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Pit Bull Rescued from Mine Shaft (Amazing Heroic Off-Roaders)

A group of off-roaders near Corona, California took great pains to rescue an injured female dog they found down a mine shaft on Tuesday night.

According to Michael Schoepf, one of the off-roaders in question, he and his friends took a trip just outside Corona on Tuesday night, finding a mine shaft along the way. When shining a light down the mineshaft, they were shocked to discover a 1 year old pit bull trapped in the shaft. Schoepf said of the dog, “She popped her head out, looked right up at us, we felt instantly we can\’t leave here, we have to get this dog out of here.”

In order to get the assistance they needed to rescue the dog, some of the group’s members returned to a bonfire they had gone to a few hours before, gathering others to help and bring equipment. Schoepf was then lowered by his friends down the mine shaft, where he successfully retrieved the puppy – “They lowered me down the shaft and then I put Corona here on my shoulders. When I got there, she held on for dear life and we climbed back up.” The rescuers took quickly to the dog, naming her Corona.

The day after rescuing the dog, Corona was taken to Happy Tails Animal Hospital in Garden Grove. Upon hearing the brave story of the off-roaders’ intrepid pet rescue, the hospital waived all fees for Corona’s treatment and care. According to Dr. Keri Berka, Corona is in generally good shape, barring a small eye injury and some scratches.

The pup had a chip on her when she was rescued, but no other owner information could be gleaned from what Corona had on her. Schoepf and her other rescues hope to give Corona the kind of happy, safe home she deserves.



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