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Woof! My pup ate what?

Dogs are naturally curious and love investigating new sights, smells and tastes. Most of the time, this instinct is harmless, however, in some cases, the consequences can cause illness or worse if your four-legged friend decides to taste test the wrong thing.  The team at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation, alongside consulting veterinarian, Dr. […]

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How Long Does a Dog Stay in Heat?

Although dogs have their instincts regarding breeding, there are times when human intervention is necessary. After all, this can save your furry acquaintance from having loads of puppies in their lifetime. The dog heat/ estrus cycle, a significant part of breeding, remains an excellent phase of the mutt’s life where humans can step in to […]

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Find out Here Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

Canines might prefer meat to vegetables, but they, almost in a similar way, love cabbage. It is tasty and has multiple health benefits, but there are few considerations before feeding your dog cabbage. Do you want to give your dog raw or cooked cabbage? Well, fresh cabbage is crunchy and tasty, although the required feeding quantity […]

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Best 7 Flea Collar for Dogs Review: Want a Flea Collar? Know the Best Flea and Tick Collar 2020

Flea collars can be a safe and effective way to prevent any dog from getting fleas, whether they’re exposed on a daily basis or only every once in a blue moon. It’s important to pick out the right flea collar for your dog so that your best friend will be comfortable and pest-free.    Dogs have […]

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The Best Tick Repellent For Dogs That Actually Works (2020 Prevention Guide)

The Best Tick Repellent For Dogs That Actually Works (2019 Prevention Guide) Taking care of a dog is not just about feeding it, bathing it, and walking it. Dogs have other issues that an owner must take care of as well, which includes tick prevention. In this review You can find the best flea medicine […]

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Oral Care Essentials: The Best Dog Toothbrush (Picks for 2020)

​Oral Care Essentials: The Best Dog Toothbrush (Picks for 2019)No matter how much you love them, it’s possible that you have been neglecting one of the most crucial parts of your dog’s health. IntroductionDid you know that keeping your dog’s mouth healthy is critical to their overall well being? It’s true! All dogs need to […]

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