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Top 10 Dog Backpack Carrier 2020

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Having a dog carrier backpack in your collection of dog accessories is a must. The reason is that if you enjoy taking your doggie for short walks, long walks, hiking, then you would need to take a look at one of these backpack dog carrier brands so that you do not get exhausted from carrying your dog and your doggo will not get tired of walking for too long.

You may be considering procuring a backpack for your hound but are not sure of which type to get. We have collected reviews on the top dog carrier backpack brands in the market for different dog sizes and functions. Look through the entire list to see what best fits into your backpack criteria for your dog.

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

Our Top Pick: Kurgo Dog Backpack for Small Pets 

This Curgo backpack is an ideal option for You and your friend to travel with. It's stylish, practical and comfort both for You and your pet. It's bottom is waterproofed and pockets for a tablet and laptop makes it better for everyday use.

At What Point Do I Need a Carrier Backpack for My Pooch?

You know those days when you decide to go for hiking or long walks with your pooch and the next thing, he is running all over the place or trying to free itself from the leash? Well, that is enough reason for you to purchase a dog carrier backpack for your dog.

If you tend to travel a lot and always take your poochie with you when you do, then you should certainly purchase a traveler’s backpack for your pup. Another reason is that you have a dog that may freak out when it encounters one. A backpack dog carrier is the safest place at that point for your dog to stay hidden.

These backpacks are ideal for medium to small dogs. No one would want to back a 500pound Labrador in a dog backpack. You can also use it to carry senior dogs that do not have the strength to walk as much as they used to when they were much younger.

Comparison Table

Kurgo Dog Backpack for Small Pets
Kurgo Dog Backpack for Small Pets
    PetAmi Pet Carrier Backpack
    PetAmi Pet Carrier Backpack
      Riveroy Legs-Out Front Pet
      Riveroy Legs-Out Front Pet
        Petacc Pet Carrier Backpack
        Petacc Pet Carrier Backpack
          Furry Fido Pet Sling Carrier
          Furry Fido Pet Sling Carrier

            Considerations for Procuring a Backpack for Hounds

            Dog In A Dog Backpack

            The Dog’s Size 

            Now, this is important because, from this stage, some dog owners begin to get their purchase process wrong. Every dog breed has a backpack that suits them most. Because a particular set of dogs is small does not mean that they would be more comfortable in the same kind of backpack.

            A small dog may feel comfortable in a mesh backpack carrier that covers their entire body, with space for their head. However, a much larger dog would feel comfortable in a backpack carrier that can carry its entire body and leave its head open.

            Your pet’s size is essential in the purchase of a fitting backpack. If you use a small backpack for a big dog, chances are it will wear out or probably tear after a short while. Avoid the mistake of assuming your pet’s weight and size. Measure the dog to avoid stories. It takes just a few minutes to do.

            Sturdy and Long-Lasting Product

            Be certain that the material used for your pooch’s backpack is sturdy. The belts should be solid, and the part that rests on the back should be well padded so that it does not begin to hurt your shoulders minutes after you begin your walk.

            Product Security

            You need to know how secure the backpack is, especially if you are going for a long walk or hiking. Want to know why this is imperative? It is because any loose ends can lead to severe injury of your dog. You need to test the product, and if it does not feel comfortable, return it.

            How Airy Is the Backpack?

            Well, this cannot be overemphasized. A stuffy backpack will cause your pet to be very uncomfortable and begin to wriggle and find a means to leave the bag. An airy backpack can help to increase the flow of air in the pack and reduce the heat emanating from your body and that of your puppy at the same time during your walk.

            sweet chihuahua dog inside red bag for pet carrier close-up

            Is the Backpack Comfortable?

            Getting a comfortable back also has a lot to do with the right size and weight for your dog. If you get the size wrong, it will be very uncomfortable for your dog. The dog carrier backpack may be too tight or not airy enough for your dog and may cause it to try to wriggle free from the pack. Also, if it is not comfortable for your dog, it will certainly not be comfortable for you.

            Pockets for Storing Dog and Human Supplies

            Ensure that your pet’s backpack pet carrier comes with pockets. Most designs now come with pockets anyways. This will help you store certain items in the backpack carrier for your dog, rather than carrying an additional backpack carrier for doggie’s other supplies.

