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Top 10 LED Dog Collar of 2020 Review

Black dog wearing a blue LED collar sits in the snow

There are many LED neckbands that are crowding the scene. It becomes a hassle to distinguish between one from another. The new releases of the dog necklaces are changing how you ensure your pooch is safe. Below is a product list of some of the most recommended LED dog collars. The review includes products that have high functionality, comfort, durability, and affordability.

Illumiseen LED series 

The top recommendation comes from a trusted brand with a variety of illuminated products. The Illumiseen LED series of the dog collar has a set of functions for your dog. It has added brightness to ensure incoming motorists and drivers notice the presence of your dog from far. It has multiple modes for ensuring all-time protection.

Illumiseen Dog Collar LED Light
    • Three varying lighting modes
    • LED lights strands
    • Tightening clips
BSEEN Rechargeable Dog Collar
    • Glowing TPU tube
    • One size for all fit
    • USB rechargeable
FOCUSPET Solar and Rechargeable Dog Collar
    • Steady flashlight stream
    • Two flash modes
    • Solar recharge
MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar
    • Three flash modes
    • Weather and dustproof
    • USB rechargeable
BSEEN LED Waterproof Dog Collar
    • Silicone material
    • Hand control switch
    • Adjustable size
NiteHowl Glow in the Dark Dog Collar
    • Unique color-blending pattern
    • Bright RGB LED
    • 360 visibility angle
Pet Industries LED Metal Buckle Dog Collar
    • Two fiber optic strips
    • Waterproof
    • Three flashing modes
LED Illuminated Dog Collar
    • Seven color changing mode
    • Multicolor brink mode
    • Three varied sizes
HiGuard USB Rechargeable LED Collar
    • 360-degree visibility
    • Built-in battery
    • 70 cm neck width
Domi Small Dog Breed LED Collar
    • TPU light tube
    • LED Reflective nylon stitches
    • 12-inch neck length

Who Should Purchase a LED Lighted Up Collar?

A LED theme dog collar is an essential device for any dog owner with outdoor activities after dark. Are you planning on going for hunting or only a walk in the dark at your favorite park? The best LED dog collar is the perfect accompaniment. Imagine walking in the foggy weather with poor visibility. Ensure your dog is safe from speeding motorists with the collar.

Tips on Choosing the Best LED Dog Neckband

In case you are a rookie in this field, you are bound to have a rough time in selecting a preferred product. Below is a list of considerations you should take into account when choosing your favorite product.

Overall Design

The first thing that will attract you to a LED dog collar is the appearance. Most of the lighted neckbands come in a variety of designs. Some neckbands come with strips around the neck width. Others come fitted with an illuminated section of the collar. There are the standard types that come with a LED clip attached.

Durability and Quality

Given the shelf-life of LED lights, you need to aim for a long-lasting device that can stand the test of time. Most durable dog collars come from high-quality materials such as nylon. You should check the material of the buckles and clasps to ensure you have a quality fit.

Brightness Levels

The main aim of a product is to increase the visibility of your dog in a dark environment. Therefore, the priority should be the brightness of the device. If it is possible, opt for a collar that can be seen from the farthest distance with the least strain.


The brightness of a LED collar depends on the charge of the device. There are two types of batteries that are common with the LED collars. The first type is the built-in rechargeable batteries charged through a USB cable. A full charge can get you up to a week of walks with your dog without any interference. The second kind is the rechargeable batteries that are replaced once the charge is depleted.


A common trend with all the LED lighting systems is that they run on batteries. There is a stark contrast between water and electricity. Since you will be spending hours in the outdoors, you need a waterproofed device around your dog’s beck in case it rains. A waterproof device also means your dog can still have the urge to go for a quick swim.


Glowing pink LED collar for pets

LED lights can be viewed from a distance depending on the use of colors. Most devices have a wide range of colors for the collar. Find the perfect combination of colors that are visible from a distance. Play around the colors for a fun time with your dog during your outdoor walks.

Adjusting and Resizing

In case you have a restless dog in your hands, you will have to adjust the collar around its neck continuously. Therefore, you need a comfortable collar that comes with a long neck length to fit your dog perfectly.

