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New Evidence that Dogs Help Prevent Asthma

New research findings contribute even more conclusive evidence that early contact with dogs can help prevent asthma, according to a study conducted by JAMA Pediatrics. Before the JAMA Pediatrics, scientists knew that growing up on a farm significantly reduced a child’s chances of developing asthma, so many scientists have suspected that growing up around dogs […]

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Dogs Can Smell Cancer, Hospitals Already Using Them

It\’s true. Man\’s best friend can be trained to become a cancer-sniffing master using his sensitive noses to detect cancerous fumes coming from infected cells. This sniffing is a noninvasive approach which could help diagnose a number of people. But, if our furry, four-legged friends have such powerful noses, why aren\’t they screening people for […]

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Spike in Accidental Dog Poisoning (Surge Due to Sugarless Gum)

According to Dr. Ahna Brutlag, senior veterinary toxicologist at the Pet Poison Helpline, chewing gum has caused a surge in poisonings for dogs. Sugarless gum contains an ingredient called xylitol, a sweetener-substitute gaining popularity among food manufacturers. Xylitol is found most commonly in sugar-free chewing gum, although it’s also used in mints, gelatin-based vitamins, melatonin […]

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War Dogs and Marines Reunited

In Southern Pines, North Carolina, Marines who served in Afghanistan were recently reunited with the ‘war dogs’ that accompanied them on Wednesday. This included Marine Sergeant Chris Jaramillo, who had not seen his war dog, Shooter, since 2006. During their duty together, Jaramillo and Shooter worked to sniff out IEDs, thus saving countless soldiers and […]

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