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​Discover Abady Dog Food Reviews, Ingredients, and Ratings

About the Company

Abady Dog Food Reviews

Abady dog food is the favorite of many owners who feed their dog’s high-protein diets, and it is food that owners who want a more balanced diet for their pup will avoid altogether. This much is clear from the ingredients, but what does that mean for an owner like you? Let’s take a look together.

Abady dog food is made by a larger company called The Robert Abady Dog Food Company. This LTD is based in Poughkeepsie, New York. Abady claims that they were the first to make fresh frozen food diets for dogs and that they do much of the research themselves that continues to advance their food past others. Does that make them a great food? Let’s find out.

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Abady Dog Food Reviews

Before I dive into my review, I want to be clear that I’m ranking this food at 3 stars for a variety of reasons. I am well aware that it is a good choice for some dogs, but I believe there are better options out there. Please read the following information carefully to understand if it fits your situation.


Focus On Proteins and Fats

Abady dog food reviews that love the product all point to the fact that Abady is made incredibly fresh, and focuses on protein and fat rather than carbohydrates. While it’s true that dogs do need carbohydrates, the only carb in Abady is white rice, a common part of raw diets. If your dog is active or of certain high-energy breeds, this low-carb, high-protein balance will work for them.

No Stool Forming Agents

Another pro for some owners is that Abady dog food aims to get your dog to defecate naturally, rather than with the help of beet pulp and other additives that are often put in food to help the digest system. This is not a pro for all dogs, but it is great to see food that allows a dog’s system to simply function on its own without being controlled completely by food additives.


Controversial Ingredients

Considering Abady is strongly against some ingredients (such as soybean), it’s interesting to see that some of their fresh frozen raw foods include other controversial ingredients, such as by-products, MSG-like chemicals, and fish meal that may contain dangerous chemicals. I don’t understand why these ingredients are included.

Lackluster Company Reputation

Overall, the company seems to be too proud. Their own website hosts their negative responses to any critical feedback they receive from customers, and they also have a history of getting into arguments over their claims. Whether or not they are right, it seems unprofessional.

Must Be Custom Ordered

To be blunt, it’s not easy or convenient to get Abady food to your house. You have to order it in, and this can be problematic for some owners who do not plan far enough to keep a steady stream. Keeping a dog’s food consistent over a long period is very important to keep their digestive health in line.

Abady Dog Food Alternatives

As I wrote already, one of the biggest cons of this otherwise amazing Abady Dog Food is that it must be custom ordered. And let's be honest - with today's busy pace not everyone has extra time to personally contact the manufacturer of their preferable dog food.

This being said, I wanted to also present the best alternatives to Abady Dog Food which you can buy at most of the pet stores, online with only few clicks and have it delivered straight to your door.

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Abady Dog Food Reviews of Ingredients

Let’s take a look at one of the fresh foods that are often praised in Abady dog food reviews from their loyal customers, the Abady Maintenance and Stress formula. Abady says that this food has been in existence and relatively unchanged since 1972.

  • Crude Protein (min) 32.4%
  • Crude Fat (min) 28.9%
  • Crude Fiber (max) 1%
  • Moisture (max) 5.6%

If you’ve ever looked at a guaranteed analysis chart before, you’ll already notice how different this food’s composition is from other foods. The fact that it has a maximum of 1% fiber is both amazing and concerning. Most dogs will benefit from fiber additives to help them process food, but Abady believes that processing too quickly makes dogs lose nutrients. I disagree.

The main source of protein in this food is chicken meal, but the food also contains beef meat and bone meal and chicken by-products. While the bag affirms that the chicken by-products are of the “highest quality,” I don’t like the inclusion of this product or the vague affirmation.

This food has nearly 800 calories in every 8 ounces, which is very high. In fact, you’d need to feed your dog very small amounts multiple times a day for them to be able to process such a huge caloric intake well without getting sick or gaining weight very quickly while on this diet.

The food contains only one carbohydrate, white rice. This doesn’t provide any nutritional value besides giving something to break up the protein. There are next to no vegetables in the food and barely any fiber.

abady dog food reviews

While the company says the use the highest quality ingredients, I’m not seeing evidence of that and feel that this food is average or below average for most dogs. Some dogs might benefit from this food, but I believe it’s too risky to feed most household pets.

Abady Dog Food Recall History

There has not been a single Abady dog food recall in the past two years. They did do a voluntary recall on one of their cat foods in early 2014, but no pets were reported to be ill from this potential issue. You should not have to deal with an Abady dog food recall.

Final Thoughts

I have seen many negative reviews on it, but I don’t believe that those reviews take into account the fact that Abady is a great food, it’s just not a great food for every dog. Should you try it? Raw food proponents will say yes:

The answer to this question is completely up to you and your dog’s needs. Not every dog will do well on a high-protein, high-fat diet. While Abady does try to explain their reasoning behind their ingredients on their site, I’m not convinced by their methodology for most dogs.

If you’d like food that’s higher in protein and fat but still provides a good balance for nutrition to your dog, I think you would be much better off looking into some other popular brands which offer food that's way better balanced and way easier to find. 

Abady Dog Food Alternatives

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Dr. Laura Harris is our resident dog health expert. She started to fact-check dog health-related information for HerePup during her internship and contributes since then. Her expertise is in dog nutrition, senior dog care, especially critical care medicine and internal medicine.

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