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6 Top Dog Trainers in San Diego

You live in San Diego where the weather is perfect approximately 98 percent of the time. You want to be outside in public places with your dog, but his or her behavior problems make that impossible on many days. You are about at your wits’ end when you realize: “I need a dog trainer in San Diego!”

Fortunately, there are plenty of dog trainers in San Diego to suit whatever training need you have. This list includes experienced trainers, so your best course of action is look at the list, visit their websites or make some phone calls and determine who might be a good fit for you.

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Top Quality Dog Trainers in San Diego

1. Sit Stay Come Dog Training

  • Website:http://sitstaycome.com
  • Address: 1010 University Ave, Ste 1686, San Diego, CA 92103
  • Phone number: (619) 270-2244

Sit Stay Come Dog Training is run by John Knight, who has successfully trained more than 1,000 dogs in the last 10 years. He trains with positive reinforcement in your own home and neighborhood where there are the least amount of distractions for your dog.

John will customize his training to whatever issues your dog is facing, including basic obedience, leash issues and more. He will start his training with you as the owner, which will help you continue you training the dog even after he is gone.

Dog training from Sit Stay Come in San Diego includes a one-year guarantee that includes phone calls and support for continuing issues.

2. Pawtopia

  • Website:http://pawtopia.com
  • Address: 7755 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Phone number: (858) 414-7797

Winner of the 2014 San Diego A List award for best dog trainer, Pawtopia develops personalized training programs for each of its dog and owner customers. They not only train your dog, they help you develop new behaviors to manage bad habits.

Located just north of San Diego, Pawtopia’s services include private training as well as group classes, including basic and advanced obedience, agility, good citizenship, click-a-trick (spin, wave, do a high five and more) and a class to help your dog develop his or her sniffing ability.

If customers are headed out of town for a vacation, Pawtopia can also stay with customers’ dogs at their own homes so customers return home to well-cared for, well-trained dogs which are actually better than when they left.

3. Canine Education

  • Website:http://www.canineeducationsd.com
  • Address: 3191 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92105
  • Phone number: (619) 630-5260

Canine Education is a professional in-home dog training service that provides a holistic approach to care for a dog. The company works with dog owners to set behavior expectations and rules for the dog to follow and educate the owner on how to enforce those rules.

The goal of Canine Education’s dog training service in San Diego is practical – they want customers to be able to take a well-balanced dog anywhere they like – in public, around other dogs, etc. – without worrying about misbehavior from the dog.

Their service begins with at least an hour and a half session for two consecutive weeks. Possible topics include Dog Ownership 101, Family Dog, Puppy Training, Custom Interventions (including aggression) Timid/Shy dog and more.

5. Dogs with Dave

  • Website:http://dogswithdave.com
  • Address: 4038 Alder Dr, San Diego, CA 92116
  • Phone number: (619) 581-2316

Dave Tann is a San Diego dog trainer who offers positive, customized, low-aversion dog and puppy training. He uses patience, praise and science to train dogs (and owners), leading to happy, conflict-free homes.

Dave offers a free consultation to new customers. His services include basic dog training, “Puppy to Prince” and “Puppy to Princess” training, rescue dog rehabilitation and canine good citizen certification.

Other specialized training includes therapy dog certification, basic scent dog tracking, protection and bark to alert training and even herding camp.

6. Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort

  • Website:http://www.drboyds.com
  • Address: 2147 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110
  • Phone number: (619) 260-6060

Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort offers a tailored training program aimed specifically at solving whatever problems the customer’s dog may be facing. Options for training include day training, resort training or even in-home training if that works best for customers’ schedules.

Because so many training options exist, Dr. Boyd’s offers a training consultation to determine each what methods might work best for individual customers. Training sessions can be in a group setting for puppies or in individual settings for work on specific behaviors.

This includes in-home training if customers want to train their dog on behavior specific to their home. Other San Diego services that Dr. Boyd’s offers include veterinary service, an animal hospital, grooming and dog care and rehabilitation for animals.

7. The Golden Paw

  • Website:http://www.thegoldenpaw.net
  • Address: 3915 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103
  • Phone number: (619) 299-2068

The Golden Paw is a full-service San Diego pet resort, offering dog boarding, dog daycare, dog grooming and dog training. They offer a free one-on-one training evaluation session with a dog trainer to determine what behaviors need to be addressed in the dog.

Once this determination is made, trainers will recommend a training package. With Train and Lodge, dogs are pampered during their stay while also receiving daily obedience training. Basic obedience classes, puppy training classes and private training are also available.

The Golden Paw was voted San Diego’s number one dog boarding service in the 2014 San Diego A List Awards.

8. In Total Command

  • Website:http://www.thegoldenpaw.net
  • Address: 8181 Mission Gorge Rd, Ste H, San Diego, CA 92120
  • Phone number: (619) 913-0569

In Total Command works under the assumption that owners and dogs are also friends, and any friendship is enhanced with mutual understanding and respect. Lead Instructor Ed Rosenbloom will use his 24 years of experience to help customers understand motivate their dogs.

Trainers at In Total Command promote a positive atmosphere and exhibit genuine concern by making sure customers’ training experiences are safe and enjoyable.

In Total Command, located in San Diego, offers beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for varying levels of dogs’ abilities. These classes last six weeks with one hour of class every Saturday. Private lessons can also address individual behaviors.

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