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The Best Cooling Pads and Mats for Dogs in 2020

K&H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Pad Dog Mat

Dogs' playtime can be highly limited during the hot seasons. Overheating becomes a common problem, which, when not prevented, can be overly costly or deadly. Fortunately, there are solutions to the problem, and the blog covers them in detail. But apart from preventing overheating, pet cooling pads offer a cozy resting place.

Their quality is top-notch, and they are made to withstand the severity of outdoor extremes. Cost-wise, the cooling mats available fit those with a strict and moderate financial plan. In order to ensure you make a worthwhile acquisition, we’ve included a purchase guide with unique features to consider during a cooling mat procurement.

Who Ought to Purchase a Cooling Mat

People living in hot areas understand how uncomfortable the situation can get, especially for furry animals. Whereas the tiles might work the magic and offer a cool resting place for the dog, comfort levels can be low, especially if you have an old dog.

Cute pug dog sleep rest in the floor, over the mat and tongue sticking out

This makes a pet cooling mat the ideal option as it offers the desired freshness plus comfort. The tech deployed during the cooling pad manufacture ensures the mat’s temperature remains well above the freezing range. The bottom line is, a cooling mat needs to be a close tool to every dog lover.  

Other Ways of Ensuring Your Dog Remains Cool

During the hot season, ensure your pet’s water bowl is always full. Should you opt to go hiking with your dog, don’t forget to carry enough water for you two. Additionally, providing a roof is also a good idea as it protects the dog from direct sunshine. Lastly, having a pool would suit all your pet’s overheating problems, although it can be costly.

Our Top Pick - K&H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Pad Dog Mat

This exceptional cooling mat construction has lead to the creation of an item that exceeds buyers’ expectations. Its model is water-based, and it never dehydrates, with single refilling being the sole requirement in terms of maintenance. Cost-wise, it’s a pet cooler pad made for those under a strict financial plan. We highly recommend the cooling mat for purchase as the item is of lifetime use.

Comparison Chart of Cooling Dog Beds

K&H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Pad Dog Mat
K and H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Pad Dog Mat
  • Easy upkeep
  • Low cost
  • Portable
  • Premium cushioning
Arf Pets Self Cooling Solid Gel Crate Mat
Arf Pets Self Cooling Solid Gel Crate Mat
  • Contaminant-free
  • Versatile
  • No refill required
  • Resilient
Sealy Lux Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed
Sealy Lux Premium Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • Orthopedic
  • Easy to wash
  • Stylish
  • Luxurious
The Green Pet Shop Self-Cooling Pet Pad
The Green Pet Shop Self-Cooling Pet Pad
  • Cleans in minutes
  • Safe
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Easy conveyance
K&H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed
K and H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed
  • Friendly price
  • Easy to put together
  • Non-skid feet stoppers
  • Hold 200 lbs dogs
FurHaven Quilted Cooling Gel Top Sofa Pet Bed
FurHaven Quilted Cooling Gel Top Sofa Pet Bed
  • Highly comfy
  • Multiple sizes
  • Machine washable cover
  • Water-tight cover
TechNiche International Evaporative Cooling Dog Pad
TechNiche International Evaporative Cooling Dog Pad
  • Highly economical
  • First-rate effectiveness
  • Doesn’t wet the dog
  • Indoor / outdoor

Reviewing the Top Cooling Pad for Dogs – Dog Cooling Mat Types

Cooling mats for dogs remain diversified in terms of quality as well as price, providing a noble avenue for purchasers to easily acquire a product toning their budget. In addition, customers obtain their first-rate cooling mat depending on their usage plans.

Tech incorporation also brings diversification in terms of cooling mat sorts accessible. Therefore, understanding the kinds accessible proves useful when making a cooling mat purchase decision. All in all, before we get to the dog cooling pad reviews, here are the product types you ought to consider for acquisition.

  • Gel mat

High portability, minimal upkeep costs, and utmost flexibility make this cooling mat type the most viable option. In terms of effectiveness, it is perfect, although it loses its magic when left under the sun for long.

