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4 Natural Remedies for Dogs

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, and anyone who has had a dog in their life would agree. But this is also true for the dog, as a pet owner, you are the dog’s best friend, carer and guardian. You are responsible for the health and safety of the animal as well as it’s comfort and happiness. 

So, when your dog gets ill or has a problem with its health, it looks solely to you to help it get on the road to recovery. But let’s face it; we can’t all afford to rush the dog off to the vet every time something doesn’t seem right. With vet bills escalating annually, it gets almost unaffordable to seek professional medical assistance. 

This is why you need to become savvy with how you treat and care for your dog. Luckily, there are a lot of natural remedies that you can choose from to assist your dog to get back to the happy, bouncy pet that you know and love. Naturally, this does not include serious cases like broken bones and serious illnesses that will need a vet’s assessment, but for the most part, non-critical cases can be treated at home. Here are our top natural remedy picks for your dog. 

4 Natural Remedies for Dogs


CBD oil has been taking the world by storm over the last few years, with people rushing to jump on the natural healing power of the oil. But did you know that it can be used for your pets too? In fact, many companies manufacture CBD oils specifically for dogs. Treatment is totally safe and natural for your animals and it can be used to treat a number of ailments that the animal might be facing. 

CBD oil can help treat:

  • Seizures; 
  • Arthritis; 
  • Nausea;
  • Stress and anxiety;
  • Back pain;
  • Symptoms of cancer;
  • Gastrointestinal issues, among others.

So, how does CBD oil work? Essentially, the marijuana flower contains trichomes which contain glands that have essential oils. Once separated, they can be formulated to find the ideal formula of cannabinoids. These cannabinoids interact with the series of receptors throughout the body and control things like pain, anxiety, and nausea.

CBD oil is normally administered orally to dogs, but some of the oils can be used topically to treat wounds or specific infections. As with anything, it is possible for your pet to overdose on it if you give them too much, so make sure you watch how much you are giving them and monitor the intake at all times. 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another oil that has leaped into the medical, health and beauty spotlight over the last few years. Coconut oil is a great basis for the treatment of many ailments and on its own, has wonderful, healing properties. Not only can coconut oil be used topically on the animal, but it can be moderately be introduced into their diet for a number of reasons. 

Coconut oil can be used for:

  • Treatment of cracked and bleeding paw pads;
  • Itchy and dry skin; 
  • Assisting with a great, shiny coat; 
  • Disinfecting cuts and wounds;
  • Cleaning teeth;
  • Improving brain function, especially in older dogs; 
  • Assists with weight loss; 
  • Treats gut problems; 
  • Deters insects and parasites.

Coconut oil contains (among others) lauric acid which is a natural immune system builder for both topical as well as orally. Lauric acid has natural antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties and is a powerful agent in assisting with metabolism, energy levels, and healing. 

When introducing your dog to coconut oil, make sure you get the amounts correct. You can start off with a teaspoon for smaller dogs, and up to a tablespoon for bigger animals. Just keep in mind that coconut oil is saturated fat and is a superfood. But just monitor your dog’s intake.  

4 Natural Remedies for Dogs

Green Tea

As with both of the previous natural remedies, green tea is a powerful healing agent for humans, but it can be used for your pets too. Green tea contains potent antioxidants as well as minerals and vitamins. It is a great source to detox and reset your, and now, your pets system. 

Green tea can be made and added to your pet morning and evening meals. The best way is to steep a tea bag in about a liter of water and add it to their meals. You can add one cup for larger dogs and a half a cup of the mixture for smaller pets. Make sure again, that you don’t overdo it for your pet and keep the additions moderate. 

Green tea is perfect for the treatment of:

  • Cancer symptoms;
  • Diabetes symptoms; 
  • Heart disease;
  • Dental issues;

It also increases longevity and aids in fat burning as well as helps the body detox. It has also been tipped to give the coat a glossy shine and aids in the healing of skin ailments. 


This might come as a surprise, but the great qualities that yogurt contains can be game changers for your pet. Make sure that you use plain yogurt though, and not any of the flavored varieties, especially chocolate. Yogurt contains a large amount of probiotics as well as calcium and magnesium which does wonders for your dog’s teeth and bones. 

Simply add a spoonful to their daily meals. Not only will this balance the dryness of the food, but it will add some needed flavoring. Apart from strengthening teeth and bones, yogurt also acts as a digestive aid and will keep your pets digestive system regular and healthy. 

Wrapping Up 

There are, of course, many other natural remedies that you can use for your dog including chamomile tea, epsom salts, arnica oil, and homeopathy oils. Keeping your dog healthy is doable if you simply keep up a regular regime of adding the above to meals, and treating wounds and scrapes with the right formula. In the end, your dog will thank you for it!


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