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Rescue Dogs – Why You Should Take in an Abandoned Pooch

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When making the life-changing decision to get a new dog, there is always the temptation to go for your favorite breed. Some people need to get a pedigree. Farmers, for instance, frequently use border collies to round up their sheep. If you don’t need a particular type of dog to do jobs for you, though, you should really consider looking to adopt a pet from a rescue home. There are numerous advantages to doing this, and nowadays it is easy to find out what type of dog your mongrel may be.

A rescue dog breed doesn't need to be a mystery

One off-putting factor for some people is the fact that rescue dogs tend to be mongrels. Some dog owners like to know exactly what type of breed their pooch is. Nowadays, there’s no need to ever be in the dark about what type of dog you have, though. Even if you are sure your dog is a mix of various breeds, it’s easy to find out.

Using a dog DNA test is a straightforward way to discover whether you’re dealing with a Golden Poodle or a Coyote Collie. The state of the art tests can reveal the dog’s size prediction and genetic behavior. They can also be useful for determining whether there will be any health issues in later life. This is particularly useful for owners who adopt from rescue kennels.

So why should you adopt a rescue?

The figures surrounding the number of abandoned pets in the USA are shocking and distressing. Every year, more than six million dogs and cats enter animal shelters because they have been lost or left somewhere by their owners. Even worse, a large proportion of these helpless animals never get adopted by a loving family. The sad reality is that these animals end up getting euthanized due to the lack of homes available.

If you don’t have a particular breed of dog in mind for your home, you could go down to a rescue center to see if any of the dogs there grab your attention first. A lot of owners will attest to the fact that usually, you don’t choose the dog, it chooses you. Simply knowing that you are saving a dog’s life by adopting it can be a really rewarding experience. Any dog lover who decides to go to a rescue center to look at dogs is unlikely to leave without feeling sorry for them and taking one home.

Encouraging others to join you

If you have made the incredible decision to save an abandoned dog, you should try and influence others around you to do the same. The more people who decide to do this, the more animals’ lives will be saved. By adopting dogs from rescue centers, you can also break the cycle of mass breeding facilities where there is often animal cruelty.

Adopting a dog could be the most rewarding thing you ever do. Before buying a new dog, it is a great idea to check your local rescue kennels first.


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