  • Water-based mat

K&H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Pad - water based

Its maintenance process involves refilling with water and most never desiccate. The main advantage of the cooling mat is its safety, as it doesn’t contain contaminants. Besides that, the cooling mat plays an important role in sleep quality improvement and fits ailing dogs.

Finally, it is safe, and its maintenance cost is minimal. However, avoid the cooling mat in the event you own heavy chewers.

  • Elevated dog mat

Complex technologies make cool mats for dogs highly costly. However, a raised mat is an exception, considering its low cost and unmatched efficacy. Its raising allows air to pass/ beneath, cooling the dog in the process, with the simple mechanism deployed being solely responsible for the mat’s affordable cost.  

Top 7 Cooler Mats Reviews

A match of affordable price and top-quality is rare, but we’ve been lucky enough to find some dog mats with such a valuable combination. The cooling pads under review offer the ideal investment value, thanks to the varied prices and sizes that meet your needs.

Black Pug Dog sitting on a K&H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Pad Dog Mat

Top Highlights

Our best dog cooling pad ticks the boxes in all settings. Here are the astounding features we came across during the cooling mat review:

  • Water-based
  • Simple maintenance as the mat never desiccates
  • Mold resistant exterior
  • Multi-functional

This is the best cooling mat for dogs, in terms of cushioning, price affordability, class, and resilience. Its low maintenance cost is also a huge talking point as the water-based mat requires only a one-time refill – it never desiccates.

K&H Pet Products Coolin' Dog Mat

It’s also a risk-free option as there are no contaminants during manufacture. The pad is made of premium materials that have maximum ability to withstand outdoor extremes. The exterior is mold resistant for enhanced resilience.

Its portability makes it a viable option for regular use while cleaning the dog mat remains a non-issue here. The size fits a small-sized dog, with bigger options being available.

  • Easy upkeep
  • Low cost
  • Portable
  • Premium cushioning
  • Only available in one color
arf pet selfcooling solid gel crate mat

Top Highlights

The dog mat excites in many settings, and it unimaginably meets buyers’ expectations. That said, here comes a list of its astounding features.

  • Solid gel design
  • Unmatched quality
  • Scratch-proof cover
  • Non-refill model

Our second best dog cooling mat is exceptional, thanks to its risk-free design. This solid-gel construction is unique in tech plus efficiency. The cooling mat is likewise a robust creation with unprecedented quality.

Arf Pets Self Cooling Solid Gel Crate Mat

Whereas liquid gels absorb heat and become ineffective, this option remains useful for hours without such shortcomings. Fortunately, despite the pad’s solid construction, the manufacturer was able to install first-rate paddings for first-class comfort.

The mat’s versatility demands a portable design, which has been made to perfection. Lastly, this 55 by 35-inch cooling mat is ideal for huge breeds. It also doesn’t require regular refilling to work.

  • Contaminant free dog mat
  • Versatile
  • No refill required
  • Resilient
  • Tough to find the perfect dog match
  • Slightly substantial
Labrador Dog lying on Sealy Lux Premium Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

Top Highlights

The cooling mat is unique, given its stylish design and premium padding. Besides that, listed below are the highlights of the dog mat that stood out during our review.

  • Premium padding
  • Unmatched 4-layer tech
  • Water-tight lining
  • Machine washable cover
  •  First-class foam

Stylish and comfy, the dog mat is a perfect blend of class and style. It is also a good match for your interior décor, which can leave many wondering if the dog mat can withstand the outdoor extremes. However, this small-sized dog mat contains premium padding for optimal comfort.

Sealy Lux Premium Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed w/Removable Cover

It is an orthopedic design that offers optimal support and eliminates all pressure from the hard surface you place it. It is also a two-in-one kit that doesn’t need a bed to work. The manufacturer incorporated all sorts of technology to deliver the most luxurious cooling mat.

Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed with Cooling Gel Foam

Sizes and colors are diverse to help buyers settle on their perfect match easily. Even with the dog mat’s raised design, it remains lightweight at 5.4 pounds. This makes it portable for enhanced versatility.

Cleaning remains a non-issue, thanks to the machine washable cover available. The foam is protected by a water-tight liner to prevent damages caused by liquid spillage. It is also made in an odor-absorbing design. Finally, the bottom is ideally built to avoid wear and to last a lifetime.

  • Orthopedic dog mat
  • First-rate comfort
  • Stylish
  • Luxurious
  • Easy to wash
  • Costly
  • The dog mat doesn’t fit outdoor use
Bulldog lying on a Green Pet Shop Self-Cooling Pet Pad

Top Highlights

The cooling mat excites in terms of effectiveness and safety. However, that’s not all, get all the rug’s outstanding features below:

  • Weight activated
  • Easy to wash material
  • Automated recharge

Thanks to its availability of multiple sizes, this dog cooling mat suits all pets. This multiple size accessibility also eases the buyers’ selection process. The mat’s working principle involves self-recharging and pressure activation.

green pet shop cooling mat

Refilling or refrigeration before using the dog mat is no longer a requirement, although you must allocate the dog mat a few minutes to regain its cooling prowess. Safety is an essential consideration, which, luckily enough, has been met to perfection. Additionally, the dog mat is lightweight for portability convenience, and it folds in a flash for storage.

It also cleans in minutes, and it ideally suits bed use. Its pricing is moderate and fits under buyers’ strict financial plans. The cushioning deployed is efficient to offer a comfy resting place, though the degree of coziness is slightly lower.

  • The dog mat cleans in minutes
  • Safe
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Easy conveyance
  • Not suitable for long use under the sun
  • Lacks premium padding
K&H Pet Products Coolin' Cot Elevated Dog Bed

Top Highlights

The manufacturer is offering a one-year limited warranty on this dog cooling bed. It is also ideally-priced to fit under your strict financial plans. Lastly, the safety of the dog has been ensured beyond expectations.

  • Elevated
  • Breathable
  • Compatible with a series of assorted accessories

The dog mat’s simple cooling mechanism makes it a viable option, especially to those under a strict budget. It’s free of complex technologies, but it is a few inches raised to allow cool air to pass below and keep your dog refreshed.

k and h pet products coolin pet cot elevated pet bed

The kit deploys a breathable mesh that helps prevent bacteria growth and bad odor. That said, some might be wondering if the dog mat requires assembly since it is a bit different from other reviewed products. Well, a positive to note concerning the mat’s assembly is it’s straightforward. There are no tools required to put together this unique cooling pad for dogs.

K&H Pet Products Coolin' Cot Elevated Dog Bed Opening

It suits both in-house and outside use. For outdoor applications, you will be required to be disassembling and assembling the dog pad frequently, and that’s why the manufacturer came up with a tool-free kit. It is also lightweight for conveyance ease. It measures 42 by 30, and it is 7 inches high, with over 4 other sizes to pick from. This is the largest product here, and it supports a maximum of 200 lbs.

Its cleaning is a non-issue all in the account of the removable cover, which is also watertight. However, that’s not all as the mat is ideally compatible with multiple accessories, which makes it a perfect choice for everyone. For instance, there’s a canopy for the mat that’s being sold at a discounted price if you need extra shade.

  • Friendly price
  • The dog mat is easy to put together 
  • Contains non-skid feet stoppers
  • Strong to hold 200 lbs dogs 
  • Some accessories need to be purchased separately
furhaven quilted cooling gel top sofa

Top Highlights

The mat is known for its unique construction. It’s highly stylish, but here are more features that make it even a better option.

  • Padded bolster-design
  • Sofa design
  • Gel foam-based
  • Water-proof design
  • Microgel beads
  • First-rate cushioning

This cool pad for dogs is a perfect blend of class and style. It is uniquely made to offer unmatched comfort for every dog. The price, given the stylish design and size, is moderate to suit the buyers’ strict financial plans. Should you be lucky enough, you might even get a 25% discount upon purchase.

