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An Expert Guide in Choosing the Best Dental Spray for Dogs

Dog Dental Spray Reviews

We all love our canine friends but their breath can at times be a big turn off.

Bad breath can be a sign of dental problems in your dog, such as dental decay and/or gum disease. The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that 80% of pets are affected by dental problems by the age of three.

The organization recommends brushing your dog’s teeth every day. Unfortunately, this can be challenging especially if you do not have the best dog toothbrush.

If you would like to maintain the good dental health of your pooch, you need to get the best dental spray for dogs. These products will make it easy for you to freshen up your dog’s breath which will go a long way in supporting healthy gums and teeth.

Analysis Of The Top 5 Dog Dental Sprays

To help you to make the right choice, I have created the table below:



Special Feature

Amazon Link

Pets Are Kids Too Premium Pet Dental Spray

All-natural ingredients

Zesty Paws Fresh Breath Dental Spray for Dogs

Promotes better digestive system

Sonnyridge Dog Dental Spray

Effective in removing plaque and tartar

Aromatherapy Best Natural Breath Freshener

Kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay

Dr. Brite PPN-102 Cleansing Oral Care Spray

Effective in eliminating bad odor

Can You Find The Best Dental Spray For Dogs?

Unlike things such as dog toothbrushes and odor removing shampoos, it can be hard to find a good dental spray. Here are a few factors you should consider before choosing one.

  • Safety: The majority of high-quality dog breath sprays only contain human-grade ingredients but there are less expensive brands that include ingredients such as artificial fragrances and alcohol which can be potentially dangerous to your pooch. Consider the ingredient list when choosing the best dog dental spray.
  • Purpose of the spray: There are some dental sprays that are only meant to hide bad dog breath while others are meant to kill oral bacteria, which is a major cause of bad breath. Those intended to mask bad breath only have short-term benefits.
  • Hypoallergenic: If your pooch is sensitive to certain ingredients in a spray, you need to double-check to ensure that you only choose a hypoallergenic dog breath spray. You don’t want to pick a product that will trigger allergies in your pet, making him uncomfortable.
  • Intended usage: Avoid using a spray that is intended for use by humans as these could be harmful to your pooch. If it indicates that the spray can be used on different pets, confirm if you can also use it on dogs.
  • Taste: There are certain pooches who will eat almost everything but there are others that are quite choosy. If your dog is the picky type, you will need to choose a dog breath spray that tastes good or you will find it difficult to use the spray.
  • Ease of use: You will need to check how easy it is to use the spray. Keep in mind how willing your dog will be to participate in cleaning sessions as well.
  • Cleaning power: Bad breath is a sign that your pooch’s mouth is full of tartar, plaque, and bacteria. It is, therefore, important to choose a dog spray that has been designed to clean your dog’s mouth.

My Top 5 Pick Of The Best Dog Dental Spray

You now understand the importance of a quality dog dental spray. However, with so many brands on the market, how do you choose the right one for your pooch?

By going through dog dental spray reviews, it is possible to make the right choice. But to make it easier for you, I have prepared this list to help you decide.

Pets Are Kids Too Premium Pet Dental Spray

If you are searching for a safe and natural way of dealing with your dog’s bad breath, you will want to consider buying Pets Are Kids Too Premium Pet Dental Spray.  

With this spray, you will no longer need to brush your dog’s teeth. The spray is made of natural and safe-to-use ingredients such as Aloe vera extract, glycerin, spearmint, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, baking soda, and purified water.

All the above ingredients are safe for you, your dog, and the environment. They are also 100% hypoallergenic.

This powerful breath freshener does not contain any toxic products such as alcohol or pesticides. Plus its flavor is something that your pooch will love. Unlike some products that only freshen the dog’s breath, this is a dental care spray that is effective in fighting tartar, plaque, and gum disease.

To use the US-made spray, all you need to do is to add three to five sprays into your dog’s water bowl and spray their teeth and gums about three times a day. Since the majority of dogs love the spray, this should be easy.

If your pooch is resisting, you can even spray some of it on his food dish. Once he licks it and realizes that he enjoys the taste, he will start craving more. The only downside of the spray is that some dogs will hate the taste. But it is something that is worth giving a try.

Zesty Paws Fresh Breath Dental Spray for Dogs

If you have ever tried to use a mouthwash or toothpaste on your dog, you definitely understand how difficult it is. This is why you need a product that will not only reduce the bad breath but is easy to use.