Featured Categories

In this piece, we will look into the different dog collars that light up. We will look into LED collars that either plug into the wall to recharge or can do it via solar power. We will be keen on battery life since this will determine how often you have to get the collar off your dog for recharging. The solar versions will be better because they recharge as your dog runs around.

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar - USB Rechargeable - Available in 6 Colors & 6 Sizes

Starting on this epic journey is the latest release of the LED glow dog collar. The dog collar ranks as the best due to its variety of functions. The main point of LED lights is to ensure you have your eyes on your dog even if its yards away. The Illumiseen product attaches two strands of high functioning LED lights covering the entire neck length.

Play around with the colors for a fun product in your hands. The LED lights come with two flashing modes for a dense night or mild one. It comes with easily accessible clips fitted on the collar.

The dog collar has a packaged USB cable to charge the in-built battery. The charging cable comes as part of the overall package. The usability of the collar ensures up to five hours of use with only a full charge. A full charge can you last several walks around the park without any hassle.

The collar comes with an array of colors to choose from. It packs six different colors with five varying sizes. The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee when you purchase the product.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable materials
  • Five hours run-time
  • Adjustable nylon collar
  • A bit expensive
BSEEN LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable Glowing Pet Collar, TPU Cuttable Dog Safety Lights for Small Medium Large Dogs

The collar resembles more of a necklace patched around your dog’s neck. It has a beautiful design that glows brightly with a 360-degree lighting angle. Furthermore, you can customize the length of the neckpiece by cutting one end of the piece. You can connect the cut end to the rest of the control house with the LED device.

The best part about the LED flashing dog collar is that it is highly visible. It comes with a UTP tube that shines bright, especially in the dark. A driver can quickly notice your dog when going for a night walk from far away.

Are you worried about finding the perfect size for your dog? The BSEEN product comes with all neck sizes fit for your dog. The collar has a long length that covers up to 70 centimeters. You can cut the TPU tube accordingly to fit the neck size of your dog. In terms of power usage, the dog collar comes with three different modes of lighting.

The overall design of the LED collar is elegant. You can still have a small dog LED collar that functions instead of the standard large types. It comes with a variety of colors that you can select depending on your preference.

  • Easy to use
  • Energy saving
  • Fit various sizes
  • Less run-on time
FOCUSPET LED Dog Collar - Solar and USB Rechargeable - 2 Flash Mode 2 Sizes

FOCUSPET brand ranks as the most affordable dog collar that tops the list. Despite the affordable price tag, it is a stellar performance collar that ensures your dog has the proper safety. The LED light makes it safe for your dog to roam at night.

A new concept that comes with the FOCUSPET brand is the use of both a solar and in-built rechargeable battery. The slot included battery charges up each time your dog strolls in the hot sun. Therefore, the battery recharges slowly and elongates the run-on time with the LED device. You can also charge the device with a USB cable for continued run-on time.

What is the run-on time you get from a fully charged FOCUSPET LED light dog collar? A fully charged device can last up to five hours of continuous usage. The LED device is additionally eco-friendly for all environmentalists out there.

There are two flashing modes that you can activate with the neck collar. In case it is mildly dark outside, you can switch the off button to get a steady glow from the neckpiece. In case the visibility is very low, you can switch on the bright and flash button for full visibility.

The dog LED collar comes in two colors and two different sizes. First, measure your dog’s neck before proceeding to select a preferred size. A perfect neck size will give your dog enough room for comfort and added adjustability.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Long run-on time
  • Waterproof
  • A bit complicated to use
MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar, LED Safety Collar with USB Rechargeable Super Bright Dog Flashing Collar with 100% Waterproof

The MASBRILL brand commits to safety in the manufacturing of its range of products. The commitment does not come short with their latest addition of the LED collar for your dog. It comprises of exclusive fiber optics, which illuminate more than the standard brands.

It has increased 50% of its brightness with the quality materials ensuring you keep your eyes on the location of your dog. The neck tag is highly visible even to incoming traffic, joggers, cyclists, and motorists.

Apart from the fiber optics, the LED device also has a covering made of polyester material. It is deepened inside a UTP optical fiber. The LED tube is charged through a USB cable to ensure it brightens further. The LED device gets a full charge within one hour of uninterrupted charging. The full charge offers you up to 10 hours of continuous run-time without any interruptions.

