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Top 10 Flea and Tick Treatments for Dogs (Review)

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Regardless of their small size, fleas cause significant discomfort to your dog. They are known to trigger excessive itching, hot spots, hair loss, and an array of skin and bodily infections that make your four-legged companion have an unpleasant time. Seeing as it is not a new issue, tons of medications have since been manufactured to mitigate the infestation of fleas. Nonetheless, thanks to mutation, these stubborn organisms have since adapted, rendering some effective products of the past pretty ineffective today.

In light of that, this article reveals only the best flea treatment for dogs in commercial circulation today. They have come highly recommended by dog veterinarians, as well as practicing entomologists. If nothing else, before recommending these ten flea eliminators, over 72 hours went into assessing several products based on contents, customer reviews, performance, safety, sensitivity, and price.

With that said, apart from comprehensive reviews of the well-performing flea eliminators, this article also provides a buyer’s guide to see you learn all the vital matters regarding flea treatments. Go through it to know how to navigate the flea treatment market, especially since the items are almost limitless, and there’re several types to evaluate.

What’s the best flea treatment for dogs? If you would like to purchase an excellent flea treatment right away, check out the recommended product to see if it is anything you would want to use.

The Best Flea Medicine for Dogs

Vectra 3D for Dogs

Vectra 3D for Dogs

What is the best flea treatment for dogs? The ideal treatment will get rid of fleas in a moment and bar them from coming back for an extended time. Better yet, it can help eliminate any other menacing pests. From tests and research, the Vectra 3D for Dogs proved to be excellent in achieving all these things.

Comparison Table

Vectra 3D for Dogs
Vectra 3D for Dogs
    Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment
    Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment
      Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic
      Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic
        Advantage II Flea Treatment for Small Dogs
        Advantage II Flea Treatment for Small Dogs
          Sentry Fiproguard Plus for Dogs
          Sentry Fiproguard Plus for Dogs

            How We Pick the Ideal Flea Treatments for Mutts

            Choosing a flea treatment from the many available can prove to be a daunting endeavor, especially if you need to purchase the item for the first time. So, to help, below are some essential things to factor in ahead of picking a particular flea treatment.

            Mode of Administration

            It’s sensible to settle on a treatment that allows for harmless and convenient application. Generally, spot-ons and oral treatments are known to be ideal purchases. But what exactly are these medications?


            These are fluid substances that are applied on the back of a mutt. Usually, within twenty-four hours or so, the treatment will have interacted with the oils on the mutt’s skin, eliminating pests and hindering the growth of other clusters for 1 month or so.

            Oral treatments

            These medications are given orally to introduce pathogen fighting substances into the mutt’s bloodstream in, at most, one hour. Later, when a flea bites the mutt, they’ll ingest the treatment and get eradicated. These medications are swifter when compared to spot-ons but only work for a day or so. As such, they cannot safeguard your animal from recurrent attacks.


            Veterinary , pet care

            It helps to settle on a treatment that is non-toxic for both your four-legged companion and family members. So, be sure to examine the contents of any treatment you purchase. This way, you will avoid any harm should the same get into your eye or even your mutt’s stomach if they lick an area with medication.

            But even with that said, there is no need to slack off while at it. Always ensure that you wear gloves when administering the treatment and wash your hands after the exercise.


            Best flea treatment for dogs ensures that these pests are not only killed as soon as possible but also that they do not return. Furthermore, they need to ease any discomfort that your mutt is experiencing within the shortest possible time.

            By acquiring a treatment that works as both an insecticide and regulator of flea growth, you can quickly kill present fleas and keep them from coming back.

            Effect on Other Pests

            A proper treatment will allow you to finish all fleas in no time and keep them away. Better yet, it can assist in eradicating other harmful pests, case in point, ticks, which are known to bring diseases to both mutts and humans.

            Best 5 Flea and Tick Treatments for Dogs

            Vectra 3D for Dogs

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Vectra

            Form - Topical

            Dog Size - Large

            Price - $$$

            After thorough tests and research, Vectra 3D emerged the best flea treatment for dogs. It’s a quality medication that is administered as a dose to eradicate any flea outbreaks fast. Apart from that, it offers complimentary benefits by also eliminating other stubborn pests, among them ticks and mosquitoes. If nothing else, applying this treatment is straightforward, thanks to the applicator that comes with the product.

