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Eric Richard

Throughout his long career, Eric Richard had been working with veterinarians and pet businesses to improve their marketing and increase profits. He particularly enjoys writing about canine care and behavior and he hopes to inspire dog owners to care for their pets by sharing his own experience with them.

What is the Best Dog Food For French Mastiffs?

​What is the Best Dog Food For French Mastiffs?This dog breed requires strong leadership—but he also has the potential to be both calm and gentle. So, what’s the best dog food for French Mastiffs? We’ve done quite a bit of research about that—and here’s our verdict.Team Picks For French Mastiff Dog Food **There’s more info […]

Designer Breeding Grows Increasingly Harmful (Expert Opinion)

Designer dogs are a long-standing and prevalent phenomenon in dog ownership – where dog breeders engage in selective mating in order to create new mixes that combine desirable qualities from both dogs. Often, designer dogs are spared no expense in their creation and acquisition – selecting and shipping dog semen, artificially inseminating dogs, and using […]

Rydell’s Auto Center (Funding to Save Hundreds of Dogs & Cats)

A local business in the North Dakota area is securing the well being of hundreds of stray cats and dogs. Grand Forks’ “Circle of Friend” Humane Society just received a huge donation of just over $85,000 from local auto shop Rydell Auto Center, the result of a recent fundraiser. That money will go to important […]