The collar is both dustproof and waterproof. It is made up of lightweight materials that make up a sturdy and robust dog collar. The dog collar can work correctly in any weather condition without the fear if dampening.

  • Highly functional UTP tube
  • Quality polyester material
  • Easy to use
  • Complicated click sections
BSEEN LED Dog Collar - Cuttable Water Resistant Glowing Dog Collar Light Up

BSEEN is a trusted brand with a series of pet products making waves in the industry. The version of the dog collar fits the necklace with a waterproof feature. The LED dog collar is extra bright and fits perfectly.

The LED dog collar has an adjustable size for fitting various neck sizes. Cut the band size accordingly. Slowly use scissors to cut through the plastic tube without strain.

The manufacturing material for the LED collar device is from quality silicon. The silicone material ensures the collar is lightweight around the neck of your dog. The collar also fits for a rainy day without the fear of malfunctioning.

A full charge of up to two hours gives you between 6-8 hours of run-on time without any restraints. For a quick flash, you can get up to 6 hours of run-on time before you need a recharge with the LED device

  • Adjustable sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Long service life
  • Complicated controls
NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace, Universal, Reusable Visibility Necklace for Pets

NiteHowl has arguably a bright illumination of LED dog collar lights. The product provides clear visibility to ensure your dog remains safe during its nocturnal activities.

The brand presents a new design with the product. The latest LED technology presents a new case with different lighting modes. The assortment of colors present ensures your dog will be visible even from afar.

The high visibility comes with fifteen RGB LED that makes the phone extra bright. The new system ensures that the LED device is double brighter than the other products in the market. It has a 360-degree lighting angle to help incoming motorists, cyclists, and drivers on the road.

  • Extra bright
  • Free size adjustment
  • Lifetime sort
  • Hard to select flashing mode
Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Available in 7 Colors & 4 Sizes

The Pet Industries brand raises the standards of functionality with the LED dog collar. The brand uses an added fiber strand which is manufactured from nylon material. The whole part of the dog collar is insulated and waterproof. You do not need to worry over the way dampening the device and reducing its functionality.

The LED dog collar is tested and approved to ensure it meets the standard when it comes to visibility and presence for your dog. In addition to the stellar collar, it comes with a rust-resistant neck buckle.

The D-ring that completes the collar is additionally heavy-duty to ensure you get a lifetime of service. It is simple to use and only requires latching the clips around your dog’s neck for fast and simple use.

Have you ever wondered how you will operate the device at different times of the day? It comes with three light modes to get you through the day. In case it is mildly dark outside, you can opt for the slow flashlight. The steady flash bet suits during dense darkness when you are taking a walk with your furry friend.

The charge of the LED device is another fantastic feature that packs a punch. A full charge through an attached USB cable sees the LED device last up to seven hours of continuous running time. A full charge is enough to get you through a week’s walk with your dog.

  • Quick-drying nylon collar
  • 7 hours run time with a full charge
  • Rust resistant
  • Hard to find the perfect size
LED Dog Collar – All 7 Light Colors in One Collar + Multicolor Blink Mode!

LED lights have a variety of colors, which helps in their selection. The best LED dog collar comes packed with seven different colors. Additionally, the LED collar has an extra bright safety LED light added to the unique light mode.

The dog collar has three varying sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. Therefore, you should take the neck measurements of your dog to ensure it fits perfectly. You should have a little allowance with the fitting size to ensure your dog gets a little room around its neck.

You can charge the device through a USB cable to get a full charge with one hour of full charging. A full charge can give you up to six hours of run-on time, even when using flash mode. It lights brightly with the six available various colors.

Do you want to increase the visibility of the dog collar in case of dense fairness? The LED device comes with a multicolor brink mode that improves the collar’s visibility. Therefore, you get the maximum lighting with the collar at night.

  • Extra brightness
  • Long run-on time
  • Variety of six colors
  • Wide neck length
HiGuard LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable Glowing Pet Collars Lighted Up

The LED lighted dog collar is a perfect fit for your pooch in terms of safety. The entire product is made from a TPU tube that offers all-round visibility for the safety of your dog during dense darkness. The tube glows extra to give off the maximum brightness during the event of the day.

