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A Guide to the Indoor Dog Potty Toilet

Indoor dog potty toilet

If you have a busy life that is marked by an unpredictable schedule or you live in a location with extreme weather, it can prove to be a big challenge taking your pooch out to pee.

The dog potty toilet can also prove to be a lifesaver if your dog poops a lot.

Fortunately, the best indoor dog potties have been manufactured to solve this problem. Indoor toilets are the right alternative to taking your canine out in extreme weather or making them hold their pee all day long.

The best indoor dog potty has been made to hold more urine as compared to pads. They are also weather resistant and it is, therefore, possible to use them on patios and balconies where pads can’t be used.

Affordable NATURAL GRASS solution for:

  • Apartments / dwellings with no backyard;
  • Housetraining puppies and adult dogs;
  • Traveling with pets (hotels, boats, planes);
  • Puppies during vaccination periods;
  • Harsh weather outside (hurricanes, blizzards, heavy snow, etc.);
  • Busy owners;
  • Pet parents who have difficulty getting a dog outside;
  • Old and arthritic dogs.

* Available in 4 sizes from Standard to XL

These indoor toilets can prove to be helpful if you are training your puppy.

In order to reap the benefits of the indoor toilet, you will need to make a good choice of one. This is because many dogs will often see it as a toy to scratch, drag, or even chew. This is particularly the case with older dogs that are used to eliminating on pee pads or outdoors.

To help you make the right choice of a dog potty, I have created this detailed guide. Read on to understand how to make the right choice.

Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty
Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty
    Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty With Real Grass
    Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty With Real Grass
      Any Pet Indoor Dog Training Toilet
      Any Pet Indoor Dog Training Toilet
        Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat
        Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat
          BrilliantPad Automatic
          BrilliantPad Automatic

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            Is It Possible To Get a Good Indoor Dog Potty Toilet?

            There are so many dog potties that are available out there in different designs, materials, and sizes. There are those that use real grass that has been grown hydroponically while others use artificial turf.   Some of the common types of indoor potties include:

            • Fresh grass potties: Usually more expensive to buy but simpler to maintain
            • Fake grass potties: Cheaper but require more labor to prevent odors
            • Litter boxes: Use litter instead of grass

            Potties also come in a combination of pans, absorbent materials, and trays. Your choice of an indoor potty will depend on a number of factors such as:

            • How long you will be using it
            • The size of your canine friend
            • Ease of cleaning
            • The environment where it will be used

            Another key consideration to make is the cost of the equipment. Fresh grass potties are usually better as compared to other options which will require more energy to keep everything maintained.

            Consider also if your dog will easily decide to use the potty. Some dogs will be easily trained on grass but they will be bothered by the fake grass.

            It may be necessary to try different types of potties before you choose one that is best suited for your dog.

            Top 5 Best Indoor Dog Potties

            Now that we already know how to pick the right dog potty, let us look at the various options available on the market today that I can recommend.

            Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty

            The Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty is one I loved due to its snap on/off grate system that prevents teething puppies from reaching the pad. It also has a quality plastic that holds the training pad in place.

            While it is suited for puppies and small breeds of dogs, not only is it made of durable materials but it has been made to keep your puppy’s paws dry.

            The pet potty is easy to clean and is fitted with a perforated grate that allows the pee to flow below the feet of the pet onto the training pads. It is also small enough for a puppy to use without playing on it.

            The rubber pads help to keep the tray in place. This ensures that the pad remains dry and cannot be chewed by your pet. It is the perfect choice for teething puppies and small dogs weighing less than 20 lbs.

            One of the cons I found about it is the fact that if the pet defecates on the puppy pad holder, it will be wedged between the equipment’s grid, making it more difficult to clean.

            Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty With Real Grass

            If you would like a dog potty that overcomes the limitations that come with the pee pads and plastic potties, you need to consider the Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass.

            This is among the most popular dog potties due to its appearance on Shark Tank. One of its unique features is that it comes with a fully disposable unit that doesn’t need any cleaning. It is also made of real grass that is able to absorb the odors and urines.

            The fact that it is made of natural and absorbent grass means your dog can easily stand on it. Unlike the artificial turfs that are prone to smell, this equipment is made with hydroponically-grown grass which means it is super absorbent and produces less odor.

            The well-built container is leak-resistant and the grass will help your home smell fresh as hydroponically grown grass is able to neutralize odors.

            The one downside I found for this dog potty is the price. As compared to its competitors, the product is overpriced. There are also a few isolated cases of bugs that have been reported.

            Any Pet Indoor Dog Training Toilet

            If you have a puppy that you are trying to train, the Any Pet Indoor Dog Training Toilet is the right option for you. The indoor dog toilet is quite comfortable for a puppy to use and it is a great choice for keeping the pee away from the feet of your dog.

