I absolutely love my long-haired white dog but she sheds like crazy, leaving her fur on clothes, furniture, and the floor. My entire house is left in a furry mess and it seems almost impossible to get rid of her white hair on clothing.  

I remember one time when I traveled overseas for holiday only to find her white hair in my briefcase. I have tried different remedies but nothing seemed to work.

This was until last summer when I took her to the groomer’s for claw grinding and I noticed they were using Furminator to do dog grooming.

I asked if the company had something to prevent my furry buddy from shedding and they answered in the affirmative. I started researching more on the brand and I discovered that they have a wide range of products that can help make your dog adorable. 

FURminator For Dogs Undercoat Deshedding Tool For Dogs
    FURminator Adjustable deMatter
      FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush
        FURminator Grooming Rake
          FURminator Dual Grooming Brush

            Overall, Furminator has some of the most amazing dog products. One of their most popular products is the Furminator dog deshedding brush. They also have a wide range of products such as grooming brushes, shampoos. and many others. 

            With a special hair reduction system, Furminator offers professional and convenient grooming from the comfort of your home. The tools run through the fur, removing loose hair without damaging the skin of your pooch.

            Like many other brands out there, their products are only effective when used regularly. To help you make a choice, I have created this detailed Furminator review.

            Furminator Review: Ratings

            It is not often that you come across a product that is highly rated by users even with over ten thousand reviews. The Furminator shedding brush is one of those products. Many users agree that it takes off a lot of hair from pooches without hurting them. 

            All of their other products such as the finishing combs, finishing sprays, and anti-shedding Furminator shampoo are also highly rated. This is a good indication that all the Furminator products are worth the money.

            I, therefore, agree that Furminator has created safe and efficient products. When you use their de-shedding tools together with their other products, you will have an amazing experience.

            With the many good ratings of the product coupled with my own experience, I can confidently give the Furminator products an appetizing 4.5 out of five stars.

            Product Analysis

            It is important to note that your dog’s undercoat hair is the problem when it comes to shedding. This is the hair you usually see when you are sweeping your house, car, or boat. 

            The most popular product from the company is the Furminator de-shedding tool. This is the tool that made the product popular before they added their other lines of products.

            The tool doesn’t cut the topcoat hair and this enables the undercoat to breathe and regulate the dog’s temperature. The tool was crafted by Angie Porter, a professional groomer which is probably why it is easy to notice the expert craftsmanship.

            It is a convenient and efficient tool that will provide you with satisfying results. The tool has specially designed teeth that are able to reach deep under the top coat.

            Tish tool that is popular with many professional groomers is categorized into two groups: long-haired canines and short-haired canines. Each of these groups has brushes in five different sizes.

            It is made of high-quality stainless teeth that have the design of a rake. It has an ergonomic,  easy-to-grip rubber handle to help remove the hair.

            To enhance the usability of the Furminator, the tool comes with a Furejector button. All you need to do is to press the button and you will clean and get rid of the loose hair you have brushed from your pet.

            To get the best results, you can use the deshedding brush in combination with the dog rake and their Furminator shampoo which has been designed to help reduce excessive shedding.

            I recommend that you use the de-shedding tool twice a month for about ten to twenty minutes. However, during spring or summer, when shedding is heavy, you may need to use the tool a few more times.

            While it doesn’t cut the skin of your pooch, I recommend that you read through the instructions carefully.

            Where To Buy

            You can buy Furminator tools on Amazon and other physical and online retailers that cater to dog hygiene products. You can find different sizes that can accommodate different hair lengths.

            Take note that the Furminator is more expensive in physical stores and your best bet is, therefore, buying on Amazon, where it is usually much cheaper. Buying from Amazon will also ensure that you do not purchase fake products.

            A Detailed Furminator Review

            According to the manufacturer, the Furminator can help you reduce shedding by over ninety percent. From my experience using the brush and reading other Furmicator reviews, I can say that this is possible.

            In fact, after using the brush once or twice, you will begin to see less shedding. You will be surprised by the amount of hair you will be able to remove in a short time even though the product is more effective when used regularly. 

            With regular use, you will no longer see hair on the floor, furniture, or dog bed. What is even better is that the majority of dogs enjoy being brushed with the grooming product.

