow, the best kinds of dogs for kids make for a great pet for your kids. The breeds have a general physique that is sturdy, but a deep look into their ocean eyes reveals an affectionate and amiable pet.

The dogs like living in a pack, and therefore you must be the leader in your home. You must make the Mal respect you before bringing him into your home. This calls for early training of the Mal while still a pup.

The Friendly and Amusing Boston Terrier

For a clear picture of the Boston Terrier’s general appearance, it’s like a normal Terrier wearing a Tuxedo jacket. This might seem funny, but it fits the description of a Boston Terrier in all sense.

The best breed of dogs for kids is built to fit into the urban life scene. The dogs have a liking to people and won’t mind a walk around the park. It will always light up the home’s mood while keeping your kids occupied for the better part of the day.

The Moderate and Majestic Labrador Retriever

Are your kids searching for a moderate dog without many complexities? Kids can find the perfect partner that fits this profile in a Labrador Retriever. A funny fact about the origin of the dog breeds is that the dogs hail from Newfoundland and not Labrador, as many think.

The dog breeds have immense popularity that is richly diverse. However, it needs constant training from a certified trainer to become obedient and calm. The best part about its nature is that it can accommodate the antics of kids.

The dogs have a high curve to learn new things and easy for kids to please with a treat. Furthermore, the dogs are excellent swimmers and can perform a little retrieving when playing outside with the kids.

Golden Retriever – Alert, Active and Loving

You have probably heard stories and seen in the movies the majestic being that is a Golden Retriever. Some stories you might have heard might be true, while others are complete fables put up by people.

The dog breed hails its origin in Scotland. The breeds have a medium weight that can go up to 75 pounds. It is a common family dog in many homes loved for its tender and loving nature, even to kids.

Will it shed in your home? First of all, it is not a hypoallergenic dog. The breeds have a thick lining of fur coats that constantly sheds. In case your kids have allergic reactions to fur, you might consider another breed. However, your kids can choose to groom it weekly to control the case of shedding.

The dog has a rich history that says a lot about its hunting capabilities. The dog will be highly active with your kids and will fancy playing catch. It is the most popular dog breed in America due to its majestic nature.

The life span for the pooch lasts between ten to fourteen years. Some amazing facts about the dog breeds are that the dogs can navigate through thick vegetation. The dogs are also great swimmers and do well even in cold water. As the name suggests, the dogs are great at retrieving things, be it a catch or a stick.

Bulldog – Friendly and Calm

The Bulldog is clearly one of the most iconic breeds out there. Kids can never mistake this breed for another. Kids can tell from their loose skin, small ears, and hanged chops on both sides, making up the best pet dogs for kids.

Different bulldogs have different coats with smooth, short, and rough in that order. Even though some people say that these breeds are lazy, dogs like a brisk walk from time to time. The dogs do not like hot and humid conditions, which can cause heavy breathing due to their snouts.

Pug – Friendly, Calm and Affectionate

One look is all it takes for your kids to take a liking to a pug. These dog breeds have an irresistible and cute physique that kids fall for. The best pet dogs for kids pack a distinctive expression that makes up for a small and friendly pooch for your home.

Pugs are friendly and can put up with all the antics from your kids. The dogs have a high tendency to be stubborn in most cases. But the stubbornness is made up of the pleasing nature in their overall nature.

You do not have to struggle with keeping the best small dogs for kids in shape. All it takes daily games around your home or once in a while walk with your kids. However, before the kids go outside, ensure it is not hot and humid since the dogs detest it.

Beagle – Leader of the Pack

The Beagle breeds’ history dates back to the days of hare hunting in England, where the dogs were a major contender. The Beagle breeds have grown over the years to make up for simple yet proper amiable dogs.

One fact about the dogs is that they long to be in a pack. This makes up the reason the dogs were bred for. Therefore, let your kids be ready to take on the challenge of walks to the parks to interact with other breeds.

