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Puppy Insurance: What Is The Best Company? (2020 Review)

Pet insurance for puppies is just as, if not more, important as insurance for your adult dog. Puppies require several vet appointments in their first few months of life for vaccinations, exams, and other routine care. Plus, a lot more unexpected things can happen with a puppy who loves to chew on – and eat – things! Puppies are mischievous, and anything can go wrong, despite their adorable, innocent faces.

Fortunately, most pet insurance companies also offer insurance for puppies, usually beginning at a few weeks of age. But, what are the best insurance companies for puppies? Who has the best prices and coverage? And, most importantly, what should you be looking for in a good puppy pet insurance plan? I have all the answers covered for you in this guide.

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Top Rated Puppy Insurance Companies


Type of Policy Coverage


several annual deductible and reimbursement levels

fully customizable plans

American Kennel Club

two main plans with additional coverage options

personalized policies and optional routine care coverage

Puppy Health Insurance: What To Look For

puppy insurance

It’s healthiest for puppies to remain with their mother for at least the first 8 weeks of life. After that, you can safely take your new puppy home and transition him to your care. You’ll likely want a puppy pet insurance policy in place as soon as he becomes part of your family. So, it’s most important to look for a company that will insure your pet at the age of 8 weeks, or soon after.

Other important things to consider when researching insurance plans include:

    • Monthly Premium Cost. Puppy medical care is expensive on its own. Add in a high premium for puppy medical insurance, and you’ll be spending a fortune on your new pup. Look for a monthly premium that fits well within your budget to help you spread vet costs throughout the year.
    • Available Coverage. It’s especially important for puppies to be covered in case of unexpected illnesses or emergencies. Inquisitive puppies are more likely to harm themselves around the home, and medical bills for emergencies can be extremely expensive without insurance.
    • Routine Care. Your pup will need vaccinations, dental care, parasite prevention, and more medical care throughout his first year. Some insurance plans won’t provide reimbursement for routine care, but for a puppy, it’s important that your policy offers it.

Here’s a look at what your puppy’s first vet visit, alone, will look like: 

Best Puppy Medical Insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance continues to be one of the top dog insurance companies rated by its customers. From its ease of claims to affordable premiums, dog owners love this company. Fortunately, it also provides insurance for your puppy!

Starting at 8 weeks old, you can get coverage for your pup. Healthy Paws will cover your puppy for most high-expense medical services, like illnesses, accidents, surgeries, diagnostics, and prescriptions. Vet exam fees and vaccines aren’t covered, but the monthly premiums are so affordable, that they bring down the total cost of care for your pup significantly.

Pets Best

If your puppy is at least 7 weeks old, you can insure him with a Pets Best policy. Pets Best provides a comprehensive coverage policy for puppies that includes accidents, illnesses, injuries, hereditary and chronic conditions, and more.

Additionally, the optional Routine Care coverage is perfect for puppies. For additional premium costs, your pup will be covered for things like vet exams, dental cleanings, vaccines, and more. You can also choose from a number of deductible and reimbursement levels to help your policy fit your budget.


Pups at least 6 weeks old can have a Petplan insurance policy! And, Petplan doesn’t exclude any breed from its coverage. Your pup will be covered for accidents, illnesses, surgeries, emergency room visits, referrals and specialist services, and more. Additionally, Petplan covers your pup’s vet exam costs!

Petplan policies are customizable, so you have control over your reimbursements and deductibles that will affect your premium. Choose up to $2500 in coverage annually, an annual deductible between $100 and $1000, and reimbursement level between 70% and 90%.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance insures puppies and keeps them covered through all life stages. Your coverage with Embrace includes treatment for breed-specific conditions, diagnostic testing, behavioral therapy, accident and injury emergencies, and more.

You can also add on the optional Wellness Rewards coverage, which is perfect for a puppy. This coverage will reimburse you for annual checkups, pest prevention medications or treatments, vaccines, spaying or neutering, and more.

Additionally, Embrace’s plans are customizable, so you can choose your deductible and reimbursement level to best suit your budget needs.

American Kennel Club Pet Insurance

American Kennel Club insures pups starting at 8 weeks old, and you’ll receive a 5% discount if you already have a dog or pup enrolled in a policy. The pet insurance company has two main policies: CompanionSelect and CompanionPlus.

CompanionSelect provides basic coverages, like reimbursement for accidents, illnesses, and hospitilizations. CompanionPlus offers some extras, like cancer treatments and allergy treatments. You can also opt for additional wellness and preventative care coverage to include annual vaccinations, dental cleanings, routine testing, and more.

American Kennel Club provides a number of options for deductibles and reimbursements, up to 80%, to help budget-conscious owners stay on target each month.

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Conclusion: Puppy Insurance Plans

A puppy is, of course, an adorable, loving, fuzzy addition to your family. But, responsible dog owners can spend a lot of money in a puppy’s first year of life on his vet bills. From frequent exams to ensure proper growth and health, to vaccines and unexpected emergencies, puppies are expensive when it comes to medical care.

The best thing you can do for your puppy – and your wallet! - is to look into insurance for puppy. Not only will it protect your pup in case of an unexpected accident or illness, but it will also help you budget for routine medical care. You’ll get reimbursed for high-cost medical bills, and receive some peace of mind knowing you can afford whatever comes your way.

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