            In summary, let us look at the pros and cons of the Furminator products:

            • Comes in different colors/options for different breeds and dog sizes
            • Effective in removing hair on dog’s undercoat
            • No damage to the top coat
            • Comes with a button to remove trapped hair
            • Easy to use
            • Durable and comfortable design


            • More expensive than other basic grooming tools
            • Can cause irritation on sensitive dogs when wrongly used

            You can see a video of how the products work:

            Top 5 Furminator Products

            This Furminator for dogs review would be incomplete without looking at their most popular products. These are:

            1. FURminator For Dogs Undercoat Deshedding Tool For Dogs

            This is, without a doubt, the most popular product from Furminator. It is recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers as it helps to minimize shedding more than other brushes, combs, or rakes.

            The tool is suitable for dogs with short, medium, or long hair. With this dog deshedder tool, you can get rid of the loose and dead undercoat without causing damage to the healthy and shiny coat of your pooch.  

            The brush is available in different sizes to meet the needs of short as well as long-haired canines. Ensure that you choose the right size for your dog and the right blade length for your dog’s coat.

            When grooming using the tool, avoid applying a lot of pressure on the dog’s skin. This is because dogs can suffer from skin irritation as a result of wrong and improper use. This is especially the case for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.

            Take note that the Furminator brush is not recommended for use in dogs that have a single coat or are continuously growing hair such as Shih Tzus and Poodles. In this case, it is advisable to use the Furmicator rake.

            Matting affects all types of coats. It pulls on the skin causing severe pain, discomfort, or irritation. With the FURminator Adjustable deMatter, mat removal doesn’t have to be a problem as it removes matted hair easily and gently.

            The tool removes the uncomfortable mats on both short- and long-hair breeds. It has cutting edges made of curved stainless steel to ensure a clean and safe environment.

            It has an ergonomic rubber handle that enables a firm and secure grip. 

            At times, you may be unable to visit your pet stylist. However, you do not have to worry as the Furminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush can provide you with the same result that you can get from a professional groomer.

            One side of the brush consists of straight bristles while the other side is made of bent bristles. The bent bristles are meant for removing the knots and mats while the straight ones are suitable for finishing the brushing.

            A dog’s skin can go through a lot of pressure in harsh weather conditions. The impact of harsh weather conditions is usually worse on a dog with mats. To protect your dog's skin during winter, you need to groom the dog’s fur using the right tool.

            The dual flex head design enables the brush to follow the dog’s natural contour and this reduces pressure on the dog’s skin. The brush is suitable for long and curly coats as it helps to get rid of the tangles and surface mats without pulling or damaging the coat.

            The dog grooming brush is made of an ergonomic handle that enables it to remain comfortably and securely in your hand. It is also made of antimicrobial plastics that help to prevent the buildup of bacteria and germs.

            This brush is a great choice for a clean and healthy coat. 

            No two dog coats are the same. A canine has two coats: the inner coat and the outer coat, which is visible to the naked eye.

            This is why experts suggest that there is a need for the right dog nutrition for a healthy coat. On top of nutrition, you need to get a grooming tool with de-shedding edges that can remove the hair hidden in the undercoat.

            One of the tools that can easily and effectively do that is the Furminator grooming rake. The tool is meant to separate and untangle fur. 

            Its role is to get rid of mats from the breeches and undercoats as it consists of shaped lines that follow the contours of your pet. The rounded pins rotate three-hundred-sixty degrees and help remove the mats and tangles without any tugging or skin irritation. 

            It is a great choice for use on dogs that have long coats. 

            This is another grooming brush that does an excellent job of removing the loose hair and debris such as dirt, burdocks, and leaves.  The grooming brush has two sides: nylon and a pin bristle brush to handle different kinds of coats.

            The pin brush is suitable for pets that have a silky coat and is also good for removing debris from dogs with a short coat. It can also be used to finish long coats as it spreads the natural oils and creates a beautiful coat.

            On the other hand, it is perfect for dogs with long coats. It consists of a flexible bristle and a padded base that follow the contours of those areas that are difficult to brush.

            The tool comes with a cover base to protect the bristles from getting deformed or smashed during storage. 

            My Final Thoughts

            As a dog owner, one of the important lessons I have learned is that dealing with shedding can seem like an uphill task. While it is hard to prevent my pooch from shedding, I have taken the right step to reduce the amount of hair in my home using Furminator products.

            I have realized that most of the hair I see in my home is usually from the undercoat. The hair is usually trapped beneath the topcoat and is later shed all over my home. This is where Furminator has proven to be a savior. The tools that are designed by professional groomers are able to reach deeper than the topcoat and remove hair from the undercoat. 

            They are able to remove loose hair without hurting my dog or damaging her undercoat. Their products have helped me to reduce my cleaning time as I am able to get rid of loose hair before it ends up in my house. I have given these tools two thumbs up. I would recommend them to any dog owner who is struggling with shedding.