9 Great Options for Dog Training in Bergen County, NJ

Bergen County has many good dog trainers. Many advisors will send you across the water into New York City. While there are many top trainers there too, Northern New Jersey is home to many knowledgeable trainers who use stress-free, safe techniques to get your dog to respond or overcome undesirable behaviors.

Are you trying to house break your puppy? Is your dog aggressive and prone to biting? There are many solutions from group obedience classes to private in-home services. Dog trainers across Bergen County and beyond hold high-level certifications and have some of the best experience in the industry.

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Top 9 Dog Trainers in Bergen County, NJ

1. Behavior Plus

  • Website: http://www.behaviorplus.info

  • Address: 498 Kinderkamack Rd, River Edge, NJ 07661

  • Phone number: (201) 965-7332

Lots of dog care services are available here, but Behavior Plus uses a positive reinforcement strategy to attain proper leash control and obedience. It can address any issues with dog behavior. No dog is ever turned away. From group and private sessions to a bite prevention program, this trainer has it covered.

The company has quite the reputation. It is approved by the NYC Department of Health to rehabilitate dogs from shelters. Behavior Plus is also a consultant for New York Bull Dog Rescue and for a nationwide Jack Russell Rescue Organization. Its online store sells training aids for dogs and hoodies for people.

2. P.A.T. Pet Services, LLC

  • Website: http://www.patpetservices.com

  • Address: Little Falls, NJ 07424

  • Phone number: (201) 937-6123

If you’re looking for positive animal training, this pet training service uses that as its selling point. They’re focused on creating balance for your pet. Pat, nicknamed “Packman” because he can bring dogs and people together as a pack, emphasizes a person’s energy as an influence on their dog.

There’s a strong philosophy about dog rehabilitation and the dog and person as a family unit. Pat also offers leadership coaching for owners plus basic obedience and behavior training for dogs. The staff is trained in doggie first aid, while pet sitting and dog walking services are also available when needed.

3. Primp and Play

  • Website: http://www.primpplay.com

  • Address: 1543 Palisade Ave, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

  • Phone number: (201) 944-9400

This pet boarder and groomer offers the Basic Obedience Stay and Learn Program. If you need pet sitting or boarding, you can fit training in as well. Lenny Flek, a Certified Dog Trainer, runs the training courses and has a degree in Applied Psychology. He’s also certified with Animal Behavior College.

Primp and Play believes that dog training helps to connect people with their pet and is actually good for the dog’s mind. Group lessons and private in-home sessions are held, so you have a flexible approach to the process. Plus, the facility is located in an inconspicuous house in Fort Lee.

4. Meadlowlands Dog Training

  • Website: http://www.meadowlandsdogtraining.com

  • Address: Rutherford, NJ 07070

  • Phone number: (800) 649-7297

The website invites you to take the “barkway”, surely a reference to the Garden State Parkway as the company’s logo plays on a state agency’s. The humor is also reflected in the silhouette of a dog canoeing in the swamplands, but the lead trainer’s experience with debilitating dog behaviors is straight out serious.

From puppies to aggressive dogs, you can get group classes or professional service in your home. The lead trainer is Donna Hartmann. She works with various dog breeds, even ones that are tough to train. Training is reward based and uses techniques that have worked for more than 26 years, the website says.

5. TAKA Dog Walk

  • Website: http://www.takadogwalk.com

  • Address: Weehawken, NJ 07086

  • Phone number: (201) 377-0479

Located near the Lincoln Tunnel, TAKA is billed mainly as a dog walking agency, but its high ratings are also because of its dog training. The focus is on hard work and consistency. They know the commitment it takes to modify behaviors and improve any dog’s well-being.

The trainers use positive reinforcement techniques. This, according to the website, will adjust dog or puppy behaviors to where you want them. You can also take advantage of overnight and boarding services. Dogs are fed, exercised, and receive treats, a facial cleanse, and stress relieving massage.

6. Kellar’s Canine Academy

  • Website: http://kellarscanineacademy.com

  • Address: 128 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

  • Phone number: (201) 845-6300

This full service “academy” offers basic to intermediate canine obedience training for clients across Northern New Jersey. Services also range from puppy socialization to dog agility/sports training. Your dog can learn proper behaviors or tricks in groups or in private training sessions.

Kellar’s believes in building trust and that dog’s learn by earning praise, play, and food. Jodi Kellar is the owner and curriculum director with training in psychology and education. She’s also a member of the National Association of Dog Obedience instructors and other organizations, so you’re in good hands.

7. Second Chance Dog Training Services, Inc.

  • Website: http://secondchancedogtraining.com

  • Address: 1066 Woodland Ave, Oradell, NJ 07649

  • Phone number: (201) 262-7173

Here, all training is positive reinforcement based. You’ll find customized in-home training sessions and if your dog can use some behavior modification, Eileen Haley can help. Her training methods focus on real life situations, from raising a puppy to basic training and managing aggressive behavior.

Obedience programs go from basic to intermediate to advanced. At each level, dogs learn how to properly respond. If you feel your pooch has its behavior down, then take it to the next level and Eileen can teach him or her tricks and even dance moves. All training is customized so your dog’s individual needs are met.

8. Haggerty Dog Training

  • Website: http://www.haggertydog.com

  • Address: 24 Central Ave, Midland Park, NJ 07432

  • Phone number: (201) 444-9893

Haggerty provides stress-free methods of teaching your dog to sit, stay, and otherwise respond to your commands. These methods are also provide harmony. Issues such as nipping, jumping, and housetraining can be dealt with. Day care and training are combined if you need a place for your dog during the week.

If you don’t have a lot to spend, here you can find a private trainer in a two-day boot camp. In five hours, the small class teaches dogs how to respond to commands and behave when being walked. If you want to learn the art of dog training, Haggerty also offers seminars and workshops about the Zen method.

9. Urban K-9

  • Website: http://www.urbank-9.com

  • Address: 314 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

  • Phone number: (347) 416-2535

Urban K-9 teaches all levels of obedience if you don’t mind crossing the water to Brooklyn. From problematic behaviors to anxiety, Dani is committed to intensive training while being caring and relatable. You’ll also find day school, puppy training, and boarding services.

Training dogs for over 10 years, Dani uses motivational techniques so you can better communicate with your dog. She’s also certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. You can work with her privately or via scheduled group classes you can register for on the website.

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