            Standout features:

            • Patented applicator
            • Fast-drying, non-greasy, and waterproof
            • Swift performance
            • Protects for 1 month
            • Works on fleas on all life cycles.
            • Starts reducing flea feeding in five minutes;
            • Fights other pests;
            • Doesn’t wear off after contact with water;
            • Straightforward use;
            • 1-month efficacy.
            • Not for mutts under 2 months of age.
            Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Capstar

            Form - Oral

            Dog Size - Medium and Bigger

            Price - $$

            No one wants to purchase something and not get value for what they’ve spent. For controlling these pests, Capstar (Nitenpyram) is the best oral flea treatment for dogs and is sure to deliver unmatched value for your dimes. Once ingested by the mutt, this best chewable flea treatment for dogs gets down to business in only half an hour, easing any discomfort that your four-legged companion was experiencing and eradicating fleas simultaneously. If you breed a mutt over twenty-five pounds in weight, look no further than this best flea treatment for dogs.

            Standout features:

            • Tablet form
            • Manufactured in Switzerland
            • Six doses of 57 mg each
            • Approved by FDA.
            • Real value for money;
            • Works within half an hour;
            • No need for vet’s prescription;
            • Only a single dose per day.
            • Not for mutts under four weeks old.
            Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Veterinary Formula Clinical Care

            Form - Shampoo

            Dog Size - All Sizes

            Price - $

            If you are particular about staying within your budget while eliminating those stubborn pests, then look no further than this flea treatment for mutts. It is available in a shampoo form containing potent contents for treating dermatitis, seborrhea, mange, and other parasitic or bacterial ailments.

            Standout features:

            • 16-ounce or 1-gallon bottle
            • Medicated shampoo
            • Guide for using.
            • Hydrating and anti-fungal properties;
            • No dye, paraben or soap;
            • 100% safe.
            • The best results are achieved only with regular use.
            Advantage II

            Product Information

            Brand Name - BAYER

            Form - Topical

            Dog Size - Small

            Price - $$$

            For you to eradicate fleas, right from their eggs to larvae forms, then look no farther than this best OTC flea treatment for dogs. It offers the best outcomes on small dogs and should be administered by application in six monthly doses. The range of this treatment available today boasts of a new packaging but still maintains its original formula that has proven to be quite effective.

            Standout features:

            • Six monthly doses
            • Waterproof
            • Kills lice
            • Works within twelve hours.
            • Easy to administer;
            • Kills fleas on contact;
            • No fragrance.
            • Suitable for tiny dog breeds only.
            Sentry Fiproguard Plus for Dogs

            Product Information

            Brand Name - SENTRY PET CARE

            Form - Topical

            Dog Size - Medium(more choices on amazon)

            Price - $$

            If you’re in search of the best topical flea treatment for dogs, Sentry Fiproguard does the job well. It acts fast in treating stubborn fleas and ticks and makes sure they don’t come back by killing their eggs and embryo. The product is made with active compounds known to kill parasites instantly.

            The good thing with this treatment is that it’s sold in a value pack of six. With one application being strong enough to guard your furry family member the entire month, buying this flea treatment means that you are sorted for half a year.

            This product is also the best flea treatment for dogs for anyone in search of a waterproof brand. Sentry Fiproguard comes in different varieties depending on the weight of your dog. The usage procedure is straightforward — the treatment is in a tube, which means you will get six small containers for each user. Cut one end of the tube as indicated. Then, part your mutt’s hair between the shoulders and dispense the contents into their skin. Lastly, give the solution a few hours to dry.

            Standout features:

            • 6 tubes for 6 applications
            • For use in 45-88 lb. mutts
            • Water-resistant protectant.
            • Kills fleas, ticks plus their embryos for a month;
            • Easy to dispense;
            • Protects from new invasions for three months;
            • Adequate treatment to last six months.
            • Not suitable for pooches below eight weeks in age.

            Another 5 Great Options

            PETARMOR Plus for Dogs

            Product Information

            Brand Name - PEtarmor

            Form - Topical

            Dog Size - Medium(more choices on amazon)

            Price - $

            This flea treatment will safeguard your mutt from all small parasites that cause them to itch or become unwell. It shields your canine friend from pest infestations, flea larvae and eggs, chewing lice, and ticks. If your pooch isn’t small or large, this treatment is a perfect choice. It ranks together with the best non prescription flea treatment for dogs as you don’t need to visit a vet and a recommendation to purchase it.

