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VIDEO (Spotlighting Dogs Failing at Being Dogs)

Listen, we all do dumb stuff sometimes, but do you ever feel like you're just... bad at being you?

Then you might relate to a couple of these dogs. ​

This is an amazing mash-up posted by YouTuber It's Complicated. ​It's a compilation of dogs that, well, just don't have that whole "being a dog" thing down quite yet. All the normal dog stuff--catching balls, going for a swim, etc.--seems to be just a little bit over these pooch's heads.

There are dogs getting hit in the face with pieces of ham. There are dogs getting stuck in dog doors. A few pups nearly knock themselves out with sticks. And one poor little guy totally wipes out on the beach (in slow motion).

That's just the tip of the iceberg, though. I was honestly rolling on the ground laughing with this one. Check it out.​


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