The LED collar with a full charge can give you up to eight to ten hours of continuous run-on time. It gives you up to one week of walking with your dog at night without any incidence. A slow glow can last up to eight hours, while a steady glow gives you up to two or three hours.

The collar has varied uses that fit all types of dog breeds. The full collar starts up to 70 centimeters. A pair of scissors help in cutting to the preferred size.

  • Wide application
  • One size fits all
  • Long run-on time
  • Short shelf-life
Domi LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable Light Up Collar for Small Dogs and Cats

Finding the perfect size for a small dog breed is one of the hardest a dog owner will face. Most manufacturers rarely pay attention to the needs of small dog breeds. However, the Domi best LED dog collar pays full attention to the needs of the small-sized canines.

The extra bright collar helps in keeping your dog safe when you are taking a jog at the park early morning or late evening. The device comes with a glowing TPU tube. The tube features an added nylon stitches for the overall functioning.

The product has two varied flashing modes. However, it consumes much power and needs charge with six hours of run-on time.

  • Small neck length
  • Two flashing modes
  • Fast charge
  • Not suitable for large dog breeds

FAQ About LED Dog Neckbands

First-time neckband buyers always have questions surrounding the safety and function of the collars they purchase. Here are the most common questions we have encountered and simple answers to get you and your dog started on the right footing.

Is it Safe to Use a LED Dog Neckband?

Yes. It is recommended by dog experts on the use of LED dog collars since it does not have any effects. However, you should ensure the collar fits effortlessly around the dog’s neck to prevent cases of discomfort and injuries.

Should You Opt for Solid or Flashing LED Lights?

It boils down to a matter of preference and taste. Flashing LED lights best suit in situations where visibility is low such as during foggy weather. In case you have many dogs, you can mix the modes to ensure you can tell the dogs apart, even in bad weather.

What’s the Shelf-Life of a LED Light on a Single Charge?

The shelf-life of a LED light depends on the nature of the in-built battery. Different brands also have different lengths of running time for the batteries on a single charge. However, most of the products have a run-time of between five to seven hours.

How Long Will It Take Recharge my LED Device?

It also depends on the nature of the brand you are using. The recharge time is different when charging from your phone compared to charging from a wall plug. Standard recharge time for the collar stands at one hour.

What Time Should I Use a LED Dog Product?

The best time to use the LED light up dog collar is during times of low visibility in the environment. Nighttime is a perfect time to strap the LED device around your dog’s neck. In case of bad weather such as fog or snow, it is another time the LED device comes to use.


The safety of your dog should always come first. No need to take chances each time you are bonding with your furry friend out in the open. Grab your preferred LED light up dog collar today and experience safety like no other.

More Led Dog Collars

Nite Ize NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace
  • Brand Name - Nite Ize
  • Size - 12 to 27 inches
  • Color - 4
  • Material - Thermoplastic Rubber, Plastic
Blazin' Safety LED USB Rechargeable
  • Brand Name - Blazin' Safety
  • Size - XS-L
  • Color - Blue, Green
  • Material - Nylon
4id LED Lite Up Dog Collar
  • Brand Name - 4id
  • Size - S-L
  • Color - 4 colors
  • Material - Nylon
Puplight 2 Reflective Dog Safety Collar
  • Brand Name - Puplight
  • Size - fits necks 6 to 26 inches
  • Color - 2 colors
  • Material - Nylon, Plastic
DOGNESS LED Light Accessory
  • Brand Name - DOGNESS
  • Size - 2.75 x 2.75 x 0.5 inches
  • Color - 5 colors
  • Material - Plastic
Flexi LED Lighting System Dog Leash
  • Brand Name - Flexi
  • Size - 2.8 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches
  • Color - Black
  • Material - Plastic
Illumiseen LED USB Rechargeable
  • Brand Name - Illumiseen
  • Size - XXS-XL
  • Color - 6 colors
  • Material - Nylon
Nite Ize NiteDawg LED Light-Up
  • Brand Name - Nite Ize
  • Size - XXL
  • Color - Red
  • Material - Nylon


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