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Dog Training in Pittsburgh (10 Great Reward-Based Trainers)

There are so many great things about owning a dog. You have a constant companion, unconditional love, and a lot of fun. The not so fun part? Dealing with jumping on guests, nipping at ankles, chewing everything in sight, and marking territory. That’s why we’ve created this list of dog trainers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It can be difficult to find a good dog trainer in the Pittsburgh area. For a few of these trainers, you will have to drive a short distance from Pittsburgh, but the rest can be found right in your town. Whether you need obedience or agility training, you can find it in this list.

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10 Dog Trainers In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1. The Dog Stop

  • Address: 1140 Washington Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206
  • Phone Number: (412) 361-0911

The Dog Stop offers both group classes and in-home private training. The group classes are held weekly and do not follow a set curriculum. This allows you to come to class when you can and will introduce your dog to basic training.

The private training will go further than group classes and starts with a phone consultation to address your needs. A customized program will be put together and can address everything from basic commands to behavior modification. The Dog Stop also offers daycare, boarding, walking, and grooming services.

2. Three Rivers Dog Training

  • Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15219
  • Phone Number: (800) 649-7297

Three Rivers Dog Training is a vet recommended program that works on creating lasting results for your dog. They don't just want your dog to succeed during training but outside of training as well. Elissa Weimer is their trainer, and she works alongside a vet team to make sure that all your dogs needs are addressed.

All training at Three Rivers start with an in-home evaluation and from there Elissa will customize a training regime to directly address your dog’s problems. Your dog’s training will be done in your house. Three Rivers also offer puppy, aggressive, and group training.

3. Success Just Clicks Dog Training

  • Address: Pittsburgh, PA 15237
  • Phone Number: (412) 389-0202

Success Just Clicks is fully committed to training dogs using friendly and positive methods. They teach clients to reward good behavior while working to prevent bad behavior. Trainer and owner Tena Parker has been working with dogs for over ten years and has seen numerous success with clicker training.

You can choose which kind of training you would like for your dog. Success Just Clicks has group classes that work on manners, life and social skills, and sports training. If your dog needs more intensive care, you can choose to do private lessons or in home day training where Tena will train your dog and then teach you what they learned.

4. Paula’s Dog Service

  • Address: 228 Waterman Rd., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15025
  • Phone Number: (412) 818-2482

Paula Shimko does not think that you need to use force to train a dog. A dog will learn faster and like learning if you use reward-based methods instead. Paula offers a large variety of training programs to fit your dog’s needs.

To address serious problems like aggression or biting, you can take advantage of private training. Paula will give your dog an initial consultation and build a program from there. You can also enroll your dog in her outdoor group classes to socialize your dog and work with distractions.

5. Camp Bow Wow

  • Address: 1325 Washington Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206
  • Phone Number: (412) 362-7529

Camp Bow Wow has both group classes and private training. Their group classes are set up into three levels and progressively get more advanced. You can start these classes with your puppy or adult dog.

Private training comes in three different styles. You can choose to do in home training with just you and the trainer, or you can come to Camp Bow Wow and do onsite private lessons. You can also choose to have your dog do a board and train program where your dog will stay at their facility for an extended period and be trained.

6. Barb Levenson Dog Training Centers

  • Website:
  • Address: 140 Pennsylvania Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15235
  • Phone Number: (412) 795-9642

For over 30 years, Barb Levenson Dog Training Centers have been helping train dogs. They use positive training methods that are always evolving to keep up with the latest research and science. Because class sizes are limited, instructors can give your dog more individualized attention.

You can take advantage of the numerous classes offered like puppy kindergarten or basic pet training. There is also competition training as well as informational seminars. If your dog has a more severe issue like marking territory, you can get a private consultation with owner Barb Levenson.

7. Golden Triangle Obedience Training Club

  • Address: 91 Terence Dr., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15236
  • Phone Number: (412) 655-9908

Golden Triangle Obedience Training Club is an American Kennel Club certified facility. They want to help promote dog obedience, educate the public about dog training, and support dog performance events. They believe proper training help dogs become enjoyable and contributing members of your family.

Golden Triangle Obedience has three different kinds of training. The first is their basic obedience training that will help your dog learn simple commands and become more well mannered. They can also train your dog to be a tracker as well as compete in agility competitions.

8. Misty Pines Pet Company

  • Address: 2523 Wexford Bayne Rd., Franklin Park, Pennsylvania 15143
  • Phone Number: (412) 364-4122

Misty Pines Pet Company has over 25 acres of land for your dog, and they are only a short 20-minute drive from Pittsburgh. Misty Pines has been in the pet industry since 1975, and they are committed to taking care of all of your pets needs. Along with their dog park, boarding, daycare, and grooming, they have an extensive training program.

Group training classes allow your dog to socialize with other dogs and work with possible distractions. Your dog will go through an orientation class to determine which group class will work best for them. There are puppy classes, obedience classes, and a special growl less class for aggressive dogs.

9. Mr. O’s K-9 Dog Training

  • Address: 2622 Leechburg Rd., New Kensington, Pennsylvania 15068
  • Phone Number: (724) 339-1962

Joseph Orsino Jr. has been working with dogs for over 30 years and has fine-tuned his training programs to help your dog succeed. He believes that each dog has a certain personality type that affects their behaviors. Once he has identified your dog's personality, he will make a training program that will correct problem behaviors.

Mr. O’s is not located in Pittsburgh but is only a 30-minute drive. You will get on I-579 N and follow PA-28 N to PA-366 E and then take exit 14. Then follow PA-366 to Leechburg Road in Lower Burrell.

10. Ringer’s Pet Dog Training

  • Address: 405 E. 6th Ave., Tarentum, Pennsylvania 15084
  • Phone Number: (724) 226-4822

Ringer’s Pet Dog Training has a unique three step approach to dog training. They believe that the combination of a competent learning environment, exercise/socialization, and proper nutrition create the best-behaved dogs. Even though they aren’t located in Pittsburgh, they are only 25 minutes away in Tarentum, Pennsylvania.

Your dog will benefit from the variety of classes that are offered. From puppy etiquette to basic manners to therapy dog training there is something for every dog. If your dog has a more severe issue to work through, you can set up private lessons to modify the behavior.

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