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10 Places in Singapore to Travel with Your Dog

10 Places in Singapore to Travel with Your Dog

If you want to relocate to Singapore to do business or to take up a job as an expat, you may consider owning a furry friend. As the saying goes, a dog is a man’s best friend, so you will have a companion to help kill your boredom and to keep you company. Among the things you need to do before settling there is to work on securing your travel documents, such as a visa, so that the authorities do not deny you access. It has become more challenging to get a Singaporean visa nowadays. As such, you should work with a reputable Singapore migration agent to ensure that you do not fail to get your visa, or that you do not have to go through so much trouble to get it.

The following are some friendly places where you can take your dog while in Singapore:

1.      Botanic Gardens

You will have a great time in the company of your dog when visiting the Botanic Gardens. They are one of the most fantastic places to take a leisurely stroll. The area is expansive, so you will have plenty of space for adventure. However, you will have to be cautious and see if there are any ants that may spoil your fun.

2.      Sengkang Riverside Park

This place is a fabulous one for dogs that do not like crowds of people. You will have a very extensive area to explore with your furry companion. If the weather is sweltering, there is a pool where your dog may cool off. You should carry a towel or some handkerchiefs to clean and dry your dog, as the ground sometimes tends to be soggy.

3.  Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay could be one of the best solutions to your search for an excellent place to have a relaxing stroll with your dog. To have a great time, choose early mornings or late afternoons when the temperature is not so high so as to spoil your fun. You can also have a refreshing beverage from one of the many welcoming cafes that are there, although you will most likely need to leash your dog outside the cafe.

4.      Punggol Point Park

A few years ago, this park was a bit quiet without many people, but it is currently very vibrant, especially in the evenings. There are plenty of shops and eating places, and you will meet families cycling or going to one of the eateries. You may leave your pet free of a leash when there are few people.

5.      Sunny Heights

This is a perfect place with pools for your dog to enjoy swimming. There is a hose that you can use to wash your dog, as well as free life vests.

6.      Marina Barrage

This place has some breathtaking scenes, perfect for great pictures with your furry friend. You may also enjoy a picnic here and have fun flying kites.

7.      Bishan Park

Bishan Park comes out as one of the best hangout places you can take your dog for a day of relaxing and having fun. The area has two dog runs and dining places that are dog-friendly. The only thing that works against this place is the bad reputation it has for being infested with fleas. If you decide to take your dog to Bishan Park, ensure it is well protected with flea prevention repellant. Also, make sure you bathe and inspect your dog after a visit.

8.      Sembawang Park

You need to have your dog on a leash while at this fantastic park. It is an exciting place where you can spend your day in the company of your family and pets. Among its significant features are a large dog run, a great playground, barbeque places, a beach, and many cycling tracks made of asphalt.

9.      Sunday on the Hill

The Sunday on the Hill is a once-a-month family-friendly event hosted by the Slideshow. Also, it accommodates furry companions, who have to be on a leash unless they are very well behaved. You will have lots of fun as you enjoy some delicious foods and beverages, and entertain yourself with an impressive selection of music and fun activities that suit everyone.

10.  Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

This beach is fascinating and packed with fun activities for dogs and puppies. The long sandy beaches provide a suitable place for dogs to run, dig, explore, and, most of all, to exercise and let go of stress. You will find other people who have brought their dogs, too, so your dog will have playmates. If your pet wants to go swimming, ensure it is in a life vest.


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