FurHaven Quilted Cooling Gel Bolster Cat & Dog Bed w/Removable Cover

The mat’s availability in multiple sizes and colors means that getting a perfect match is not only possible but also easy. Its walls are also padded for first-rate comfort. It deploys the gel foam tech to keep the dog cool.

The cooling mat’s durability has been ensured through all means. First, the dog mat is water-tight to prevent damages caused by water spillage. Second, the base is made of poly canvas material for optimal protection against tear and wear.

FurHaven Quilted Cooling Gel Bolster Cat & Dog Bed w/Removable Cover inside

Additionally, cleaning ease has been ensured to perfection through the provision of replaceable and machine washable covers. The kit’s unique construction makes it suitable for old and young dogs.

This 44 by 35 by 8 inches dog mat also suits use by a dog below 95 lbs. It is an assembly free option to ensure buyers don’t incur additional costs. Lastly, it weighs 9 lbs. and this eases its conveyance problems. However, the dog mat may not ideally withstand outdoor extremes and may be advisable to use under a shade.

  • Highly comfy 
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Machine washable cover
  • Water-tight cover 
  • Do not use it on pets with teething issues
techniche international evaporative

Top Highlights

The cooling mat is unique due to its economic tech and first-rate effectiveness. Besides that, other unique features are making this cooling mat for dogs the ideal choice for all, and here are some of those features.

  • HyperKewl technology
  • Nylon material
  • HyperKewl fabric

This extra-small pet cool pad is a perfect low budget and small-size fit. It measures 20 by 15 inches, making it lightweight for ease of conveyance. However, those in need of a bigger dog mat haven’t been left out as there are other sizeable models to pick from.

TechNiche International Evaporative Cooling Dog Pad

The cooling mat can withstand outdoor extremes, thanks to the tough nylon material used in construction. In terms of efficiency, it is the best compared to other mats under review, given its 5 to 10 hours of cooling.

Safety, being a huge consideration, has been achieved to perfection, as the dog mat uses water during the cooling process. However, it is different from the other dog mats under review. Whereas most of the above-listed products offer automatic cooling and some are self-recharging, this requires soaking in water for about 2 minutes before use.

After that, you can use it for not more than 10 hours, depending on the place's hotness. The mat is known to offer a freezing relief of close to 15 degrees, making it the most effective option available. It also contains a water-tight liner.

  • Highly economical dog mat 
  • First-rate effectiveness
  • It doesn’t wet the dog 
  • Suits indoor and outdoor use
  • Non-automated cooling

Dog Cooling Pad Acquisition Considerations

First-time buyers find picking the right dog cooling pad utterly challenging. Fortunately, the upcoming tips stand essential as they entail the key factors to consider during cooling mat acquisition.

  • Ease of cleaning

An easily wiped cool mat for dogs offers a huge relief, particularly because the mat suits outdoor use. When cleaning a cooling mat, do not use chemicals as they may damage the bed. If there’s bacteria growth resulting from the storage of the cooling mat, adding a few drops of grapefruit extracts into your cleaning water works like a charm.

  • Comfort

Elderly pets demand luxury, and a soft cooling mat is a perfect blend of quality and coziness. It is the only type any dog lover should purchase.

  • Size

An ideally fitting cooling mat is important if you own large breeds. However, puppies require a bigger mat for growth allowances.

  • Effectiveness

Cooling pads differ in efficiency, and you need a dog mat that provides hours of continuous support. However, the difference in the items' endurance is due to each dog mat having a varying recharge time. Besides that, there are fitted vents that affect endurance.

  • Resilience

Changing your cooling mat after every year will eventually prove costly, and, therefore, ensure you purchase chew and scratch resistant beds for optimal resilience. Vinyl or nylon exterior models are also ideal in terms of durability.

  • Portability
Cool pads for dogs are items of frequent use, and they must be lightweight 

for use in all settings. They also need to be taken into the house for storage after every use.

