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Dennis Surles

Dennis has written over 100 articles on health, health care and pet care for HerePup and other websites. In addition to his writing and photography, he also conducts pet health and wellness seminars as a member of a non-profit organization.

The Silver Labrador: A Shiny New Star Among Dog Breeds

IntroductionSilver Labrador Retrievers are an increasingly popular choice among families in the United States. These gentle dogs make great additions to any home but they come with controversy. These dogs have made waves in the Labrador community!If you’re interested in Silver Lab puppies but have questions, read on. In this article, we will look at […]

8 Disgusting Diseases You Can Catch From Your Pet & How To Prevent Them

Quick Navigation Capnocytophaga canimorsus (Not Shown)Bartonella Henselae (Cat Scratch Disease)Campylobacter jejuniBrucella CanisChlamydophila psittaciLeptospira interrogansToxoplasma gondiiLymphocytic choriomeningitis Did you know that a couple of years ago, a rare strain of bacteria called Salmonella Cotham affected 160 people, causing them to vomit, have diarrhea, and fever? It reached a point where even sixty-one people were hospitalized. And […]

Dogs Can Smell Cancer, Hospitals Already Using Them

It\’s true. Man\’s best friend can be trained to become a cancer-sniffing master using his sensitive noses to detect cancerous fumes coming from infected cells. This sniffing is a noninvasive approach which could help diagnose a number of people. But, if our furry, four-legged friends have such powerful noses, why aren\’t they screening people for […]

Canine Coddler: Your Dog’s Relief From Anxiety

Thousands of dogs across the globe suffer from anxiety due to extreme sensory related issues. Fireworks, car horns, people shouting, even fast travel- none of these things are normal to a dog’s natural environment. Until recently, there hasn’t been a solution in sight. Quick Navigation Car/Travel AnxietyWarm, Comfortable EscapeRelief from Loud, Shocking NoisesGet Rid of […]

10 Animals That Look Exactly Like These Celebrities

Have you met your doppelganger yet? If you haven\’t, perhaps you\’ve been looking in the wrong places. Some celebrities, for instance, have had luck and found their exact doubles… in an odd place – the animal kingdom. Once you see them, you cannot un-seen them! The resemblance is uncanny! Of course, their adorable replicas might […]

What Type of Dog You Should Own Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Quick Navigation Aries: German ShepherdGemini: American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull)Cancer: PugLeo: HuskyVirgo: Golden RetrieverLibra: Australian ShepherdScorpio: DalmatianSagittarius: BeagleCapricorn: Shetland SheepdogAquarius: Border ColliePisces: French Bulldog If you’re on a hunt for the perfect canine companion, it’s highly likely that you’re spending most of your time looking at pictures of cute pups online. At first, you think it […]