            Let’s not forget that you, the backpack carrier, also need a place to store your supplies when you are carrying your dog. So, ensure that you get a backpack carrier that has storage space for basic things for you and your pooch.

            No Cleaning Stress

            Buy a dog carrier backpack that will not stress you when you need to clean it. It should be easy to wash and spread to dry. Every side of the bag should be easy to reach with a sponge or brush. A difficult-to-wash backpack would mean that certain dirt can hide in the corners of the bag and cause it to start smelling bad.

            Review of the 5 Best-Rated Dog Carrier Backpack Brands in 2020

            Now that you understand what a backpack carrier for hounds is and factors to consider before buying one, we will head-on into the reviews so that you can pick which brand and backpack size and type will suit your pup.

            Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Kurgo

            Size - 12.5 x 9 x 18.5 Inches

            Weight - 3 Pounds

            Dog Size - Small, Medium

            Price - $$$

            Are you an adventurer who has an adventurous little canine? Then, this product has got you covered for all your adventurous needs. Whether you are going hiking or camping with your 25lbs pet, you have got to get one of these small dog carrier backpack brands to make walking easier for you. The area that rests on your back is well padded to prevent backaches. It is also resistant to water, so you can drop it on a wet surface without water penetration.

            • Ideal for dogs that hate getting wet
            • Pocket to contain your iPad/laptop
            • Comes with a life-time warranty
            • Stylish
            • Easy to use
            • Complaints that it cannot carry a 25lbs pup
            PetAmi Pet Carrier Backpack

            Product Information

            Brand Name - PetAmi

            Size - 12.5" x 10.2" x 16.3" Inches

            Weight - 18 lbs

            Dog Size - Small

            Price - $$

            If you are looking for a super comfortable dog carrier backpack hiking for your small poochie, this product can serve that purpose. You can use it for your travels, walks, etc. It is well ventilated and has extra pockets where you can put some supplies for your pet. If you have a restless pet that hates enclosure, this product has straps and buckles to prevent and escape, and the head area can be opened so that it doesn’t feel so scared.

            • Great ventilation
            • Extra pockets
            • Extra pockets
            • Complaints of product not being sturdy
            Riveroy Legs-Out Front Pet Dog Carrier

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Riveroy

            Size - 4 Sizes

            Weight - 7.2 Ounces

            Dog Size - Small, Medium

            Price - $

            If you are low on cash and want to buy a backpack for your little poochie so that it can go out with you during your morning walks, bicycle rides, traveling, or even shopping, then this back and front dog carrier backpack is all that you need. It has four cutouts where you can place your dog’s hands and feet. The straps are adjustable so that all the dog’s weight will not rest on your carrier.

            • Machine washable
            • Can be worn in front or from the back
            • Cheap
            • Does not protect the pet from harsh weather conditions
            Petacc Pet Carrier Backpack

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Petacc

            Size - 14.5 * 10.5 Inches

            Weight - 3.57 Pounds

            Dog Size - Small

            Price - $$

            In all honesty, this product is the sturdiest and best dog hiking backpack carrier. It is also ideal for traveling, park walks, etc. It is ideal for traveling, but you would need to still check the airline requirement. It is very well ventilated on both sides of the carrier. You can let your per bring out its head from the top for more air. When it becomes sunny, you can close the top. When you set the carrier on a flat surface, you can set the extra mesh side open so that your poochie can move about.

            • Strong material
            • Permits small dog movement within the backpack
            • Mesh windows allow plenty of air
            • Not ideal for a medium-sized dog
            Furry Fido Black Classic Pet Sling

            Product Information

            Brand Name - FurryFido

            Size - 4.3 x 9 x 7.8 Inches

            Weight - 11.2 Ounces

            Dog Size - Small

            Price - $

            Do you need a simple carrier that you can put your pet inside when going out for a short walk? Search no more. This sling dog carrier backpack brand is easy to use, as all that you need to do is put your pet inside the carrier and be on your way. This product is machine washable. You can use both the inside and the outer part of the carrier. Amazing right?