            The tray is made of sturdy and long lasting features, including an attached rubber footing that helps to prevent sliding on the floor.

            Plus, the surface comes with a special coating that helps the urine to flow off quickly. Since the tray is made of a durable, perforated grate, it is possible for the pee to flow directly below the feet of your pet and into newspaper or training pads. Since your dog will have dry paws, it means he will not chew them.

            Any Pet Indoor Training Toilet has features that are easy to install. You can also place the toilet at your preferred location.

            With this indoor dog toilet, you will no longer need to replace torn puppy pads. This is because it has a grate system that snaps on and off to prevent teething puppies from reaching the newspaper or training pads in the pee holder.

            The one downside of this dog potty is that it is only good for small dog breeds and puppies. If you have a dog that weighs more than 25 lbs, you are better off considering another option.

            Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat

            The Dog Grass Pee Pad Potty is an artificial grass patch that has been made specifically for our fur friends. It is a great choice for people who are aiming to encourage positive behaviors in the lives of their pets.

            This is one indoor toilet that can prove helpful if you are trying to house train a puppy.

            It has been built to last long as it is made with a strong and durable plastic that is also leak-proof.  Any poop or pee will drain through to the bottom layer. This ensures that it is simple and easy to clean up. All you need to do while cleaning is to wipe down and rinse off. Alternatively, you can scrub it gently using a mild soap.

            It is also easy to use this dog potty. All you need to do is place it on top of grates and the pet will be ready to go.

            The majority of dogs love using it. Even if you find your dog resisting it, just give him a few days to adjust and adapt.

            One of the downsides that I noted in it is that it does not come with two grass pads as promised which can be misleading. If this is the reason why you were considering buying the indoor dog toilet, you will need to consider another option.

            Cases of the plastic warping before it has been removed from the box have also been reported. The stench of the plastic can be overwhelming at first as well. Despite these issues, their customer care is not very responsive. Apart from these downsides, it is an indoor dog potty station that is worth considering.

            BrilliantPad Automatic Self-Cleaning Indoor Potty for Puppies and Small Dogs – 2.0 Machine with 1 Roll

            The BrilliantPad is a dog potty that is in a class of its own.  This is because it is the first automatic, self-cleaning dog potty. If you opt for this brand, all you will need to do is to push a button and the waste will roll away. You will no longer need to handle your dog’s mess.

            The product provides a perfect place for your dog to relieve himself. It is the right choice for use in extreme weather conditions or when your arrival at home is delayed.

            After your fur buddy has relieved himself, the waste gets automatically rolled away and sealed between layers made with waterproof and absorbent materials that hold in moisture and odor. If you need to discard the used pad roll, it makes it seamless.

            The disposable potty pads are made using a polymer that soaks the liquids and seals the unpleasant smell. After this has been sealed and wrapped, the waste is rolled away to ensure that your home not only remains clean but also odorless.

            BrilliantPad has an automatic and adjustable timer that helps to control the frequency of replacing the pads. You can choose once, twice or even thrice in a day. There is also a manual pad advance button that gives you the freedom to replace pads as much as you want.

            The fact that you can choose the number of times you would like the roll to rotate means you can be assured that a clean section will be there even when you are away from home. This is the perfect choice for small dogs and puppies that are potty training.

            You can preview how it works on Youtube.

            One downside of the best indoor potty system is that it is not completely automatic and you’ve still got to do a bit of cleaning. However, it is worth noting that the cleaning will be a lot less as compared to the other options.

            It would have been better if the manufacturer had made it possible to operate is with a battery.

            The price of the product is also high. This is something that you would expect of such premium products and the majority of those who have made the decision to buy say that it is worth every penny.

            Final Thoughts

            In order to make it easier to potty train your fur friend, you will need to first understand their potty needs. On top of this, you will need to get a good dog potty that meets his needs. Remember that it is advisable to start the potty training as early as possible as it is easier to train a puppy as compared to a mature dog.

            Going through indoor dog potty reviews can help to make the right choice. The good news is that I have created this list to help you get started. Choose one of the above options, be patient with the training, and you will see your desired results.

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            Piddle Place Indoor Dog Toilet
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            Piddle Place Bio+ Treatment Turf Pad Maintenance
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            • Size - Combo Pack
            • Provides long-lasting freshness
            • Lab-proven to eliminate pet odors
            Piddle Place Bio+ Treatment Turf Pad Maintenance Refill
            • Brand Name - Piddle Place
            • Size - 3.5 x 0.75 x 5 inches
            • For use with the the Piddle Pad Indoor Dog & Cat Toilet
            • Made in the USA

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