            Once you notice that your canine pet has started to develop pesky parasites, you can get PETARMOR and do the application yourself easily. Since it is a topical treatment, you dispense it onto your mutt’s skin, preferably in the space above the shoulders.

            Standout features:

            • Six individual tubes in a pack

            • Created for medium mutts (23-44 lbs.)

            • The similar formula as Frontline Plus

            • Water-resistant.

            • Kills full-grown fleas for up to 90 days;
            • For canines of all ages;
            • Wonderful for animals with long hair too;
            • Quite affordable.
            • Can be messy if not applied right.
            Activyl For Large Dogs

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Activyl

            Form - Topical

            Dog Size - From Small

            Price - $$

            If you are struggling to control fleas on your large mutt and have tried dozens of treatment options, Activyl might just kick your troubles away. This best flea treatment for large dogs acts as both a blocking and control measure. With a single treatment, you can expect fleas to begin dying in as little as 8 hours. The formula keeps working for four weeks before your mutt requires another application.

            Also, this best flea treatment for large dogs offers a guard against ticks. Also, it ensures that fleas don’t come back by destroying their eggs and young ones too. The treatment stays on the animal’s skin even after a bath, swim, or playing in the water.

            Perhaps the standout quality about this treatment is that it doesn’t have a scent. Coupled with fast-drying, you won’t need to lock your pet away for long hours to let the formula sink in or keep away the smell. With this pack, you can protect your furry buddy for three months straight.

            Standout features:

            • Begins working in eight hours

            • Comes in a pack of three doses

            • Resistant to water

            • It doesn’t have a fragrance.

            • No strong smell;
            • Dries fast;
            • Adequate protection for large mutts.
            • Not recommended for animals below 44 pounds.
            TevraPet Activate

            Product Information

            Brand Name - TevraPet

            Form - Topical

            Dog Size - Small

            Price - $

            If you have lots of dogs, flea treatment can take a considerable chunk of your monthly budget. But, if you want to save on cash, this best cheap flea treatment for dogs is just as effective as more expensive brands for a fraction of the price.

            Apart from being quite affordable, TevraPet Active II also comes with four dozes. So, you won’t need to restock on flea treatment for at least four months. This product boast of using the same active compounds as those found in K9 Advantix II but at a much lower price.

            It protects your mutt by killing small bugs and parasites within 12 hours. It then repels all kinds of crawling and flying pests that come near for the next four weeks. That includes not just fleas, but also mosquitos, flies, lice as well as ticks. This potent liquid destroys these insects, regardless of their life stages.

            Standout features:

            • For pooches between 11-20 pounds

            • Kills as well as repels small insects

            • Vet-approved quality

            • Four monthly doses in one.

            • Works as both a repellant and killer;
            • Manufactured in the United States;
            • Effortless administration;
            • Low priced.
            • Not for small canines or cats.
            Vet's Best Flea and Tick Home Spray

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Vet's Best

            Form - Spray

            Dog Size - All Sizes

            Price - $

            Not a fan of topicals or tablets in the treatment of flea infestations? A spray can also work as good as the best spot on flea treatment for dogs. Perhaps the best spray in the market is home spray from the brand Vet’s Best. Apart from being the most effective spray, it is also the best flea tick treatment for dogs in the natural treatment category.

            To make the product, the company uses naturally-sourced ingredients. So, the product is generally safe for pets and households. It also has a lower risk of allergic reactions compared to chemical treatment options.

            For easy application, this solution comes in a convenient spray bottle. Peppermint is added to this organic treatment to give it a pleasant fresh smell that helps to relax your pup while repelling small flies and bugs. It stops itching and discomfort almost immediately after spraying on your mutt’s coat/ skin. The product is solely external and has no way of entering your mutt’s blood or internal system.

