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5 Tips to Rapidly Relieve a Dog Allergy

Dogs can be a wonderful part of our life, but they can come with some problems. Don’t let those sweet eyes and wagging tail fool you, these pets can cause major allergies for people due to their fur. While it might seem like you’d have to suffer through the horrible sneezing or itching just to […]

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Top Five Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Wellbeing  

The term ‘Wellness’ is inescapable these days. You can’t throw a stick without hitting a dozen attractive young ‘wellness bloggers’ claiming that avocado will sort out all your problems, and coconut oil will transform your life. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our physical and mental health. Ultimately, the key to a healthy and happy life is […]

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Rhinoplasty for Dogs

Every breed of dog has their own unique qualities and can be predisposed to certain health issues. Some breeds such as pugs, bulldogs, Boston terriers, boxers, Pekingese, and Shih Tzus are considered to be brachycephalic.  Brachycephalic dogs have faces that appear to be pushed in, and as such are prone to obstructive airway diseases that […]

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5 Most Common Dog Health Issues

Taking care of your dog gives you a lifetime of unconditional love, loyalty and friendship. It requires not only feeding them and exercises possibilities, providing safety with high-quality collars, handling them or housing, but also systematically tracking and inspecting their health. Doing this, you will have a rewarding and long-lasting relationship with your canine companion.When […]

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