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Best Dog Food For Border Terriers (5 Great, Healthy Options)

Best Dog Food For Urinary Health: Reviews & Top Picks! We support our blogging by participating in affiliate programs. We may receive a small commission if you click through a link in this post and purchase something you need. Learn more about it on the Disclosure page. Border Terriers are friendly dogs that love to dig and […]

Best Dog Food For Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Top 5 Foods)

Best Dog Food For Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Top 5 Foods)They may look tough and gruff, but Staffies are softies!In fact, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are known in their home country as nanny dogs. They are medium-sized, intelligent dogs who are loving and courageous. They’re a pretty active breed that should get daily exercise along with the […]

A Riddle In Fur Do Schnauzers Shed? (What you Need to Know)

Choosing the right dog can be problematic if you have allergies. If you have a dog that sheds a lot, that excess fur and dander could dramatically increase the need to sneeze. Fortunately, schnauzers have a reputation for minimal shedding. Is that reputation valid? Quick Navigation Schnauzers in BriefSchnauzers: The Ultimate Fur-FacesSize Does Matter When […]

Best Dog Food for Jack Russells: Bold Isn’t Always Big

Best Dog Food for Jack Russells: Bold Isn’t Always BigCall them Jack Russell Terriers or Parson Russell Terriers, this breed is always known for their big personalities, despite their smaller size. They were originally fox-hunting dogs. The right dog food supports all that high-energy and tenacity, once needed for the hunt. The National Research Council of […]