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How Can Puppy Yoga Help Your Pet?

How Can Puppy Yoga Help Your Pet?

You’ve already heard about yoga and the wonderful things it can do for your physical and mental health. On the same note, you know how your pet dogs can help you become more active and healthier. However, you should also make sure that your puppy gets a regular dose of exercise. Lack of physical activity may lead to health problems for your pooch.

Do you know that there are yoga studios offering yoga classes for people with pet pooches, such as the one in this video? Puppy yoga, or aptly called “doga,” is one of the best things that can happen to a yoga fanatic and a dog lover.

These yoga classes for puppies are done in a safe environment together with their owners and a knowledgeable doga instructor. Practicing yoga with your puppy has several benefits for you and your beloved pooch.

Benefits of Puppy Yoga for Your Pet

Puppy yoga classes bring a new twist to your usual yoga routines. If it’s your puppy’s first time to join a doga class, it may not be comfortable doing assisted poses yet. However, by attending puppy yoga classes regularly, you and your puppy will get accustomed to it.

Aside from getting a break from your typical yoga classes, doing yoga with your puppy benefits your pet in several ways.

1. Improved Flexibility

Doga involves a lot of stretching, which can help improve your puppy’s flexibility. Although you cannot expect your dog to perform the same poses throughout the yoga class, chances are, they will imitate you in some of the yoga positions.

The stretching exercises help improve the flexibility of your pet’s joints and muscles. Improved flexibility with regular puppy yoga classes help your dog become less susceptible to injuries.

2. Relieves Stress

Yoga is one of those exercises that can help relieve stress. People turn to yoga exercises not just to stay fit, but also to relax their mind.

Yoga helps improve your puppy’s physical fitness, and it also helps them become calmer and more focused. Thus, practicing yoga with your pup improves you and your pet’s mental well-being.

The breathing exercises are especially beneficial to dogs who are hyperactive or easily agitated.

3. Develops Social Skills

Doga is a great way to help your puppy become more sociable pets. When you join a puppy yoga class, your puppy meets other pets who are brought by their respective owners. If you’re a yoga enthusiast with a puppy, it’s also a great way to meet other dog lovers and have your pooch interact with other dogs.

Therefore, puppy yoga can help develop your puppy’s social skills by meeting other people and dogs in a relaxed and controlled environment.

4. Fun and Entertaining

Unlike regular yoga classes, puppy yoga is lighthearted and fun. If you’re looking for an entertaining physical activity for your pet, doga is the answer.

As mentioned, puppy yoga classes are great for dogs because they interact with their owners, as well as other people and their puppies. There are no strict poses to follow – just simple stretching and breathing exercises in a fun yet soothing environment.

Your puppy will be happy to be involved in a relaxing and enjoyable physical activity.

5. Better Fitness

Aside from improving your puppy’s bone and muscle flexibility, yoga will help burn fat and build muscle.

Young dogs need to develop strong bones and muscles through regular exercises and physical activities. Running at the park or strolling along the beach is a great way to give your pooch its daily dose of exercise. But, yoga is gentler on the body since it’s a low-impact workout.

Thus, doga is an excellent way to get rid of your puppy’s extra weight, which will help them become stronger as they grow older.

How Can Puppy Yoga Help Your Pet?

6. Bonding with Your Pup

Puppy yoga is a great way to spend precious time with your beloved pooch. The doga instructor may ask the pet owners to help their puppies perform assisted yoga poses. Ideally, the puppies should keep still for a few minutes.

Spending time with your dog through puppy yoga improves trust and strengthens your bond. You can show your puppy your love by bringing him with you on special activities, such as puppy yoga classes.


Dogs are sociable animals – they love interacting with other people and pets. Pet owners should always look for ways to involve their puppies in different kinds of physical activities.

Yoga for puppies is a fun way to bond while boosting your pet’s physical and mental well-being. Doga has many benefits for puppies, but it also allows you to become a more responsible and loving pet owner.


Dr. Blanchette lives in the northeast working at emergency clinics for pets. Although Dr. Emily Blanchette has experience with many kinds of pets, she is particularly fond of cats. In her work, however, she deals with both dogs and cat patients with equal care and attention. Dr. Emily does basic fact-checking for our blog and writes articles of her own.

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