The dogs are nature lovers and die for a walk outdoors at any time of the day with your kids. The dogs love the thought of training and will follow wherever your kids lead. You do not have to worry about the actions outdoors since the dogs are calm breeds.

Irish Setter – Active and Energetic

Do you want elegant dog breeds that spark a relationship with your kids fast while still maintaining its appeal? You will get this from the beautiful and majestic Irish Setter breeds. The breeds have a large build with a raised upper body.

The Setter breeds are gentle, loving creatures that make it an easy fit in any home. It is a vibrant dog that needs a constant outlet for its energy to make a complete companion. The breeds have the right attitude and easy to please.

In case you are cooped up inside your house all day, expect constant nags from the dog. An Irish Setter needs lots of exercises to stay fit and active. Most experts recommend daily strenuous activities for the dog.

Lazy But Affectionate French Bulldog

Who would not like a Frenchie in their home? Frenchie breeds are man’s best friend due to their simplicity and elegance the dogs bring to your home. A major distinguishing feature for the French Bulldog breeds is its erect ears.

You will most likely spend the rest of your day with the pooch in your lap. The dogs are a sucker for games, making them the perfect match for kids. You will find them snoozing with your kids after a long day from school.

The dog breeds come with some specifications for their daily upkeep. You are saved from the hassle of walking up and down the park. Frenchie breeds do not like exercising a lot. However, this does not rule out the fact that the dogs cherish a good day outdoors.

The Loyal and Alert Brussels Griffons

Are you a minimalist and a dog lover at the same time? Do not think it is awkward. There are breeds, especially for people like you. One such breed of dogs is the Brussell Griffons, which weighs close to ten pounds.

One such comment that most owners of these breeds share is the big personality of the dogs. It only takes one look into their human-like eyes of the breeds for you to be smitten. It comes in an array of colors ranging from red, black, tan, and beige.

The Large But Gentle Newfoundland

Ever thought how large dog breeds make the perfect addition to your home? There is no need to look further than Newfoundland. The large dog breeds make for a powerful guard dog with a high sense of affection.

Do not be fooled by the large statue of the dogs; the dogs are sweet creatures that crave for your attention and affection. Adding to its overall nature, the breeds are calm, loving, gentle, and easy to please dogs for the deserving kids.

In terms of upkeep, the breeds do not come with a lot of requirements on your end. A simple walk a day will keep it in shape and fit. You will have to mutt down its coat once in a while to ensure its properly groomed.

Collie – Herders Elite

Are your kids extra active and always up to something? Well, you might need to match them with breeds that combine speed, grace, and strength. These characteristics describe the infamous collie dog breeds.

The history of the breeds’ name translates to useful, which describes the nature of the dog. Anciently, the dog breeds were used in farms to guard herds. Its gait and posture gave it incredible speed, also, to change instantly while in motion.

What your kids will appreciate from this dog breeds are their total devotion and affection. At first, you might need to hire a dog trainer since it has mild-mannerisms. You also need to exercise the breeds daily to avoid making them feel frustrated in your home.

Some nuisance behaviors common with the dog breeds are barking a lot. It can also prove a tad bit difficult, given the stubborn nature of the breeds. But overall, the dogs are sensitive and intelligent dog breeds making a perfect present for your kids.

The Majestic Poodle

Last on our list of best dogs for kids is the graceful Poodle. Whoever said old dogs could not learn new tricks did not own a poodle. Poodle breeds are highly intelligent creatures to hand around your kids. In case you are a keen watcher of dog shows around the world, you probably run into a Poodle with its full gait showing its elegance. The most attractive feature that makes the Poodle breeds a darling for kids is its obedient nature.

The dog breeds work perfectly with kids and need constant attention from their owners. You constantly need to engage your dog in physical exercise to keep in shape and perfect mental state. A favorite activity that your kids will pick up is swimming, which the dogs much like.