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Doggy Language: How To Tell Your Dog ‘I Love You’ In A Way They’ll Understand

Are you absolutely smitten with your canine companion? Most dog owners keep a special place in their heart for their most adorable, playful, kind and emotionally understanding furry friends out there!

Every dog in the world deserves a warm and loving home, regardless of whether you got it from a shelter, a pet store, a breeder or a pound.

Even though most dogs know that you love them from the fact that you give them food, a roof over their head, treat them kindly, there are a number of ways you can show it. Unfortunately, dogs can\’t exactly reciprocate human love the same way us humans do.

So, instead of showering your dog with hugs and kisses, try to show them love in a way they can truly appreciate.

Here are eight ways you can tell your dog you love them in a \’doggy language\’:

Talk To Them

You probably already do this, but talking to your dog is one of the best ways to show your undying affection for them.

According to Independent, dogs are able to understand human speech better than we thought. So, whenever you\’re talking to them they actually know what you\’re saying.

By speaking to them in a loving way, they\’ll definitely sense your love for them.

Raise Your Eyebrows

Forcefully staring your dog might make them feel aggressive, but if you share gentle, loving eye contact with your pet it can show them your affection for them.

According to a study in Science, a loving gaze between dogs and humans increases oxytocin or the \’love hormone\’ levels in both of them.

Furthermore, another study in Behavioural Processes discovered that the more you move your face when you see your dog, the bigger emotional reaction they\’ll elicit.

Lean On Them

Believe it or not, actual physical leaning on your dog can indicate your love for them! If you\’ve noticed your dog leaning on you before, perhaps while you were washing the dishes or cooking, that was actually your buddy\’s version of a hug!

Thus, you can show your dog you love them back if you lean gently on them (of course, be careful not to squish them too much!).

Sleep With Them In Your Bed

Similar to sleeping with your baby, sleeping with your dog makes them feel comfortable, warm and safe. It also further strengthens the bond between you two. So, sharing a bed or a couch with your dog will relax both you and your best friend.

Groom Or Massage Them

All doggies love being pet, especially receiving belly rubs. Petting your dog also releases oxytocin in both the owner and the dog, making them feel true love.

Aside from petting them, you can opt to give them a grooming session or a gentle massage.

Give Them Ear Rubs

Apparently, dogs\’ ears are full of nerve endings which release endorphins when rubbed. So ear rubs can actually make your dog high.

You might have noticed before how your dog entered a state of trance whenever you rubbed their ears. This definitely shows them you love them!

Take Them On Training Walks

Going with your dog on walks and training it will not only maintain their good behavior, it will also show them you adore them.

Dogs also thrive with routine, so keeping the same routine will show them how much you care about their wants and needs.

Feed Them By Hand

If your dog is still a small puppy, feeding it by hand is an excellent bonding method. If you feed your dog by hand instead of letting them eat from a bowl, they will become comfortable with you faster, eat slowly and learn not to be possessive of food.

So, what are you waiting for? Go home and give your pup that well-deserved belly rub! Show them how much you love them!





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