One such product is Zesty Paws Fresh Breath Dental Spray for Dogs. This is a dental cleaning option that is effective in getting rid of mouth odor from your dog while promoting dental health.

It will leave your pooch with minty-fresh breath as it is made with peppermint oil which leaves a fresh, minty sensation in his mouth. It also contains spearmint leaf which helps to get rid of bad odor occurring as a result of excess bacteria.

Another key ingredient in the spray is Aloe vera which helps to reduce the buildup of plaque while giving his teeth a healthy and clean appearance.

It also includes rosemary oil, an herb that is effective in promoting better digestive function in your pooch which in turn promotes better gut health. The spray can be used in dogs of different ages, sizes, and breeds.

One of the drawbacks of Zesty Paws Fresh Breath Dental Spray for Dogs is that its price is on the higher side. However, if you are looking for a premium product that will be effective, then this is a great choice.

Sonnyridge Dog Dental Spray

If you do not have the time to brush your dog’s teeth every day, you should consider using Sonnyridge Dog Dental Spray.

This is a good choice for removing tartar and plaque, which are some of the major causes of periodontal disease and bad breath. The spray was formulated with the help of vets which ensures it is effective in fighting dental conditions.

It is a great choice for promoting fresh breath in your dog. The US product is made using natural ingredients that are safe for your pooch. It also smells great and you do not have to fight your pooch to have him open his mouth.

The only drawback of the spray is that it has a wide spray range that results in the possibility of the spray getting into your dog’s eyes.

Aromatherapy Best Natural Breath Freshener

One popular dog care tip is to brush his teeth regularly. If this doesn’t happen, it will result in the formation of tartar and plaque as well as bad breath.

If you are finding it hard to clean your dog’s teeth, you should consider using Aromatherapy Best Natural Breath Freshener. This is a spray that is made using 100% all-natural ingredients to help get rid of tartar and plaque buildup.

It is effective in providing your canine with a fresh, healthy, and clean mouth. What is even better is that he will love the taste and will let you use it.

The spray is also recommended by veterinarians and is effective in freshening your dog’s breath and maintaining periodontal health. It does not contain artificial colors and is safe for your canine.

Some of the key ingredients in the dog dental spray include Aloe vera, mint and baking soda. Aloe vera is a good choice for nourishing and protecting the sensitive skin of your dog. It is also an anti-inflammatory that helps to soothe irritated skin and prevent redness and itching.

Mint is an herb that is popular for promoting freshness. It also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

The abrasive quality of baking soda enables it to get rid of plaque and tartar. It is also a good choice for cleaning and deodorizing teeth. Additionally, baking soda has been noted to kill Streptococcus Mutans, a bacteria which is responsible for causing tooth decay.

The only drawback of the spray is that some dogs do not like the taste.

Dr. Brite PPN-102 Cleansing Oral Care Spray

While there are many benefits of brushing your dog’s teeth, this can be challenging. This is why you need a good dog dental spray.

If you would like an oral care spray that has been formulated to fight the buildup of tartar and reduce plaque while soothing the gums, you should consider Dr. Brite PPN-102 Cleansing Oral Care Spray.

The spray has ingredients that are effective in removing odor-causing bacteria and fighting gum disease.  This is because it contains organic grapefruit seed oil that contains antibacterial, antifungal and anticandidal properties. 

The oral care spray contains parsley seed which is a good option for eliminating your dog’s bad breath.  

It is made using human-grade ingredients, making it safe for your dog. All you need to do is spritz it in your pet’s mouth a few times a day and the bad breath will be eliminated.

Many pet owners report that their dogs love the taste. The only drawback of the spray is that it contains Neem oil that may create rare side effects like seizures and vomiting.

My Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that dog dental sprays can do an excellent job of getting rid of bad breath. This is on top of the fact that they are easier to use as compared to brushes.

If you make the right choice of an oral care spray, you can be assured that it will be a breeze fighting bad breath in your pooch.

Unfortunately, not all dog sprays are made equal. This is why I recommend that you go through dog tartar removal spray reviews before making a buying decision.

Use this buying guide and review and you will be on your way to buying an effective dog dental spray that your dog will appreciate.


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The Pad - June 25, 2019

Interesting list, definitely trying these out for Ernie!

Devin Scott - September 30, 2019

It’s good to know that you should pick a dog dental spray that is intended to be used by only dogs. My wife and I want to make our dog’s breath smell better. I’ll let her know that we shouldn’t find a dental spray that is intended for humans.


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