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Why Dog-Walking Apps Are Becoming Popular

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Nowadays, we have mobile apps not only for ordering food or hailing a cab but also for walking a dog. 

The dog walking mobile apps have become popular due to the following reasons:

  • Unexpected circumstances. We live in a world with high entropy. Thus, everything is possible, especially in the urban environment, when you can spend an extra hour in the traffic jam or stay late at work to complete urgent tasks. In this way, a dog walking app like Uber helps pet owners to give their dog a walk despite any occasion. 

  • Holidays or business trips. Many of us are traveling abroad to see new places, participate in congresses, or to meet foreign partners. But what to do with a dog that stays at home? You no longer need to ask neighbors to feed your dog and give it a walk because you can find and book a dog sitter you will care for your dog while you are out of the town.  

  • Long hours. Such situations mainly concern doctors, nurses, firefighter, and others who work shifts and need help in feeding, watering, and walking their a few days per week.

The bottom line is that dog walking apps are the solvation for busy people who came home already exhausted after overworking or for those who travel for business trips to other countries. Because no matter what plans you have, your dog has its own needs. It should be feed and walked in time. 

The best dog walking apps 

Grand View Research, Inc report said the global pet care market would reach USD 202.6 billion by 2025. Thus, developing an app for finding dog walkers is also a prospective niche for many start-ups. Still, this industry already has leaders. 

The first app for finding professional dog walkers is Rover, founded in 2011 in Seattle, Washington. Now, the app has over 20, 000 qualified dog walkers across the U.S. Apart from walking service, Rover provides users with home-stay, day-care, dog-boarding, and other services. 

Another big player in the dog walking app market is Wag Labs (better known as Wag!), started in 2014 in Los Angeles, California, the U.S. The company offers pet owners to book a 15, 30, or 45 minutes dog’s walk that could be tracked in-app via GPS. 

How dog walking apps work 

And now, let’s find out how dog walking apps work. 

  1. The pet owner posts a request in the app.

  2. The dog walkers located nearby receive a request and send a direct message to a dog owner to clarify all the details about the walk. 

  3. During the walk, the owner can track the walking route, receive photo reports, and even videos from the walker. 

  4. When the walk is over, a walker brings the dog home and receives payment for the walk in the app. 

  5. The dog owner can rate the walker and leave feedback about the service. 

In a nutshell

Mobile apps for dog walking and sitting have become very popular among pet owners. Because such applications give pet parents to care about their dogs even in the unforeseeable conditions of modern life. 


Clint Worthington has a bunch of writing jobs across the web for more than 10 years. He is involved in writing and hosting podcasts as well. The brilliant personal approach to any topic he writes about and his own pet parenting gave him the ability to create high quality content for pet blogs too.

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