            • Easy to carry your little pet around
            • Use both sides of the carrier
            • Perfect for short walks
            • Restricts comfortable movement of a pet in the carrier

            Another 5 Great Options

            PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier

            Product Information

            Brand Name - PetAmi

            Size - 11.5x9x16 Inches

            Weight - 2 Pounds

            Dog Size - Small

            Price - $

            If you are going out on a long walk or want to travel with your pet, this very breathable backpack is something that will come in useful. It is a strong carrier that your pet can easily walk in and out from. If your dog hates being confined and would try to escape, do not worry. The straps and buckles are strong enough to mitigate your pet’s escape plan.

            • Awesome product to move around with your pet
            • Adjustable back strap for the carrier’s comfortability
            • Collapsible bowl to use in feeding your pet its meal or water
            • A destructive pet will scratch the mesh off to escape
            Henkelion Dog Carrier

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Henkelion

            Size - 10 x 11 x 15 Inches

            Weight - 2.8 Pounds

            Dog Size - Small

            Price - $$

            Do you have a Poodle, Lhasa, Chihuahua, etc. which you would like to take with you on your next trip and do not want to put it in a cage, then you can invest in this sturdy, yet soft small and medium dog carrier backpack.

            With this product, carrying your pet will become easier. It has several pockets to contain water and snacks for you and your pet. It can contain the essential things that you need for your walk or travel.

            • Different compartment to store travel essentials
            • Good for small and medium dogs
            • Mesh material to let in air
            • Can only be worn on the back
            PETRIP Dog Backpack

            Product Information

            Brand Name - PETRIP

            Size - 13.4 x 12 x 16.9 Inches

            Weight - 4.36 Pounds

            Dog Size - Small

            Price - $$

            Do you need the best dog carrier backpack to put your small or medium dog in before boarding the airplane? How would you like a portable product that will be safe for your pet to stay in under your seat throughout the journey? It allows the flow of air and is super comfortable for a 15lbs dog so that your pet will not suffer from suffocation.

            • Easy cleaning
            • Costly
            • You can keep your pet fed and hydrated with the collapsible bowl
            • It is quite expensive
            SlowTon Pet Sling Carrier

            Product Information

            Brand Name - SlowTon

            Size - No Info

            Weight - 1 Pound

            Dog Size - Small

            Price - $

            Compared to the regular sling bags for dogs, this dog front carrier backpack is a better upgrade; with its padded strap, your shoulders will not feel tired after carrying your pet for a short while. This one comes with a pouch where you can store keys, phones, your dog’s poo bag. The adjustable safety hooks will prevent your hound from falling out of the carrier.

            • Machine washable
            • It works great for a small dog
            • It is comfortable and safe
            • Limited movement for the pet
            Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier

            Product Information

            Brand Name - Ytonet

            Size - 16.5 x 11.5 x 10 Inches

            Weight - 2.6 Pounds

            Dog Size - Small

            Price - $$

            Are you an adventurous person who enjoys taking long trips up a cliff, loves to hike, bike, etc. with your poochie? If you are, you should get a journey pet backpack that your canine can fit in so that you don’t get worn out fast from carrying it throughout the journey. This dog backpack carrier for biking, hiking, etc. is well padded to give your back support. It also has super airy mesh windows for your dog's comfort.

            • Ergonomically designed carrier
            • Sturdy
            • Good for small pets
            • Backpack zipper is strong

            Other Features to Contemplate Before Purchasing a Backpack for Your Doggie

            Now that you have figured out the basic things that you need to check before purchasing either a regular backpack carrier for your dog or a dog backpack carrier for hiking let us explore more features to check out before procuring a backpack.

            Husky looks out of the backpack on the back of a skier

            Ensure That It Complies with Airline Backpack Rules and Regulations

            There is no way to tell exactly what kind of backpack carrier your pet needs to board an airplane. This is because the rules differ depending on the airlines. To make a sale, some dog carrier sellers will misinform you on the true use of a backpack carrier. They will tell you that it is approved to use on the airplane, just so that you can purchase it, forgetting that they can lose you as a customer when you find out the truth.

            To be on a safe side, it is best to find out from the airline early enough, the requirements of a traveler’s backpack carrier for their dog, so that you will not get any surprises when you eventually go to board the plane.

            Can You Carry Your Pet in Front?