Using a Dog Cooling Bed

A number of the products under review offer a hassle-free cooling experience. However, others require a slight set up to work ideally. For instance, a water-based mat requires adding water through the available fill cap.

Self-charging pads require close to 20 minutes without use for recharging. After that, they can offer close to 5 hours of continuous coziness. Lastly, elevated kits require assembly, which in most cases, is tool-free, meaning it is all easy to accomplish on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions about Doggie Cooling Mats

To those who might have questions concerning the mats under review, below are the answers to the queries that frequently hit our timeline.

  • Is a cooling mat safe?

Well, most mats are safe for use, with gel-based kits being ideally made to prevent leakage. Besides that, the pad's temperature does not fall beyond freezing points, which leaves you with nothing to worry about.

  • How does a cooling mat work?

There are different types of cool dog pads, and they work differently or deploy different technologies to work ideally. However, a common thing about most of them is they cool by contact with your dog.

Gel-infused kits are mainly pressure activated, and elevated ones do not deploy complex mechanisms. They are only raised and contain a breathable mesh, which allows cool air to pass below.

  • How long do the cool pads last?

The mat first requires close to 20 minutes to recharge, after which they can keep your dog comfy for up to 4 hours.

  • How to know an overheated dog?

Normal dog pants are not loud, but when they get loud, and the breaths become fast, then owners need to be a bit concerned. Besides that, overheating may cause disorientation or make a dog collapse. However, diarrhea and bright gums are signs of a very suffering dog that need immediate cooling and a check-up by the vet.

Final Thoughts

Your dog requires comfort, especially during the cold and hot seasons. Fortunately, the recent tech advancements offer a variety of options for those who want to keep their dogs comfy all seasons.

You should, however, be careful as some dog mats are toxic and can harm your dog. But since safety is a major consideration during our cooling mat reviews, you can easily pick from the reviewed products without fear.

Finally, remember to purchase highly efficient cooling pads for dogs that will last you years of extensive use. Additionally, consider the pad’s comfort, tech used, and size as these will highly impact its efficacy.

Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs
  • Brand Name - Hugs Pet Products
  • Sizes - 4
aingycy Dog Cooling Mat
  • Brand Name - aingycy
  • Sizes - 2
  • Cooling Material
  • Double Sided Available
Pannow Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad
  • Brand Name - Pannow
  • Sizes - 1
  • 2 colors
  • Premium Materials
Faith Force Pet Cooling Mat
  • Brand Name - Faith Force
  • Sizes - 2
  • Full filler make the cooling mat softer and more comfortable
  • Ice Silk surface material
Nesutoraito Washable Pet Cooling Mat
  • Brand Name - Nesutoraito
  • Sizes - 4
  • This cool pad is double sided available
Coleman Pet Indoor
  • Brand Name - Coleman
  • Sizes - 2
  • SAFE
GANYUE Dog Cooling Mat
  • Brand Name - GANYUE Store
  • Sizes - 2
MwaBaiTx Cooling Mat Dog Self Cooling Mat
  • Brand Name - MwaBaiTx Store
  • Sizes - 2
  • 2 colors
  • Versatile Mat Design
GoPetee Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat
  • Brand Name - GoPetee
  • Sizes - 1
  • Pressure Activated
  • Sponge and Non-toxic Gel Formula
DogLemi Pet Dog Cooling Mat
  • Brand Name - DogLemi Store
  • Sizes - 3
  • Reusable
  • Suitable
K&H Pet Products Cool Bed
  • Brand Name - K&H PET PRODUCTS Store
  • Sizes - 3
  • Simply add water
  • All Life Stages
KOOLTAIL Dog Self Cooling Mat
  • Brand Name - KOOLTAIL
  • Sizes - Large
Arf Pets Dog Self Cooling Bed Pet Bed
  • Brand Name - Arf Pets
  • Sizes - 2
AMOFY Pet Mats Exceptionally Hygienic
  • Brand Name - AMOFY
  • Sizes - Large


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