            Standout features:

            • Made from essential oils

            • Enhanced with peppermint

            • Packed in a 32-ounce spray bottle

            • Made with peppermint oil

            • Child and pet safe;
            • A pleasant scent that keeps parasite at bay;
            • No toxic chemical components;
            • Acts quickly upon spraying.
            • May need more than one spraying round to get rid of an infestation.
            Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Adams

            Form - Shampoo

            Dog Size - All SIzes

            Price - $

            To complete this list of the best treatment for fleas and other parasites is this awesome shampoo from Adams. It is the best rated flea treatment for dogs in the pests control shampoo category and rightly so. This shampoo works wonders in dealing with ticks as well as fleas on all kinds of pets, including a dog, cat, kitten, and puppy.

            The product includes a growth inhibitor that keeps your animals protected for up to 28 days. As long as your canine is three months or older, it is a safe alternative to other treatment options. It is also made for animals with sensitive skin and has soothing compounds like oatmeal, lanolin, and aloe.

            Standout features:

            • Made for mutts and cats

            • Packaged in a 24-ounce shampoo bottle with a pump

            • Includes insect growth inhibitor

            • Formulated for sensitive skin.

            • Offers protection against insects for 28 days;
            • Fresh smell;
            • Soothes skin;
            • It comes in a big bottle with a convenient pump.
            • Has a significant scented.

            A Proper Guide to Administering Flea Treatments for Mutts

            When you want to deal with pesticides, it makes sense to proceed with caution, given that most of them contain toxic substances. Here is a guide to help you in this endeavor:

            1. Decide whether you need to administer a preventative or quick performing treatment. The former is suitable if the flea problem just does not seem to go away, while the latter is excellent for eradicating fleas fast.

            2. Ensure that you administer a treatment dose that matches the weight of your mutt.

            3. If you breed other pets in the house, say, felines, it is sensible to use a treatment that does not affect them adversely. It’s particularly important to do this since some treatments have contents that can harm felines while being fine for mutts and humans.

            How to Identify the Perfect Flea Treatment for Your Mutt

            Finding the ideal treatment can prove to be incredibly challenging since not all people know about the varieties of available flea control substances. So, to help below is a list of the same:

            Veterinary antiparasitic placing a pipette into a Chow Chow in the consultation
            • Oral tablets and chews for flea management: Good for the swift elimination of fleas.
            • Topical flea solutions: They’re excellent for preventing future outbreaks.
            • Collars: These are plastic bands that are coated in chemicals that ward off fleas and ticks.
            • Flea sprays: Such a treatment is administered by spritzing as instructed by the usage guidelines.
            •  Flea shampoos: They are gently introduced to the mutt’s coat some minutes before they are bathed.

            That said, to identify the appropriate treatment for your mutt, first, understand the situation they are in, and then select a flea control substance that will work best for them.

            FAQs on Treatment for Small Bugs on Mutts

            What would you want to know about treatment for fleas on canines? These answers cover the most commonly asked questions out there:

            What Distinct Kinds of Pest Treatments Are There?

            You can find a variety of flea meds for pups, and other pets in the market. The more popular ones come as topicals, chewables, sprays, collars, or shampoos.

            How Do Flea Treatments Function?

            tick and flea prevention for a purebred german pointer dog

            Spot on (topical) medication usually deposits insecticide to the sebaceous glands (responsible for oil production). It then spread through the skin and attacks fleas and ticks present. Some products contain a growth regulator that inhibits eggs from attaining maturity. Shampoos and sprays kill insects upon contact. Collar release a repellant that keeps unwanted bugs away from the mutt coat. Oral medications are chewed or swallowed and work from the inside out.

            Would an Organic Flea Treatment be Effective?

            Yes. These natural treatments use essential oils from peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, etc., which are wonderful for controlling fleas and also safe for home-usage.

            What Do I Do If My Pooch Has a Reaction to Treatment?

            Mutts, much like humans, are unique and can, therefore, react to particular flea treatment. If they suffer from an adverse reaction (mild or severe), discontinue the medication you are using and see your vet immediately.

            How Exactly Do Pets End Up with Fleas?

            Mutts and cats get fleas through close contact with another animal that has them or from an environment that is infested with fleas. These insects have strong hind legs that allow them to hop from one host to another or from the environment and onto the host.


            Now that you have discovered the best over the counter flea treatment for dogs available, you can make a more informed purchase. Vectra 3D is our overall pick, as it is both effective and safe. However, other options are available depending on what you are searching for precisely. Have you tried out any of these options? We’d like to hear your suggestions, comments, tips, or experience.


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