            Carrying your canine in front of you is a nice way to monitor what it is doing. Also, when you have a dog front backpack carrier, you will be able to tell when it needs your attention. This is nice, but the downside is that he will disturb you when you carry anything across its face, especially food. When you want to put food in your mouth, your puppy would also want to fight to collect it.

            Make Sure the Carrier Has Pockets

            Different activities require different kinds of backpack carriers. For each one, especially during long walks, hiking, biking, short walks, etc.,  you need a backpack carrier that can take not just your pup but the one that has extra space to contain liquids for you and your pet, disposable poo bags, etc., it is best to invest in the ones that have extra pockets to carry extra things. Hiking can be strenuous, and you would need a dog backpack carrier for hiking with more pockets so that you can put not just your pet but have extra space to keep water, wallet, cellphone, etc.

            Let It Be Breathable

            It cannot be overstressed how important it is that the dog carrier backpack should be breathable to avoid suffocation and excessive heat for your pet. It is usually best to use mesh material, especially for small dog backpack carrier brands, so that air can properly circulate, and they can feel comfortable in it.

            Ergonomic Dog Backpack

            The worst thing that can happen right now is to have a backpack carrier that you dread wearing due to the back pains that it has been causing. Before purchasing a dog backpack carrier, make sure that it is balanced all round and that the straps have a lot of foam added to it for comfort.

            Sling Dog Carrier

            If you have a featherweight dog, then a sling will be good for the pet. With a sling, you simply put your doggie inside the sling and adjust the straps for a better grip. This will work great if your pet is calm.

            Questions That Most People Ask Often

            Let us explore some questions that people have been asking about backpacks for their furry friends. We have provided responses to the answers and hope they will be helpful to you.

            Dog Sitting in a Dog Backpack Carrier

             What are the right items to carry when you go camping with your furry friend?

            When camping with a dog, you need to carry a very comfortable dog backpack carrier for hiking for your doggie. You should carry one that has pockets where you can store some supplies for you and your pet. The backpack should also be airy enough to avoid choking your pet.

            How can i determine what size of carrier is suitable for my dog?

            Well, it depends on what your dog weighs and how big or small your pet is. You need to measure the dog with a tape and a dog scale. If you do not, the carrier may end up being too small for your pet, which could lead to the strap snapping and possibly wounding your pet.

            What Is the correct way to measure my dog?

            First, use a dog scale to measure what your dog weighs. Then with a tape rule, measure the deepest part of the dog’s chest to get its exact size. Also, size up its neck to tail tip and from the shoulder to the ground.

            How effective are carrier backpacks for pets during long trips?

            That depends on the backpack brand manufacturers. You would need to verify from the seller or the brand manual. Also, you need to check with airlines, if the travel will be by air, to know the rules associated with traveling with your dog.

            Final Thoughts on Dogs Backpack

            Now, you know so much about hound carrier backpack brands and can pick whichever product fits into your specifications. Note that the dog’s weight, size, and purpose of use are all critical factors of choosing the best dog carrier backpack. From the reviews, have you thought about purchasing any, or do you have any on the list? Is it working as well as you thought?

            K9 Sport Sack Air Forward
            • 4 colors
            • 4 sizes
            • Thick rest pad
            • Great for hiking
            Petique 5-in-1 Airline-Approved
            • 13 x 11 x 21 inches
            • 6.0 pounds
            • Extra Small & Toy Breeds, Small Breeds
            • Made from Polyester
            ibiyaya Two-Tier Dog & Cat Travel Backpack
            • 11.4 x 15 x 22 inches
            • 5.5 pounds
            • Double-decker design
            • Ergonomic design
            JesPet Dog & Cat Carrier Backpack
            • 17 x 13 x 12 inches
            • 2.4 pounds
            • Extra Small & Toy Breeds, Small Breeds
            • Made from polyester
            Pet Gear I-GO2 Escort Dog
            • 2 colors
            • 14 x 9 x 19 inches
            • 3.0 pounds
            • Extra Small & Toy Breeds, Small Breeds
            Kurgo G-Train Airline-Approved
            • 13.5 x 10 x 21 inches
            • 3.14 pounds
            • Extra Small & Toy Breeds, Small Breeds
            • Interior fiberglass rods

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