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Eric Richard

Throughout his long career, Eric Richard had been working with veterinarians and pet businesses to improve their marketing and increase profits. He particularly enjoys writing about canine care and behavior and he hopes to inspire dog owners to care for their pets by sharing his own experience with them.

Best Dogs for Seniors – Dog Breeds for Older People

Aging brings about changes in our daily activities, and, in most cases, our active lifestyle is profoundly affected. Due to this, seniors develop different and slightly special preferences, especially when it comes to choosing their ideal companions. Talking of companions, pet lovers find dogs as an ideal fit for most people, irrespective of their stage of […]


The 10 Best Dog Camera of 2020 Review

Is the constant worry of how your dog is doing affecting your performance at work? Are you looking for a way to observe your pup’s wellbeing even when you are away from home? Peace of mind is priceless, not having to worry about your dog’s condition, and this is only possible when you have a […]

What is the Best Dog Food For English Springer Spaniels?

What is the Best Dog Food For English Springer Spaniels?This breed was originally bred to be a gun dog—and got its name from how it ‘springs’ after game. But what’s the best dog food for English Springer Spaniels? We’ve done the research—and we’ve found a kibble that seems like a perfect match.Our Best Picks for […]

What is the Best Dog Food For Italian Greyhounds?

What is the Best Dog Food For Italian Greyhounds?This dog breed is elegant, slender, and strong. It’s the smallest of the ‘sighthounds’—though it balances this with a high intelligence and big personality! But what’s the best food for Italian Greyhounds? What do you feed a dog that’s both slender and powerful at the same time? […]

What is the Best Dog Food for English Setters?

​What is the Best Dog Food for English Setters?To some people, English Setters are some of the most beautiful dogs in the world. And for good reason, they’re so distinct in their look with their long hair, spots, but also their sharp figure. But they’re not just looks. They’re smart, sharp, strong-willed dogs that make […]